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Wage Revision in Banks 2016 / HRD Issues / Articles / Discussions - 1st January, 2016 onwards


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( Bankers from All Bankers Must Come Together and Support Unions to honorably settle the issues with IBA)



A. 2nd Pension Option to Resignees


Courts Come to Rescue of Resignee Bankers Againt Tyranny of IBA and Bank Managements: Now AIBOC Too Promises To Follow Up with IBA - by Rajesh Goyal and RK Pathak (uploaded on 11/12/2013)


 Vijaya Bank Chairman Afraid of Contempt Proceedings Forced to Appear Before Karnataka High Court by Resignees of  Vijaya Bank :  Agrees to Pay Pension To Vijay Bank Resignees in 4 Weeks - by R K Pathak


Good News for Resignees : Mr RK Pathak, who was present in Supreme Court,  has reported on phone that SLP of Vijaya Bank has been dismissed by Supreme Court  today (6/12/2013.).  Details will be uploaded after receiving full details.  (uploaded on 6/12/2013 at 1.00 PM)





Now SC Imposes Cost of Rs 50,000 and 6% Interest for Denial of Pension to CRS Optee :  Biggest Ever Slap on Face of Bank Management and IBA  - by Rajesh Goyal and RK Pathak (uploaded on 13/12/2013)



Gujarat HC Decision - BOB Retired Association

2nd Pension Option to Resignees -  Organisations Which Have Filed Legal Cases  - Consolidation (updated on 29/01/2013)

2nd Pension Option to Resignees -  Latest Court Develepments  (Updated on 28th January, 2013)  Starts a New Struggle from 2013 : 2nd Pension Option to Resignee and Compulsory Retired Bank Officers - Put All Your Might on All Fronts To Succeed  - Resignee Please Check details.  (updated on 5/01/2013) -





  • B. Special Discussion Forum For Updation of Pension Issue during Xth Bipartite Settlement - 2012 - 2013


We are starting this as a separate discussion as retired bankers also form one of the major groups of our website and we feel retired bankers have been ignored for too long.  There is a need to form a pressure group and decide the modalities as to who will take the issue of updation of pension at the bipartite talks. 



→  Pathetic Conditions of Old Bank Retirees - Wives of Two General Managers Who Retired in 1980s Receive Rs1000/- as family pension.  - Let All Retirees Across Banking Industry Launch Countrywide Agitation for updation of pension and move to SC  (uploaded on 03/03/2012)



→ IBA  must  negotiate with the retired bankers' bodies for pensionary benefits at the time of Bipartite Settlements   (uploaded on 12/02/2012)


DATA ON PENSIONERS  AS ON 31.10.2011 & IMPACT OF UPDATING PENSION  (uploaded on 02/01/2012)


 Why Pension updation is Necessary for retired bankers Part II


GoI Circular ordering payment of full pension, gratuity etc. to all central government employees who completed 20 years of service








C.  Other Important Issues, including HR, Merger, 5 days Week issues:


GoI circular for functional improvement of banks - Considered as first step towards merge of banks;








D. 100% DA Neutralisation for pre 01/11/2002 Retirees



100% DA Neutralisation for all Bankers is now round the corner.   Two Court judgements expose IBA and GoI as anti senior citizen bodies  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 28th January, 2013)








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Managing Various People in One's Life by V Subramanian (uploaded on 28th January, 2013)

Common Mistakes in Credit by V.Subramanian (uploaded on 20/11/2012)

In India - Companies Become Sick But Not Their Promotors by Pannvalan

12 Tips for Credit Desk Officers by Pannvalan

 Stress - Causes and Remedial Measures  Dr. Prafulla Ranjan

Tips for Improving Your Will Power by Dr. Prafulla Ranjan




Ever Green Important Files Relating to Pension Issues/ Gratuity Matters  / Earlier Bipartite Settlements -  Free Downloads :



(B) Calculator to give an overview of what you will get as Gratuity, Commutation Amount, Leave Encashment, Your PF Contribution etc.   Calculator for calculation of Gratuity, Commutation Amount, Pension, and Leave Encashment etc on Retirement - by RBK Sinha (uploaded on 12/07/2012) - (updated Revised version uploaded on 25/08/2012)


(C)  BackGround and Status of 1st Pension Options  and 2nd Pension Option in Banks  (uploaded on 07/09/2012)


(D) IBA issues circular for release of 2nd Pension option to left over VRS optees but Resignees Still Denied the same by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/11/2012)


(D1) Corrigendum to its circular dated 9th November circular for release of 2nd Pension option to left over VRS optees but Resignees Still Denied the same by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/11/2012)


(E)  Salary & Pension - Rules & Regulations for Central Government Employees - Let Bankers compare these with rules in banking industry;


(F) GoI Circular ordering payment of full pension, gratuity etc. to all central government employees who completed 20 years of service


(G) → Bank Employees'  Pension Regulation 1995 (notification dated 29th September, 1995 (Given here to give a broad idea about the pension regulations.  Latest amended regulations as adopted by your bank should be got from HRD section of respective bank.  These regulations have been adopted by each bank with minor changes as applicable for that bank);


(H) → BOB (Employees') Pension Regulation 1995 (given here to give a broad idea as to how each bank has adopted the same.  However, updated versions must be checked by readers in their respective bank.


(K) Pension Regulations for RBI Staff - Recent Liberalisation of Pension terms for RBI Staff (uploaded on 18/2/2013)




Have You Already Retired ?


