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Wage Revision Xth BPS :  Meeting Dated 7th June is Again Listless 

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Rajesh Goyal 



I have written two articles in about a week's time about the meetings held in April 2013.   After a long gap of 6 weeks, at last another meeting was held on 7th June, 2013.  I have gone through the circular issued by UFBU after talks of 7th June, 2013.   The contents are listless and give an impression that meeting has made little headway.   Let us analysis some of the contents of the said circular, and their implications.




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Contents of the Circular IBA's / UFBU's Response Our Views / What It Actually Means
UFBU demanded that there should be a time bound programme to complete the negotiations without much delay to arrive at the wage revision settlement at the earliest.

IBA also agreed with our views and informed that the same can be worked out by mutual discussions.

This is in line with what I have written in my last two articles.  I appreciate that UFBU has finally put up this demand. However, IBA has ditched the answer and has left it for future DISCUSSIONS.  Therefore, this does not have any meaning till a final date is fixed for conclusion of the discussions and the same is strictly adhered.   Cadres have to watch it carefully or else it may stretch to 2014-15.
UFBU also demanded that the wage revision should be effective from 1st November 2012 ?? I wonder what was the need for this demand?  Has IBA shown its resolve to shift the date of wage revision?  IBA has not even responded to this so called demand.
UFBU has demanded that new pay scale should be constructed by merging the DA at 4876 points i.e. the DA applicable to July- September, 2012 quarter. The IBA suggested that the pay scales could be constructed by merging the DA applicable upto 2009. UFBU has not agreed to this demand.  I think UFBU has taken a right decision as as per normal norms DA needs to be merged till the immediately preceding period.   UFBU must stick to their guns as it will lead to lot of loss even if merger is agreed upon upto 2010 or 2011.
UFBU also insisted that the IBA should make their offer on the percentage of wage load acceptable to them IBA informed us that they would consult the higher authorities in the Government. The reply of IBA is absurd and should not have been accepted.   What has IBA been doing for last 7 months.  Have they not consulted anybody in GoI on this issue.  If this is the case, then it is clear that IBA is not serious at all and merely wants to prolong the negotiation process
IBA also explained their issues like introduction of Cost to Company, Performance related wage, restricting the wage revision, increased mobility to award staff, rationalisation of Special Pay etc

UFBU expressed their reservations and viewpoints, and also suggested that these issues can be reverted during subsequent discussions.



In the last meeting IBA has ensured that they will give presentation on these issues.  UFBU circular does not give any details about such a detailed presentation.  As suggested by me in my earlier articles, UFBU needs to reject this outrightly or make the details public of present CTC at various levels.  The explanations given by IBA must be made public and not kept under wraps.  Hopefully, UFBU and IBA will show transparency so that affected cadre is kept in loop.
UFBU we also submitted that in the proposed wage revision, the hike in wage load should be exclusive of the cost on pension and other superannuation benefits and also the cost of hospitalisation expenses reimbursement.


informed that this would be kept in mind by them.   Thus, IBA has not even given assurance leave alone any commitment in this regard.
IBA informed that they will shortly inform us the date for the next round of negotiations ?? UFBU has failed to propose some early dates.  In the given circumstances when IBA is hell bent upon delaying the negotiations, UFBU should go ready with 3 dates fallling within next 10 days or so, and offer IBA to accept any convenient date to them.   UFBU should not decline any of such dates accepted by IBA.  It appears now next date will be again after 4 weeks or so.




Now I will like our readers themselves to assess, what is the progress in a meeting held after 6 weeks -  On non of the issues IBA has given any commitment.   On the issue of demands of IBA, the leaders of UFBU have kept silence and not given any details and it appears that slowly they are moving towards accepting such demands as they have suggested that on these issues can be reverted later on. 


In the given circumstances I need not give my comments as things are crystal clear from the above table.  Our readers will be the best judge on the negotiations held on 7th June, 2013.




You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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