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  Knowledge Update :  All About Greece Debt Crisis and Bailout by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 17/07/2015)


  Window Dressing in PS Banks and Its Culprits : Will Modi Government  Be Successful in Reining This Malpractice? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 06/06/2015)





  In Response To ABS Article, Now SBI Chief Defends Herself and Says Scolding by Rajan Did Not Lead to Lending Rate Cut  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 13/04/2015)


  Indian Top Bankers Lack Knowledge and Fail To Understand A Gentleman’s Signals  - They Only Know To Respond to Tough Talking  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 09/04/2015)



A Former AIBOC official Files PIL Challenging Govt Ad Inviting Applications for Posts of MD and CEO in Top 5 PS Banks  (uploaded on 08/04/2015)


    Central Auditing  of the Banks – Will New Rules Rein Auditors From Their Arm Twisting Methods OR It Will Help Bank Management to Further Manipulate NPAs and Other Statutory Provisions?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 06/04/2015)



  Controversy Regarding Fixing of An Event by CJI  on Good Friday by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 05/04/2015)



  Media Bashing of Bankers Must Stop :  Every Year Media Makes a Hue and Cry for Bank Holidays  - It is a Shame on Media that They Misrepresent Facts  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/03/2015)




KNOWLEDGE UPDATE Changing Face of Indian Banks in 2015-16 : Challenges in Raising Capital to Remain in Business and Retain PS Status by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 13/03/2015)




Modi Government Cancels Appointments of 6 CMDs & 14 EDs  - Will It End Large Scale Corruptions in Appointments of Top Bank Posts or It Will be Mere Change of Guards? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 28/10/2014)



Do Bankers Have No Right To Spend Holidays & Festivals With Their Family – Who is Responsible For This Mess of canceling of Their Holidays Every Year? by Rajesh Goyal (based on email sent by our reader) (uploaded on 05/10/2014)



UFBU's  Disheartening Circular (Negotiation Talks on 17/09/2014) - Rephrases Sentences from 15 Month old circular

 by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 18/09/2014 - 10.30 PM )



Modi ji Jago : Corruption Seeping in Jan Dhan Yojana by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09//09/2014)


Lets us Learn Jan Dhan Yojana Through An Intelligent Customer : by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08//09/2014)

Tough Times Ahead for Bankers : Need for SS Mundra To Rise To Occasion To Play The Role of Bridge Between Bankers and GoI / RBI by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 25//08/2014)


Arun Jaitley & His Team Wrongly Clubs Corruption With Risk Management in Banks by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 23//08/2014)


SK Jain, CMD of Syndicate Bank Arrested - Ugly Face of Top Management of Banks Once More Exposed. Will Modi Government Expose More Who Have Become CMDs by Greasing Previous Government Officials ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 02//08/2014)


Jago Aam Banker Jago – Revolution Needed in PS Banks to De-Stress Banking Community  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09/07/2014)



PNB Chief Manager Commits Suicide - Suicide Note Blames Field General Manager and Circle Head for Suicide by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/07/2014)

Banks’ Top Brass Needs to Develop Customer-Friendly Sense & IBA Needs to Work Towards Their Objectives by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21//06/2014)


K C Chakrabarty – An Accidental Banker ? - Lessons for Top Management  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/06/2014)


Indian Banking At Cross Roads ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21/5/2014)


Why and How Sahara and Subrata Roy are in Soup by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/04/2014)


K C Chakrabarty Resigned After Lackluster Tenure of 5 Years -  Will New DG Live Upto Expectations and Give New Direction to RBI and PS Banks and Their Employees ?  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 02/04/2014)



Raghuram Rajan Now Says What ABS Said Two Years Back  -  Bank CMDs Openly Defy RBI Hints by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 01/12/2013)


 SBI Graft Case : Lessons To Be Learnt by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 01/12/2013)


Investing in Public Sector Banks Is Now Riskier Than Private Sector Banks: RBI Annual Data  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 24/11/2013)


 Dr. Raghuram Rajan  -  Do Your Bosses Also Believe In What  You Say and   Will They Allow You to Do What You Profess ? (uploaded on 09/09/2013)


 Dr Raghuram Rajan's first speech as RBI Governor



Problems Relating to Fake Bank Loan Documents by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09/10/2013)



This Janmashatmi  Day – Krishna Was  Missing  To Save Disrobing of Indian Rupee by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/08/2013)


 Command Responsibility  -  A Must For Banking Sector by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 26/08/2013)