DA for Pensioners :  (uploaded on 01/02/2012)


Dearness Relief for Pensioners since 1993 - Need for DA neutralisation for pre 1/11/ 2002 pensioners




Earlier Bipartite Settlement Details :



Pension Rules for bankers who retire between 2 BPSs

Fitment on Promotion from One Scale to Next scale

IBA circular dated 10/08/2010 about 9th Bipartite Settlement

Joint Note dated 27/04/2010 between IBA and Officers Associations






New Discussion Updates -  From January, 2016 onwards :


11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part 3) by Pannvalan (uploaded on 23/01/2016)


11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part 2) by Pannvalan (uploaded on 18/01/2016)


11th Bipartite Settlement - Charter of Demands (part 1) by Pannvalan (uploaded on 17/01/2016)

IBA - Association Without Any Accountability & Responsibility by S Ramachandran (uploaded on 07/09/2015)



Now RBI Confirms Closure of Banks on 2nd and 4th Saturdays  - Issues New Guidelines for "WORKING" Saturdays  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 28/08/2015)


  Thank God - Holidays for 2nd and 4th Saturday Now To be Implemented by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21/08/2015)




   Now PS  Banks Are Trying to Cheat Retirees, in Violation of Govt of India Guidelines, by Extracting Heavy Premium for Medical Insurance by S Ramachandran (uploaded on 18/08/2015)




Increase of 27 slabs of DA wef August 2015.   Moderate increase of 2.70% of DA for Bankers

(uploaded on 31/07/2015)


   Supreme Court’s  Views on Using the Words “Resignation” in Letter Given at the Time of Quitting the Bank     by R K Pathak (uploaded on 31/07/2015)


Hot Talks - Appointment of Heads in Big PS Banks from Private Sector   (updated on 31/07/2015)



 Are IBA and UFBU  Again  Colluding to Deny Two Saturdays Being Off in a month?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 25/07/2015)


    Bank Retirees : Act Now or Perish - This is the Time for Appealing to Highest Court of Land As All Other Authorities Have Either Ignored Pleas of Retirees or Have Played Active Role in Cheating Them (uploaded on 24/07/2015)



   PIL Against New Procedure for Appointments as CEO and MDs in 5 Large Banks : Supreme Court Feels  Suspicious  That Ex-AIBOC Boss Mr Khera is a Front Man by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 15/07/2015)



   Is It High Time Now To File A PIL for Ignoring Retirees in Xth BPS? - Give Your Suggestions On More  Points That Needs To be Included  by K R Ganesh Rao (uploaded on 13/07/2015)



  Does Grey Matter Drastically Diminish Among Top Bankers As They Go Up the Ladder With the Help of Politicians ? :  IBA’s Record Note of 2015  vs IBA’s letter of 2012  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 10/07/2015)



   IBA Now Plays Another Cunning Act In Their Circular Relating to “Payment of superannuation benefits to employees who were inflicted punishment of Removal from Service or Discharge from Service”  by RK Pathak (uploaded on 08/07/2015)



  This is the Time for Coup by Bankers against Unions and Their Leaders – If You Miss This Opportunity, You will Face Worse 11th  BPS  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 26/06/2015)



  Another Bogey of IBA That It Did Not Have MANDATE  from Banks for Discussing Retirees Issues Exposed  by S. Ramachandran (uploaded on  19/06/2015)


  S.  Ramachandran Now Tear Downs Into All The Arguments in Record Note and Union Circulars Whereby UFBU and IBA Have Illegally  Denied the Benefits to Retired Bankers (uploaded on 16/06/2015)



  Now AIBOC Tries  to Become Turn Coat and To Lure Angry Retirees with Changed Tone and Language by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 16/06/2015)


   Hot Talks  (updated on 16/06/2015) - List of candidates selected for interviews of big six PS Banks includes names of even DGMs and CMDs; Mr Bhasin and Ms Iyer given post-retirement jobs but bank retires given lower pensions.




 Now Updated:   Pension Calculator - Ver 1.1.1 for Retirees Who have retired since 1st November 2012 by Sudhir Mulherkar  (Ver 1.1.1 uploaded on  10/06/2015 - morning)


Window Dressing in PS Banks and Its Culprits :  Will Modi Government  Be Successful in Reining This Malpractice? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 06/06/2015)


Bank Wage Revision Arrears Calculators  (last updated on 02/06/2015)


Retired Bankers Needs to Unite and Create Awareness Among PS Bank Board Members About Illegally Depriving the Retired Bankers their Demands and Reducing Pension under 10th BPS  by  S. Ramachandran and Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on  02/06/2015)



Unconstitutional and Negative Attitude of IBA and UFBU Towards Retirees Exposed -  Pointwise Rejoinder To Record Note of Discussion of IBA and UFBU Relating to Retirees Issues.  by  S. Ramachandran  (uploaded on  28/05/2015)


  10th BPS for Workmen Staff - Memo of Settlement Released   (uploaded on  25/05/2015)



  AIBOC’s Press Note Is A Bundle of Lies And Half Truths  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 25/05/2015)



Retirees Completely Dumped by IBA and UFBU :  They say "There is No Contractual Relationship Between Banks and Retirees". Left to the Mercy of Courts  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 25/05/2015)


  10th BPS for Officers - Joint Note Released   (uploaded on 25/05/2015)



  Compare How Much 10th BPS is Worse Than 9th BPS  (uploaded on 25/05/2015) by B P Sinha



  Union Leaders Now Start Damage Control Exercise :  Trying to Create Wedge Between Young Bankers and Senior Bankers by Announcing That They Have Been Able to Extract Benefits Younger Generation At the Expense of Senior Bankers  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 24/05/2015)



  Will Sardar Harvinder Singh Stick to His Commitment on Second and Fourth  Saturdays Being Off and Resolving the Issues of Retired Bankers ? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 22/05/2015)


