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Articles on Issues Relating to Banking Industry (Sent by our Readers)

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Important Notice :  [All the articles written by authors contain only the academic view of the writer and purely for discussions and updation of the knowledge of the bankers.   The views expressed in the articles may not at all be subscribed by the organisation where the author is working and / or]




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Danendra Jain


Disciplinary Proceedings in Public Sector Banks - A Scientific and Well Structured Approach Required by Pannvalan (uploaded on 07/02/2016)


How Central Government Staff are able to secure more benefits, as compared to Bank Staff? by Pannvalan (uploaded on 02/02/2016)


Needed, A Dedicated Education Centre for Management in Financial Sector by M G Warrier (uploaded on 28/01/2016)


Dilemma of Public Sector Banks' CEOs by Tilak Raj Gulati (uploaded on 27/01/2016)


What Are Factors That Are Affecting the Health of PS Banks ? by Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 14/10/2014)



Dangers of Being Covered under Mediclaim Instead of Bank's own Reimbursement Scheme by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 01/10/2014)



Will Setting Up of National Asset Management Company Solve NPA Problems of Banks in India by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 11/06/2014)


Campus Recruitment by PS Banks Now  Unconstitutional - What About Illegality Already Committed ? by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 05/04/2013)



 Face Regular Transfers and Rejection in Promotions  IF YOU  TRY  TO  PUT  HURDLES  IN  LOOT  OF YOUR  BOSSES  by Danendra Jain    (uploaded on  16/10/2012)

Who is responsible for Present Sickness and Growing Corruption in Banking by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 15/09/2012)

Are 25%  of Profits of PS Banks Are Through Exploitation of Staff ? - Who is Responsible for Keeping 41000 Posts Vacant   -  by Danendar Jain  (uploaded on 25th August 2012)

 Dangers of Allowing Indian Banks to open branches in Pakistan by Danendar Jain (uploaded on 15/07/2012)

Value of Human Resource In PS banks Must Improve to Change the Work Culture To Make Them Capable to Compete with Private Banks (uploaded on 18/08/2012)

Why there is a need to revisit promotion process  by Danendar Jain (uploaded on 15/07/2012)

SIT is needed to investigate frauds in PS Banks in Recruitment, Promotion and Postings in last two decades   by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 29/06/2012)

  Evergreen Loans in Indian Banking Industry and the Art of Keeping NPA accounts under Standard category by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 29/06/2012)

Reservation In Promotions  by Danendra Jain   (uploaded on 08/05/2012)

When Merit Has Become Demerit in India  -  Can India  Dream of Number One in World? by Danendra Jain   (uploaded on 28/04/2012)

Window  Dressing in Banks  -  Dishonest Officers Get Promotion; CMDs and EDs Get Monetary  Benefits BUT  Honest Officers / Staff Get Lower Salary Increases by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 05/05/2012)

 Existing  Banking  Systems in India  vs  Basel III Recommendations  by Danendra Jain   (uploaded on 05/05/2012)

New Promotion Policy is Disheartening by Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 25/03/2012)

Sudden reduction of CRR , a boon for bankers in time of crisis , may prove curse for poor in coming years - A Contra View by Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 10/03/2012)

Real Reformation Will Now begin in Government Sector Banks (uploaded on 07/03/2012)

Should We Believe CEOs that NPAs are not alarming by D Jain   (uploaded on 02/03/2012)

Risk of Concentration of Credit   by D.Jain  (uploaded on 25/02/2012)

Should We Mourn Only Death of Chief Manager of PNB Who Died During Manager's Meeting or Should  We Also Mourn For Officer Community Who Is Physically Alive But Daily Die Mentally and Spiritually by D. Jain  (uploaded on 17/02/2012)

Should Performance Linked Wage Structure Be Allowed in Public Sector Banks in India ? by  Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 27/01/2012)

Fraudulent Treatment by Top Bankers in Recruitment, Promotion and Transfers (uploaded on 17/01/2012)

Promotion  Policy in Banks Should Also be in Line With the Promotion Policies Followed in Governments Departments (uploaded on 17/01/2012)

This New Promotion Policy is Faulty  -  Interview / Group Discussions  Needs to Be Abolished for Promotion in Banks  by D. Jain (uploaded on 19/12/2011)

Deregulation of Interest Rates - Will PS Banks go Air India way  by Mr. D. Jain (uploaded on 3/11/2011)

PROPOSED STRIKE BY SBI STAFF - DO SBI  UNIONS FAR BETTER WATCH  THE INTERESTS  OF THEIR MEMBERS THAN  PS BANK  UNIONS? by Mr. D. Jain (uploaded on 05/11//2011)  [Update as on 06/11/2011: it is reported that the strike by SBI staff has been called off]

Is it Correct that FM should rebuke Head of SBI and criticize Moody for downgrading rating of SBI ?  by Mr. D. Jain (uploaded on 21/10/2011)

Are Flattery and Bribery The Only Mantras for Promotions to Top Ranks & Creamy Postings in Public Sector Banks?  by Mr D. Jain (uploaded on 17/10/2011)

 Why only SBI is downgraded in ratings? What about other banks? What will happen if all bad loans are classified as NPA as per system - Will banks supply the full information as desired here - by Mr D. Jain  (uploaded on 05/10/2011)

Are Chartered Accountants Biggest Creators of Black Money in India and Responsible for Rising NPAs in Banks? - by  Danendra Jain  (uploaded on 11/10/2011)

Why only SBI is downgraded in ratings? What about other banks? What will happen if all bad loans are classified as NPA as per system - Will banks supply the full information as desired here - by Mr D. Jain  (uploaded on 05/10/2011)

