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PSU Bank Clerk Earns Less Than A Daily Wage Labourer in Kerala  - New Indian Express Newspaper


Rajesh Goyal 

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We are aware that there is a public perception that bankers a highly paid lot.  Whenever, I have talked on central government employee, a teacher and discussed the issue, no one of them is ready to believe that bank employees are so much low paid lot.   This perception was built almost over 30 years back and the same is still continuing though during this period the salaries of the bankers have failed to match the rise of salaries in other sectors.   Even our media is under the illusion that bankers are highly paid class with least work.   Our Union leaders have miserably failed to highlight this issue in the public and change this opinion.   Thus, any action any UFBU leaders is not appreciated by the general public.

With social media and websites like ours creating awareness, has forced some of the associations to expose this fallacy among the public.   All this has taken a lot of hardwork by the bankers on social media and make union leaders realize their mistakes.

I was surprisedly pleased to read a news item in New Indian Express with a heading “PSU Bank Staff Among Lowest Paid in State”, the link for which is given below ( )

The crux of the news items that a PSU Bank clerk earns less than a daily wage earner in the state of Kerala.   The report clearly shows that in Kerala the daily wage labourer gets Rs 750/- per day which is higher than Rs500/- per day which a PSU bank clerk gets.

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A primary school teacher gets what a Bank PO / Officer gets i.e. around Rs31,000/- whereas a central government officers gets Rs52,000/- and a college lecturer at the initial stage gets as much as Rs56,000/-

PSU banks earnings for the fiscal year 2013-14 stood at Rs 127000 crore whereas the total amount demanded in the latest negotiations is merely 6000 crores (for 10 lakh PSU Banks).

I was wondering why Bank Unions (which are dominated by Communists) in Kerala have not filed a case in local courts that bank clerks / sub-staff is being paid less than the minimum wages fixed for daily skilled labourer ?  It may be possible that on some technical grounds they may lose the case, but it would have surely brought the issue to forefront and public perception changed that bankers are a lot which are getting salaries equivalent or less than the daily labourer.

It is high time for UFBU to use national media to focus on this issue – if necessary by issuing advertisements in newspapers comparing the status of salary with the salary of other PS sectors.   It must be started before the next meeting is held with IBA for wage negotiations.   During the strike period, these needs to be published on daily basis to create public awareness.  UFBU units are rich and flushed with funds which are usually misused by its leaders.  To use such funds for this purpose will be in the interests of the bankers.





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