   Tentative Salary Pay Scales and Some Other Details are Now Available : Impact of New Scales on Aam Banke [We Bankers request for Dharna and Email to CLC]  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 21/05/2015)


 Signing of 10th BPS by 23rd May 2015 May Not Happen In view of Acceptance of Writ of WE BANKERS and Ignoring the Issues of Retired Bankers by IBA and UFBU by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 20/05/2015)



  Retired Bankers Left in Lurch by UFBU :  Now  Retired Bankers Seems to Fight For Their Demands Independently  – CHV Issues a Veiled Threat to All Retired Bankers by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/05/2015)



   Hot Talks  (updated on 16/05/2015)- Appointment of new EDs, MDs and CEOs of three banks


  IBA’s  Arrogant and Arbitrariness Attitude Now Totally Exposed:   Encashment of Leave on Compulsory Retirement Now Permitted by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 15/05/2015)


  No Conclusions in Negotiation Talks Held Between Officers Unions and IBA on 14th May 2015 : One Union Leader Says Now All Pay Scales are Being Reworked as Earlier Had been Leaked by him by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 14/05/2015)


Govt of India Not Interested in Honourable Wage Revision But Asks Bankers to  Enrol 10 Crore People in Social Security Schemes by 31st May, 2015 i.e. in about 20 days  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 10/05/2015)


Unresolved Mystery of Great Silence of UFBU Leaders  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 09/05/2015)



Marginal Increase of 0.60% in DA from May 2015   by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 30/04/2015)


   Chances to Finalise the 10th 10th BPS WITHIN 90 DAYS OF MoD OF 23rd February Are Now On Slippery Grounds  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 30/04/2015)


  HOT TALKS :  Will Andhra Bank will be the first bank to merge in 2015?


   SUMMARY OF ACHIEVEMENTS BY UFBU AND IBA IN 900 DAYS OF TALKS by Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 21/04/2015)


  Value of Time :  What is the Significance of 28 Months + 50 days For UFBU  Vs  41 Days For A Tree In a Garden [File may take sometime to load as it contains six photos] by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 18/04/2015)


  Achievements of IBA-UFBU Meeting Held on 16th April 2015 by Rajesh Goyal & Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 17/04/2015)



  Court Once Again Slaps  Union Bank  and IBA for Framing A  Policy Denying 2nd Pension Option to Compulsory Retired Bankers by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 14/04/2015)


  In Response To ABS Article, Now SBI Chief Defends Herself and Says Scolding by Rajan Did Not Lead to Lending Rate Cut  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 13/04/2015)


  Indian Top Bankers Lack Knowledge and Fail To Understand A Gentleman’s Signals  - They Only Know To Respond to Tough Talking  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 09/04/2015)


  A Former AIBOC official Files PIL Challenging Govt Ad Inviting Applications for Posts of MD and CEO in Top 5 PS Banks  (uploaded on 08/04/2015)


 14th April 2015 declared as Holiday under NI Act, through out India


  Status of Full Holidays on 2nd and 4th Saturday in Banks – Many Hurdles To Be Crossed.   This May Remain a Dream For The Time Being by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 04/04/2015 at 11.30 AM)


  Now Even DA Increases Have Dried Up: Projected DA Increase for Bankers from May 2015 - Likely to be No Increase by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/03/2015)


  Sound Legal Aspects for Updation of Pension - Retired Bankers Must Get Updated Pension by S. Ramachandran  (uploaded on 31/03/2015)


 Hot Talks -  TM Bhasin gets extension for 14 months.   Bhasin is successful whereas  Kamath miserably failed to get extension?  Is it a reward  about which  bankers are talking ?  (uploaded on 31/03/2015)



  Media Bashing of Bankers Must Stop :  Every Year Media Makes a Hue and Cry for Bank Holidays  - It is a Shame on Media that They Misrepresent Facts  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/03/2015)



 Workmen Unions Seems to Have Moved Few Inches Ahead  With Non Monetary Issues – 2nd Round of Small Committee Meetings by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 18/03/2015)



2nd  Round of Sub Committee Meetings Are Damp Squab by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/03/2015 - Mid night)



Till late night, there is no confirmed news from any officer unions about the details of the progress on even Non-Monetary Issues in small committee meeting held on 16th March 2015.   Only news is that there was discussion on certain topics.  Stoic silence of all union leaders  Are Great leaders afraid of sharing the same with their comrades ?  (11.30 PM on 16th March, 2015)



Retired Bankers Remind UFBU Leaders About  Their Aspirations Which Can Be Met from Current Surplus Funds To Be Available This Year Itself (uploaded on 15/03/2015)



 Hot Talks -  List of Nine newly appointed EDs Released - Banks also allotted.  (uploaded on 11/03/2015 at 9.00 PM)



 Small Committee Meetings for 10th BPS to be held on 16th March and 17th March 2015 for Officers Unions and Workmen Unions respectively.