Financial Inclusion  -  Another  Suicidal Activity by Banks ?  (uploaded on 17/12/2010)

Corruption - The Burining Issue Of The Day  (uploaded on 13/12/2010)

NPA - Will Level of NPAs Increase In Forthcoming Quarterly / Annual Results?  Are Culture of Gifts and Flattery Real Causes?  (uploaded on 17.10.2010)




[Mr NSN Reddy, is working as Assistant General Manager, in Andhra Bank has B,Com, CAIIB, PGDBM (NIBM) qualifications to his credit and has over 32 years of Banking experience, and his articles relating to Banking can be highly useful for bankers to update their knowledge]


Human Capital in Banks Emerging Challenges by NSN Reddy, AGM, Andhra Bank (uploaded on 18/04/2014)


Non Performing Assets  - Impact on Bank Balance Sheet  (uploaded on 25/7/2013)


Bank on Rural India -  Way to Economic Development by NSN Reddy (uploaded on 18/02/2013)

Banking on Inclusive Growth - Article by NSN Reddy  (uploaded on 20/08/2012

Banking on Contrast - Gen-Y & Gen-U  (uploaded on 17/02/2012)

Unlocking Physical Assets-Way to Economic Development (uploaded on 22/01/2012)

Financial Inclusion  -  Drive to Diverse Business Models (uploaded on 22/01/2012)

Are Retail Term Deposits Loosing Sheen  - (September, 2011)
Financial Inclusion - Role of Information Technology (December, 2010)

Banks & New Licensing Policy -    Are we heading to “U” turn? (October, 2010)

New Payment Initiatives - Way to Bank’s Profitability (September, 2010)
Global Recession –Impact on Indian Financial Markets (September, 2010)

Banking on AADHAAR

Deregulation of Savings Bank Interest Rates - Boon or Bane? (September, 2010)

Base Rate – Old Wine in New Bottle  (August, 2010)



V Subramanian


Ideal Promotion Process : by V Subramanian  (uploaded on 14/06/2014)


Fuctions of a Notary Public in India by V Subramanian (uploaded on 27/7/2013)


Duties and Responsibilities of a Customer by V Subramanian (uploaded on 27/7/2013)


 HRD Policies and Practices in Public Sector Banks by V Subramanian (uploaded on 01/07/2013)


 Taking Banking Activity To Stupid Lengths by V Subramanian (uploaded on 01/07/2013)


What Role Banks can play in curbing the generation of black money in India? by V Subramanian (uploaded on 19/3/2013)



Understanding Implications of CDR Sanction Terms by (uploaded on 2/3/2013)


Importance of Personal Data Sheet  (uploaded on 2/3/2013)


Some points to ponder on ‘Corporate Debt Restructuring’ (CDR)   by V Subramanian (uploaded on 18/02/2013)


There is a Need to Revise Definition of NPAs to save banks and unearth hidden NPAs - Some suggestions  by V.Subramanian (uploaded on 07/02/2013)


Managing Various People in One's Life by V Subramanian (uploaded on 28/01/2013)

Outsourcing of Bank Jobs - Benefits and Risks by V Subramanian  (uploaded on 25/9/2012)

Types of Performance Appraisals - An Overview by V.Subramanian (uploaded on 20/11/2012)

Common Mistakes in Credit by V.Subramanian (uploaded on 20/11/2012)


Tilak Gulati, AGM UCO Bank


China Crisis - Its Impact on India by Tilak Gulati(uploaded on 07/09/2015)


Reasons &  Results of falling Rupee by Tilak Gulati(uploaded on 28/08/2015)

Overview of Restructuring of Advances – Impact of Relaxing of Norms by RBI  by Tilak Gulati (uploaded on 9th August 2015)

 Gold Bond Schemes – Features & Fears by Tilak Gulati(uploaded on 19/09/2015)


Overview of Restructuring of Advances – Impact of Relaxing of Norms by RBI


NEW BANKING PARADIGM by Tilak Gulati, AGM, UCO Bank (uploaded on 23/07/2015)



 Dr. Prafulla Ranjan

 Stress - Causes and Remedial Measures Dr. Prafulla Ranjan  

Tips for Improving Your Will Power by Dr. Prafulla Ranjan



R. Menon

Risk of Concentration of Credit - II   (uploaded on 27/02/2012)



Understanding Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) vs Black Money Controversy in India 


FORENSIC AUDIT IN BANKS – PURPOSE, SCOPE AND END RESULT by Pannvalan  (uploaded on 16/09/2014)

Tips for Young Bankers : Points to be Taken Care at the time of Charge Taking at a New Branchby Pannvalan  (uploaded on 17/08/2014)



Banking Reforms – The Right Direction by Pannvalan  (uploaded on 07/06/2014)

Boss and His Subordinate - A satire by Pannvalan (uploaded on 27/7/2013)


Practical Tips  - How to Chart a Successful Career ?  by Pannvalan 

In India - Companies Become Sick But Not Their Promotors by Pannvalan

12 Tips for Credit Desk Officers by Pannvalan


BS Nanda



S Srinivasan, President , NUBE

ESOP OR ESPS AS TOOL OF STAFF MOTIVATION - A Suggestion by S.SRINIVASAN (uploaded on 23/07/2015)


Merger Mania : by S Srinivasan, President , NUBE (uploaded on 05/02/2013) - A series of wonderful articles exposing the politics behind move for bank mergers, status of Indian banks and their management


 GRAND GAME  PLAN  OF  GOI  TO  ROB   POOR   AND   LET  RICH  ENJOY  THE SUBSIDY  by Sankaran Srinivasan (uploaded on 4/3/2013)






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