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UFBU's  Disheartening Circular (Negotiation Talks on 17/09/2014) - Rephrases Sentences from 15 Month old circular



Rajesh Goyal 

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I am writing this article at 10.00 PM on 18th September, 2014.   In my yesterday night's post I have informed our readers that rumors are going all around but UFBU's circular is awaited.   In the same article I have predicted that UFBU is likely to issue circular only on 18th September, 2014, but it will be dated 17th September, 2014, to give an impression that they are so prompt in issuing circulars.   They have done this every time the talks are held.   I do not understand why they can not issue the circular on the same day.  Let us suppose, there is a problem, then why they need to fudge the date and issue circular where date is of previous day i.e. the date of talks.   This shows their mentality of making an ULLU of their comrades.   They believe nobody notices such things and thus they can make ULLU of their cadre.


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As I was searching for UFBU circular on various Union websites, I drew blank and suddenly on my previous post, one of our readers Pallavi upload the contents of the UFBU circular.   I believe this to be authentic.    Thus it is clear that Union leaders are slow in uploading the same on their websites or circulation, whereas our readers are on the hunt and help us in updating the readers.  Let me put the circular of UFBU in the tabular form alongwith our comments :-


Contents of the circular dated 17/09/2014 by UFBU

Comments of

The representatives of UFBU met at 11.00 a.m. to discuss and decide the  strategies to be adopted in the negotiations with IBA. It was decided  that along with the percentage increase in its offer, other important 
issues like regulated working hours, 5-day week, improvements in pension related matters should be raised simultaneously.

In the IBA meeting, Sri Bhasin, who was the Negotiating Committee Chairman till the last meeting and now elected as Chairman of IBA introduced the newly constituted Negotiating Team of IBA under the leadership of Sri  Rajeev Rishi, the newly appointed Chairman of Negotiating Committee.

Subsequent to brief introduction and completion of formalities, before  commencement of negotiations on wage revision, UFBU raised the following issues:

The whole paragraph does not need any comments as it only gives background to the meeting

· Compassionate Appointment Scheme:

While thanking the IBA for its efforts and being instrumental in getting clearance of the Government for introduction of Compassionate  Appointment Scheme on the lines available to Central Government 
employees, UFBU sought clarifications on issues like eligibility,  applicability with regard to death cases prior to 05.08.2014, etc., to  which IBA conveyed that the matter would be referred to Government and  necessary clarifications will be issued on receipt of their advices;

The broad scheme has already been announced but details are not clear.  UFBU wanted clarification, IBA had no answers and simply conveyed that matter will be sent to Government.  We do not understand why UFBU waits for a meeting and does not seek clarification through letters and waste the time and delay in response.

· Accounts to be opened under Jan Dhan Yojana:

While appreciating and extending the support of UFBU to the initiatives taken by the Government towards extension of banking facility to all the  people in the Country, UFBU expressed the following apprehensions:

United Forum of Bank Unions 

·         § The compromises on KYC norms may lead to opening of fraudulent accounts for which employees should not be held accountable;

·         § The pressure due to the targets stipulated for opening of accounts are  greatly affecting the regular banking activities and services to  existing customers;

·         § Due to the stipulation on timings for opening of accounts from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.,   employees are forced to work beyond their working hours and  are also under severe stress to achieve the stipulated target.


This matter does not relate to wage revision.



During the negotiations, IBA informed that the UFBU's demand of 25% increase in pay slip components is on high side and beyond the paying capacity of banks and  insisted that UFBU should review its demand, to which UFBU responded as  under:

·         Ø IBA should substantially revise its offer of increase in pay slip components;

·         Ø The other important issues like regulated working hours, 5-day banking,  improvements in pension related matters, etc. should be discussed  simultaneously and in a time-bound manner;

·         Ø The meetings on negotiation have to be held regularly at frequent intervals ensuring  expeditious settlement;

·         Ø UFBU will have flexibility in its demand depending upon the response of IBA on all the above matters.


IBA  informed that 25% increase is beyond its capacity and UFBU agreed to review the demand if IBA revises its offer substantially.  It wants 5 days week, Pension matters to be clubbed and settled in time bound and expeditious manner.

After reading this para I felt like banging my head on the wall.  Do you know, Why ? 

I would like to quote here from a circular issued after meeting dated 7th June, 2013 (i.e. 15 months and 10 days ago) and which reads : Click to read the analysis of that meeting :  ( )



UFBU demanded that there should be a time bound programme to complete the negotiations without much delay to arrive at the wage revision settlement at the earliest”


IBA had responded by saying it agrees with the views of UFBU  and informed that the same can be worked out by mutual discussions


After 15 months, UFBU is again repeating the same words by merely rephrasing the sentence.  This exposes the UFBU leaders and IBA's commitment for Aam Banker.   It is the biggest shame on both of them that we are at the same place where it was 15 months back and still requesting for expediting the negotiations.


Both of them should know that now a days everything is available on line and you can not make ULLU thinking that old circulars no body will have access.


IBA assured us to schedule the next round of meeting within one week to discuss comprehensively on all the issues.




Comrades - every effort is being made by UFBU not only for expeditious conclusion but also for a respectable Tenth Bipartite  Wage Settlement. Let us continue to maintain our unity which would 
strengthen us in achieving our goals. Further developments will be advised in due course.”


As in past, this time IBA again assured that next round of meeting will be held WITHIN ONE WEEK.  Now whether the next meeting will be held before 24th September, 2014, or it will be delayed as usual.



I do not think I need to comment any more as circular is crystal clear that there is no progress in talks.   Wait for next round, which may happen after a week or delayed further.

In the meantime, let me convey our readers the views of Mr. L.BALASUBRAMANIAN, General Secretary, NUBE, which has expressed in his latest circular “The way the talks are proceeding, we do not think that there would be any progress in the days to come.Comrades from the above it is very clear that IBA is in no mood to settle the issue amicably. Their stubbornness is only making the Bank employees restless and paving a path for agitational  programmes which is not good for the Industry. However, we are left with no other alternative than to struggle if not we will be meekly surrendering to the dictates of IBA and history will not pardon us. So let us march ahead and struggle unitedly.



You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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