   UFBU Leaders  Needs to Discuss  Matters Relating to Retirees With Retired Banker Groups  -  Retiree Groups Must Visit Venues of UFBU-IBA Meetings and Display Their Demands on Cardboards  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 10/03/2015)



by Sudhakar Rao  (uploaded on 08/03/2015)



  A Strong Case for Updation of Pension – Sufficient Funds Are Available With Pension Funds to Go for Updation of Pensions by S Ramachandran  (uploaded on 06/03/2015)



Xth BPS - Last Chance to Act - Pick the Signal On Time (uploaded on 06/03/2015)



There is a Need For Creation of Self Help Groups Within the Banking Community To Help Aam Banker  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 04/03/2015)



Salary Arrears Estimator  Purely Based on Projections and For Test Purpose by Ashwani Suri (uploaded on 03/03/2015)



Will New Salary Structure Result in Lower Pension for Retirees between 2012 and 2017?   UFBU Urgently Needs to Clarify Whether New Allowance Will Attract DA? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 01/03/2015)



Controversies of Interpretation of Clauses of Agreement Dated 23rd February 2015  -  Some Questions That Needs To be Answered Immediately by UFBU Leaders  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/02/2015)



10th BPS – Some Important Points by Pannvalan  (uploaded on 26/02/2015)



Some Suggestions for UFBU by Aam Banker by Hiren Bhatelia  (uploaded on 26/02/2015)



 UFBU Seems To Have Made A Complete Sell Out to IBA Specially For Officers ?   The fate of Bankers Retired / Retiring Between 1st November 2012 and 31st October 2017 Seems To Have Been Completely Sealed ? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 25/02/2015)



10th Bipartite Settlement –  Comments by Mr Pannvalan  on the points emerged so far (uploaded on 24/02/2015)


 AIBOC Congratulates Its Cadre For Settling at 15% Increase + 2 Saturdays Being Off (uploaded on 23/02/2015)



Increase in Pay Slip Component Settled At 15% and Two Saturdays in a Month to Remain Off by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 23/02/2015)


 As per latest reports : 4 day Strike from 25th February 2015 cancelled -  Wage revision settled at an increase of 15% offered by IBA (total cost being Rs 4725 crores).   2nd and 4th Saturday's to  be holidays and other Saturday's will be full working days.   Details to be uploaded soon  (updated at 5.20 PM on 23/02/2014)



  Tarikh – Pe – Tarikh  -   Next Tarikh is  23rd February, 2015  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 20/02/2015)


 After FM Meeting, CHV Now Prepares Ground for Calling Off 4 day Strike and Even Settle for Lower Wage Hike by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 20/02/2015)



  Two Unions Meet FM On the Eve of CLC Meeting - Memo Appears To Be Diversionary Tactics by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 19/02/2015)



IBA Has Made UFBU Ullu Again  :  Why UFBU Leaders Do Not Grow Up to Reality by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 07/02/2015)



 Now uploading of  Ads at has become easier as permanent email registration is not necessary.   We have provided options for sale of Properties under SARFESAI and thus for larger viewership of sale of defaulter's properties, they can  use this forum FREE  OF  COST.   [ABS readers know that we have recently launched a New Website -   Bankers can place FREE Classified Advertisements Across India and Search the Same According to State / City - Click Here to Check the Details.




  • 1. Discussion Forum For Wage Revision -  Xth Bipartite Settlement / 7th Joint Note  wef November, 2012



Fixed Match Results in Announcement of Single Digit Increase.   What is 9.5% Increase ?   by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/01/2014)



UFBU Meeting on 23rd December, 2014 : They have proposed 48 hour Strike from 20th January (6.00AM) to 22nd January, 2014 (6.00 AM) for expediting wage revision and to oppose bank reforms. (uploaded on 23/12/2013).


IBA Snubs Senior Leaders of UFBU by Offering 5% Hike -  Is it High Time to Pass the Baton to Younger Generation ?- by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/12/2013)


Reports are coming that in the today's meeting (14-12-2013), IBA made some initial offer which even union leaders feel is not satisfactory. Thus they say STRIKE ON 18th DECEMBER STANDS, subject to reconciliation proceedings of 16th.  However, till now UBFU leaders are tight lipped  on the details of IBA offer (Some say it is 5% corpus increase)  Will update as and when confirmation about details are received.   (updated on 14/12/2013 at 6.00PM)


Is One Day Strike Sufficient For One Year Delay by IBA in Starting In Right Earnest the 10th BPS Negotiations by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 24/11/2013)


UFBU and IBA Now Adopting Delaying Tactics To Tire the Bankers So That They Give Up Their Demand For  Honourable  Wage Revision  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/11/2013)


 IBA and UFBU Again Ditch Bankers  -  October 2013 Round too Fails  - What Stand UFBU Now Needs to Take on Issues -  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/10/2013)


UFBU  CIRCULAR   DATED  12th October, 2013  DIAGNOSED - Another Failure Stares Top Union Leaders  (uploaded on 12/10/2013)


Next Round of Negotiations fixed for 11th October, 2013 -  7th Pay Commission Constituted - What should UFBU  Do Now? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 2/10/2013)



Chances of An Honourable Settlement Are Becoming Dimmer and Dimmer As Time Is Passing   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 18/09/2013)



  Likely Scenario of New Basic Pay and DA after IBA and UFBU Have Agreed to Merge 4440 Points or 60.15% of DA - Detailed Analysis and Charts for Officers and Workmen Staff for the Likely Increase in Salary    by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/08/2013)


Charts for Likely Salary of Bank officers  Based on Merger of 60.15% DA and giving a 20% increase in Basic Pay and ensuring that the revised conversion factor is 0.12 for converting balance slab into DA percentage. by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/08/2013)


Charts for Likely Salary of Workmen Based on Merger of 60.15% DA and giving a 20% increase in Basic Pay and ensuring that the revised conversion factor is 0.12 for converting balance slab into DA percentage. by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/08/2013)


Click Here to View the Full contents of the UFBU circular)



Wage Revision Xth BPS  : IBA once again pitched on for “Cost to Company” (CTC) concept : L.BALASUBRAMANIA, General Secretary, NUBE Beautifully Explains The Pitfalls in CTC (uploaded on 10/06/2013)



Wage Revision Xth BPS :  Meeting Dated 7th June is Again Listless  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/06/2013)