Raghuram Rajan -  ‘Young Economist’ : Will He Be Able To Put Economy Back on Track and  Sustain Internal Politics at RBI and Political Pressures? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09/08/2013)


ISLAMIC BANKING – Shattering the concept of Commercial Banking  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/08/2013)



Bank CMDs and EDs Encourage Flouting of KYC norms - RBI Sleeps - Cobrapost Exposes - Now Poor Investors Pay the Fine - No Action Against Real Culprits - This is Indian Democracy by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 15/7/2013)



FM Teaches Bank CMDs to Subvert RBI Rules - Some CMDs Oblige FM - Senior Citizens with Negative returns Left to Fend for Themselves While IBA Chairman Bats for Big House and Ignores Bank Employees  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 15/7/2013)


PS Banks Are Now Exploiting Unemployed Youth – GoI  Needs To Take Action and Stop This Exploitation  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/7/2013)



Risk Management  : Sycophancy and Opaque Promotion Policies Are Biggest Risk for PS Banks by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 11/7/2013)



K C Chakrabarty Wants to Keep Penalties at "Peanut" Level - Advocates only Naming and Shaming of Shameless People by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/06/2013)



 RBI  GOVERNOR  AGREES  THAT  PENALTIES ON BANKS IN INDIA ARE "PEANUTS"  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 05/06/2013)



 RBI Tightens norms for aggressive sale of gold coins and insurance  - THESE PONZI  LIKE Schemes must be banned  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 31/05/2013)


Sale of Top Jobs in Railways Nailed  -  Is Banking Sector Not Equally Guilty for Sale of Top Jobs ?  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 11/05/2013)







Chakrabarty  Behaves  Like  Our Politicians - Exonerates ICICI, HDFC and Axis Banks Even Before Investigation Starts   by Rajesh  Goyal (uploaded on 22/3/2013)



RBI Starts Scrutiny of Three Banks -  Will RBI Hush Up Cobrapost Disclosures Too Like It Did for Rs 32,000 crore Derivative Scam ?  by Rajesh  Goyal (uploaded on 19/3/2013)



CobraPost Sting : Wake Up Call For RBI and  MoF -  Need To Punish Top Brass and Not Junior Officers - Curb  Sale of Third Party Products on Incentive Basis  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 16/3/2013)




Biggest Banks In India :   SBI (CMD : Prateep Chaudhary)  & PNB (CMD : K R Kamath) -  DITCH SENIOR  CITIZENS by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 4/3/2013)



Are Corporate and Top Management of Banks Preparing to Introduce A New Scheme to Cheat Banks  - Banks Want To Ease Recompense Clause   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 15/02/2013)



AllBankingSolutions's  Stand  Vindicated - Kudos to Mr Subbarao  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/2/2013)


ABS IMPACT - Competition Commission Agrees to Look Into Charge of Cartelization by Banks for fixing 4% Interest on Saving Bank Deposits by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/12/2012)







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  • Over 32000 Crore Losses by Forex / Treasury Dealers of Indian banks to Indian Corporates  - exposed by DNA, Mumbai Newspaper -  Read Full Excellent  Investigation Story By  Gangadhar S Patil - Part I;     Part II ; Part III (uploaded on 27/04/2012)



  • Even Public Sector Banks are openly defying RBI signals to control inflation - Should RBI not intervene ?  The statements issued by some of the heads of PS banks immediately after the announcement of repo hike indicates that MOST OF Bank heads are in no mood to heed to the signals sent by RBI to control inflationary trends.  Should RBI not reign such attempts by top bankers.  Read more ..... (released on 17/09/2011)

  • Central Bank of India Spends Rs 5 lacs to deny Rs. 9 lac under VRS (uploaded on 18/09/2011)


  • Government must allow RBI Governor to act independently for deciding whether to raise Repo or other policy rates : Now it has become public that government is using various tactics to pressurize RBI Governor to stop increase in policy rates.  AllBankingSolutions is of the view that a wrong precedent is being set up by government.  There are number of reasons why there should be an increase in policy rates at this stage. Read More....

  • (released  on 14/09/2011)

  •  Deposit Interest Rates - Bold Initiative by SBI : In the beginning of August, 2011 SBI took a bold step whereby the Deposit rates on maturities from 1 year to 10 year for deposits below Rs 1 crore has been fixed at 9.25%.  This has remained unnoticed / ignored by most of the banks / bankers. However, views this as a bold step and   SBI has shown that it is truly a  leader and is trying to correct the myths.   What is the position of other major players like BOB, PNB,  Canara Bank ? What is the impact of this step on depositors and on SBI?    Read More. 




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