Xth Wage Revision :  UFBU  MISERABLY  FAILS IN THE FIRST ROUND ITSELF - Part I  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 30/05/2013)







Why UFBU and IBA Are Silent on Wage Revision ?  - Next Meeting on 10th BPS continues to Elude Poor Bankers by Rajesh  Goyal (uploaded on 17/3/2013)


10th BPS - Approach Paper - Strategies and Implications; Different Scenarios of Likely Pay Scales at different Level of Mergers and Different %age of Hikes by Pannvalan (uploaded on 22/11/2012)



Critical Observations on 1st to 9th BPS by Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)


Comparison of past Bipartite Settlements - 1st BPS to 9th BPS by Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)



What Constitutes A Reasonable and Justifiable Hike in Basic Pay in the 10th BPS by S.Srinivsan, President, NUBE (uploaded on 10/11/2012)


Charter of Demands Submitted by  UFBU - Lacks Consistency,  Cohesiveness, Innovation   - Part I    by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/11/2012)


Highlights of Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions(uploaded on 4/11/2012)


Highlights of Charter of Demands  by Officers' Unions (uploaded on 4/11/2012)


Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions - AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF, NOBW   



CHARTER OF DEMAND BY  OFFICERS'  UNIONS - AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC, NOBO (updated version uploaded on 8/11/2012)





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Articles, Circulars, Discussions on Promotion Policies of  Various Banks in India




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Campus Recruitment by Nationalised Banks is Unconstitutional



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Archive  (Updates,  articles, discussions etc held during 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)



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(C) Wage Revision updates / articles / discussions held during 2011


(D) Wage Revision updates / articles / discussions held during 2012


(E) Wage Revision updates / articles / discussions held during 2013




Other Recent Discussion Updates of 2014  :-




 Negotiation Talks held on 3rd February, 2015.   As expected  IBA increased its offer merely by 0.50% and the new offer stands  at mere 13% (short by 6.5% from the last curtailed demand of 19.5%).  UFBU leaders say it  is not satisfactory.  Thus, UFBU has announced revival of Four Day Strike Programme from 25th Febraury, and  indefinite strike from 16th March, 2015.  Analysis of the talks will be uploaded after detailed circular is made available by UFBU or reported by other unions.



Whether AIBOC  Can Salvage Some Honour From the Sinking Ship of 10th BPS by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 02/02/2015)



The Negotiations for Serving Bankers Appears To Be Almost Concluded And Now Retiree Bankers Have to Gear Up for their Rightful Demands by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 30/01/2015)


DA from February 2015 to increase by merely 2 slabs and new DA rate will be 110.10% (uploaded on 30/01/2015)




The reports indicate that (A) the next meeting of the Sub Committee on Charter of Demands of workmen will be held on  30th January 2015 at I.B.A. office MUMBAI ; (B) the whole Negotiating Committee will meet with IBA on 3rd February 2015 at MUMBAI.   It appears the last Part of the Negotiation Drama will now be enacted.   Will there be some surprises or  will it  be on the expected lines i.e. meek surrender of UFBU before the Almighty IBA.   Lets Wait and Watch. (uploaded on 23/01/2015)




  AIBOC and NOBW Who Were In Favour of Strike Also Needs to Answer Few Questions  (uploaded on 23/01/2015)



 Details of Circulars Issued by AIBOC & UFBU After Deferring the 4 Day Strike by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 20/01/2015)




 Deferment of 4 Day Strike Has Only Fuelled  Anger Among Aam Banker and Exposed  That  UFBU  Has Deep Rooted Differences Among Its Constituents  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 20/01/2015)



The reports at this hour i.e. 9.30 PM of 19th January, 2015, indicates that UFBU has decided to keep on hold the 4 day strike as IBA has assured to resolve the issues in the first week of February 2015.  Details about the discussions are still awaited.   These will be uploaded only on receipt of confirmation.




IBA and UFBU Play Hide and Seek Game to Befool Aam Banker About Cancellation of 4 Day Strike by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 15/01/2015)



 In a surprise move and unorthodox style, RBI on 15th January, 2015, has reduced the Repo Rate by 25 bps  to 7.75% (earlier it was 8%). Consequently, the Reverse Repo rate under LAF has been adjusted to 6.75%.  Similarly, the Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate and Bank Rates have also been reduced to 8.75% (from earlier 9.00%).  This is indication that India is entering a interest rate softening cycle.


UFBU Decides to Hold Back 4 Day Strike Also – Report in First Post  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 08/01/2015)



PSU Bank Clerk Earns Less Than A Daily Wage Labourer in Kerala  - New Indian Express Newspaper by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 08/01/2015)



 What Strategy Now Aam Banker Needs to Follow To Get the Maximum Possible Hike in Salary? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 07/01/2015)


IBA Offers 1.50% More Hike  and UFBU Jumps to Withdraw strike announced for 7th January, 2015 by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 06/01/2015)


 IBA Appears To Be Coming Out of Slumber – Can UFBU Make Best of the Opportunity on 6th January, 2015 by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 05/01/2015)


Indian PS Banks, Bank Top Management and Bank Officers  & Employees, UFBU – All Are Staring At the Cross Road by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 02/01/2015)




SLR reduced from 22% to 21.50% wef 7/2/2015.   However, No Change in Repo, Reverse Repo, MSF Rates as per announcement on 3rd February 2015 (Sixth Bi-Monthly  Monetary Policy Review 2014-15)





 Wage Revision:  Officials Under Modi Government Play the Old Game of Passing the Buck by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/11/2014)


 HOT Talks  (Updated) -  List of New CMDs is likely to come by end of this month (Nov 2014).  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/11/2014)


Stalemate in Settlement of 10th BPS Deepens After One Day Strike by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/11/2014)


HOT Talks -  16 candidates to be interviewed for 8 CMD posts uner a new revised procedure  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/11/2014)



A Strong Case for Updation of Pension & 100% DA Neutralisation -  IBA Seems To Be Hiding Facts from Courts by


S. Ramachandran, former General Manager of Bank of Baroda (uploaded on 06/11/2014



 Knowledge Update :   Understanding Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) vs Black Money Controversy in India  by Pannvalan  (uploaded on 06/11/2014)







Uncertainty and Chaos Continues in Banking Sector and On Wage Revision Front - What is Likely to Happen in Next Few Weeks by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 29/10/2014)


As predicted by us in our article dated 29/10/2014. the agitation by WE BANKER failed to attract attendance of over 500, and CLC called a meeting of IBA and UFBU on 5th November 2014 (as required by law), but it remained inclusive,  CLC has once again called for meeting on 10th November 2014.  Let us see whether IBA and CLC is able to defer the strike (as on date strike still stands, but more and more bankers seems to be against one day strike) by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 05/11/2014) - No link here



DA increases by 7.35% from Nov 2014 : New DA to be 109.80% (increase of 49 slabs)  (uploaded on 31/10/2014)



HOT Talks - New Selection Process for appointments of new CMDs / EDs  to start by end of November 2014 itself;  CVC now required to submit clearance report within two months by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 30/10/2014)


 Should RBI Governor Be Part of New Selection Process for CMDs / EDs ? He Was Part of the Earlier Selection Process Which Has been held to be Irregular and Now Scrapped by Anil Gaindhar (uploaded on 29/10/2014)


 HOT Talks - Bankers Dilemma - Whether to celebrate or mourn the act of cleaning?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 29/10/2014)


Modi Government Cancels Appointments of 6 CMDs & 14 EDs  - Will It End Large Scale Corruptions in Appointments of Top Bank Posts or It Will be Mere Change of Guards? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 28/10/2014)





 News Items that Bankers Will Be Covered Under 6th / 7th Pay Commission - Rumour or Truth ? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 14/10/2014)

   What Are Factors That Are Affecting the Health of PS Banks ? by Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 14/10/2014) Now Writes to PMO:   Will UFBU  Join Us In Follow Up For Reply from PMO?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 13/10/2014)



  PM Office Praises Excellent Work by Bankers - Bank Unions On Backfoot.  Will Modi Make Bank Unions (UFBU) Irrelevant in Few Months ?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 08/10/2014)


 Now Modi Himself Praises Bankers and Acknowledge Their Untiring Efforts In Meeting His Dream of Jan Dhan Yojana – UFBU leaders Must Go and Meet PM and Gear Up to Highlight This and Ask IBA and Ministry of Finance to Give Honourable Settlement  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 05/10/2014)



 Do Bankers Have No Right To Spend Holidays & Festivals With Their Family – Who is Responsible For This Mess of canceling of Their Holidays Every Year? by Rajesh Goyal (based on email sent by our reader) (uploaded on 05/10/2014)


 Dangers of Being Covered under Mediclaim Instead of Bank's own Reimbursement Scheme by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 01/10/2014)




   Where do we stand? It is time to move forward in right direction. Are you ready? by Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 29/09/2014)


  Dilemma of UFBU -  Whether to Fight For Wage Revision or Bank Reforms in Hindi by Pawan Goyal 

(uploaded on 29/09/2014)




  Black Diwali for Bankers :


IBA took 9 days to say that it can not improve its offer of 11% increase.  UFBU wants to go on useless one day strike on 28th Oct 2014.  Overwhelming Bankers wants to go on indefinite Strike before Diwali (uploaded on 26/09/2014 - 21:00 Hours )



Reports at 3.00 PM indicates that meeting with IBA is over.   UFBU still discussing the matter to make their final announcement on the outcome of the negotiations.      Reports  are not encouraging and indicate there is no tangible progress in negotiation talks (uploaded on 26/09/2014 - 15:15 Hours )




 Talks Failed - Now Bankers Should Lick Their Wounds For One Month Before They Go For One Day Strike (uploaded on 28/09/2014)



 Wage Revision Is Not Now A Top Priority Issue for AIBOA and AIBEA  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 26/09/2014 - 9.50 AM)



 AIBOA Circular - Is Ground Being Prepared to Surrender The Bankers Fight for Honourable Wage Revision? (uploaded on 25/09/2014 at 9.45 PM)





 UFBU's  Disheartening Circular (Negotiation Talks on 17/09/2014) - Rephrases Sentences from 15 Month old circular  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 18/09/2014 - 10.20 PM )



 RUMORS ALL  ROUND  ABOUT   NEGOTIATION  TALKS  ON  17TH SEPTEMBER 2014  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 18/09/2014 - 12.30 AM - Midnight )



Initially reports indicate, UFBU ready to relent from his demand of 25% provided IBA revises its offer subsantially.   IBA wants a week's time to respond.  Detailed circular awaited 



 Why Old Weapon of Strike Needs To Be Discarded and New Weapon of Moral Pressurizing  Needs to Be Adopted by Kamlesh Chaurvedi  (uploaded on 16/09/2014)




 Agitation by Young Bankers - A Small Beginning and Long Way To Go by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 14/09/2014)



 Why This Deafening  Silence by UFBU Leaders ?  by Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 12/09/2014)


Why Young Generation Bankers Are Agitating on 13th September? by Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 11/09/2014)



  Banker's Demand of Increase of 25% Is Absolutely Justified and Sacrosanct by S Srinivasan  (uploaded on 10\/09/2014)


  DELHI CHALO : Join the agitation in Delhi at Jantar Mantar on 13th September 2014 at 3.00 PM (we have not been able to upload more details as organizers of the same have failed to send us the details through email, inspite of approaching them through FaceBook and phone)


 Let Us Learn Jan Dhan Yojana Through An Intelligent Customer (uploaded on 08/09/2014)


Aircraft Can Fly from Sea Water – No Run-Way Needed(uploaded on 08/09/2014)


Supreme Court Allows Pension to CSR Employees - Another Victory for Aam Banker and Humilition for IBA and UFBU Who Were Against Giving Pension to CRS Employees  by RK Pathak  (uploaded on 06/09/2014)


 UFBU - IBA Stalemate Seems to be Over : Reports indicate that the negotiating meeting for Xth BPS has been now called on 17th September, 2014 at 2.00 PM. Who has bent? IBA officials are likely to meet DFS, Ministry of Finance on 8th September 2014 for finalising their strategy.  Hope it will not turn into another Lunch Party.  Report to follow (No link at present) -(uploaded on 4th September 2014)



Arun Jaitley & His Team Wrongly Clubs Corruption With Risk Management in Banks by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 23/08/2014)



Retiring / Retired Dad vs Techie  Son - A Must Watch Video whether you are young or senior citizen



Xth BPS - Great Idea Sir ji - No Ullu Banawing by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/08/2014)

  Revised  Pension + DA Calculator for Pensioners from August 2014 to January, 2015 - Download Excel File


  SK Jain, CMD of Syndicate Bank Arrested  -  Ugly Face of Top Management of Banks Once More Exposed.  Will Modi Government Expose More Who Have Become CMDs by Greasing Previous Government Officials  ?  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 02/08/2014)



Good 4.95% increase in DA : New DA to be 102.45% (increase of 33 slabs) from August, 2014   (uploaded on 31/07/2014)



Lame Excuses or Best of Success - Inspiring Examples to Beat the Negativity in Life by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 31/07/2014)



 Union Leaders Seems To Have Ignored Sacrifice of Ajay Sehgal by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 22/07/2014)





 Wage Revision : After 20 Months UFBU Still  Struggling To Come to Consensus Among Themselves by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 18/07/2014)


Challenges for Senior Bankers  To  Make Frustrated  Young Bankers As Part of the Bigger Bank Family -  (An Open Letter from a Young Officer Who Left Bank As Seniors Failed to Give Necessary Helping Hand)  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 13/07/2014)



 "Jago Aam Banker Jago" – Revolution Needed in PS Banks to De-Stress Banking Community  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09/07/2014)



Knowledge Update for Budget Day - 10th July, 2014  : Budget Terms and Definitions - Budget Terminologies by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/06/2014)


Officer Unions Need to Launch  War Against Humiliation by Top Management  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 06/07/2014)


 PNB Chief Manager Commits Suicide - Suicide Note Blames Field General Manager and Circle Head for Suicide by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/07/2014)






DA from August 2014 to cross 100%.  Increase of 32 slabs expected  (uploaded on 1st July, 2014)



Letter to Finance Minister for Extension of Pension to RESIGNEES by  FORUM OF RETIRED BANK EMPLOYEES (uploaded on 29/06/2014)


 Knowledge Update : Budget Terms and Definitions - Budget Terminologies by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/06/2014)


  UFBU Meets New Finance Minister -  Complains About Delay and Meager Increase in Wages  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 27/06/2014)


Letter to GoI Regarding Denial of 100% DA to Old Retirees and Other Similar Issues by S. Ramachandran (uploaded on 21/06/2014)


 More Insight Into Talks Held on 14th June 2014 by NUBE (uploaded on 15/06/2014)


 Stalemate in Negotiations - Great Strategy of UFBU for Delaying Tactics  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 15/06/2014)



 Ideal Promotion Process : by V Subramanian  (uploaded on 14/06/2014)


 UFBU Needs to Learn Lessons from Modi :  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/06/2014)




Today's Meeting :  (13/06/2014) As expected UFBU and IBA meeting ends in stalemate : IBA increased the offer to 11% but UFBU wants at least 25% increase.  Waiting for full details




 There Does Not Seem To Be Everything Normal at UFBU by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 05/06/2014)


 Bankers' Dream of 5 Day Working Shattered by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 05/06/2014)



 Lessons For UFBU and Aam Banker from 2014 Elections by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 03/06/2014)


Indian Banking At Cross Roads ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21/5/2014)


Wage Revision for Bankers : "Kya ache din chalye gaye?" - UFBU Continues To Be As Arrogant As Ever  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/5/2014)



 Decrease of 16 slabs from May 2014 (Revised uploaded on 3/5/2014)


  Silence on Next Date of Wage Revision -  Will UFBU Perish Like MMS Government ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 18/04/2014)



DA Controversy - Part 3 by Pannvalan (uploaded on 18/04/2014)


Time Taken for Revision of Salaries of Bankers vs Parliamentarians

 by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/04/2014)


Comparative Facts About DA in Banks Vs Central Government - A Wake Up Call for UFBU by pannvalan   (uploaded on 02/04/2014)



Hopes of An Honourable Settlement Now Disappear After Meeting of 14/03/2014   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 16/03/2014)



UFBU and IBA Again Force Helpless Bankers To drink "Khoon Ka Ghoont"  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/03/2014)


UFBU Lost the Last Opportunity to Extract Something Before Elections by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/03/2014)


Bankers and UFBU Be Cautious :  Now IBA to Use NPA as Shikhandi to Deny Bankers An Honourable Settlement (uploaded on 04/03/2014)



”UFBU ko phir Ulloo Banaya ?” :  Reports indicate UFBU leaders have again become Ullu. It is claimed that in the 3rd March 2014,  U.F.B.U. raised the adequate wage revision issue and also  raised other issues like 5 day's banking, regulated working hours', improvements in Pension related issues including switch over from NPS to old pension scheme, housing and hospitalization.   IBA assured that these matters will be discussed with Finance Ministry on 5th instant and thereafter hold negotiations within 10 days.  Leaders Must Have Enjoyed Air Trips, 5 Star Hotel Stays,  Heavy Tea & Snacks, Lunch etc at expenses of their comrades !!   Another drama by IBA and UFBU  to ensure that Election Code of Conduct should come into force (which was earlier expected from 2nd March, 2013, is now likely to be enforced from 5th March, 2014)  - More Details  and analysis on receiving detailed circular



UFBU and IBA On Verge of Success In Cheating Bankers By Ensuring That Next  Fruitful Negotiations Can Take Place Only in June, 2014  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/2/2014)


Pension Option for Resignees - A Chance To Fight the Banks Legally - by R K Pathak (uploaded on 19/02/2014)




 AIBOC's Circular In response To FM's UnWarranted Remarks



 UFBU is in Dark As to Why Negotiation Talks Scheduled for 13th February have been Deferred :   Thus, Complete BreakDown of Talks Between IBA and UFBU (uploaded on 13/2/2014)



What Does Mr Chidu Deserve Now ? or What Bankers Should Do In Next 100 Days for Chidu ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/2/2014)





  Pension for Resignees : Will New CMD of  Vijaya Bank Appear Before SC  As  Accused by Adhering to IBA Advise  OR Use His Wisdom To Follow “National Litigation Policy?” and Save His Honour?  by RK Pathak (uploaded on 11/02/2014)


 Performance of PS  Banks  Vs. Wage Component  by  V Subramanian (uploaded on 11/02/2014)



Reports indicate that emboldened by FM's statement, now IBA  decides to postpone Negotiating Committee meeting scheduled for 13th February 2014.   Further Reports indicate  that UFBU has been badly snubbed  even after 2 days successful  strike as  CMD of IOB left for Sri Lanka without caring for negotiating committee meeting.  IBA seems to have Zero commitment level towards Bank Employees.  (uploaded on 11/02/2014 at 4.45 PM ) - Confirmed details awaited.



 Now Chidambaram Defends Lower Wages to Bankers by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/2/201)


 Strike is Against Government and Not Public (an article from Aam Banker) (uploaded on 10/2/201)



What Unions Need to Do Now That Strike Will Take Place on 10th & 11th February, 2014 by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 7/02/2014)




Kudos to AIBOC For Issuing Hard Hitting Press Release Based on Facts about Pathetic condition of Bankers (uploaded on 6/02/2014)



Same Drama Re-enacted : In today's meeting, CLC advised IBA to prepone meeting nd UFBU asked to defer the strike. Thus, conciliation inclusive and Strike Stands on 10th and 11th February, 2014.   Wait  for next part - whether IBA will prepones meeting and what will be its offer?  Will they offer another lollipop? You to have to wait and watch (uploaded on 6/02/2014) - Details to follow on receipt of detailed circular,



Revised  Pension + DA Calculator for Pensioners from February 2014 to July, 2014 - Download Excel File



Only moderate increase of 25 slabs (3.75%) in DA from February, 2014 - In last month CPI dips sharply - (uploaded on 31/01/2014)


Hot Talks - Why Government is in hurry to clear the list of EDs? (updated on 31/01/2014)  -


RBI raises Repo Rate to 8%;  Accordingly, Reverse Repo Rate revised to 7% and MSF and Bank Rate to 9%.  Third Quarter Review of Monetary Policy - Details to Follow   (updated on 28/01/2014) 




Bankers Have Reached a Stage Which ABS Has Predicted in November, 2013 by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/01/2014)



Reports Indicate that IBA has offered merely increase from 9.5%  to 10.%.  UFBU has rejected the same and called for Strike on 10th and 11th February, 2014    (uploaded on 27/01/2014)  - Details Awaited.  Analysis will follow only after receipt of full circular.



Finally, Vijaya Bank Credits Pension To Petitioner Resignee Accounts by RK Pathak (uploaded on 26/01/2014)



AIBOC and Other Union Leaders Need to Respond to Mr Saha's Queries   by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 24/01/2014)


Great Future For Union Leaders But Bleak Future for Aam Banker

by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 24/01/2014)


Bankers Too Should Have Assured Career Progression like Central Government Employees by Radhakrishnan N. (uploaded on 22/01/2014)





Hot Talks - Chairman, NHB Resigns? 14 GMs to be promoted as EDs (updated on 27/01/2014)  -



Fixed Match Results in Announcement of Single Digit Increase.   What is 9.5% Increase ?   by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/01/2014)


Strike for 20th & 21st January 2014 deferred after IBA improved its offer from 5% to 9.5% on PaySlip cost.  Next round of talks on 27th January, 2014.  Detailed analysis to be uploaded after receiving full circular of UFBU -   by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/01/2014)


Insensitive and Insincere IBA Forced to Pre-pone Negotiating Meeting to 17th January, 2014 - by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 14/01/2014)


Is It Complete Breakdown of Co-ordination between IBA and UFBU or Match Fixing Between Two ? (uploaded on 6th January, 2014)



DA from February 2014 likely to increase by more than 5% i.e. what has been offered by IBA after 5 years wait under 10th BPS. (uploaded on 5th January, 2014)





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