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Campus Recruitment by PS Banks Now  Unconstitutional - What About Illegality Already Committed ?

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Danendra Jain <>



This refers to Mumbai High court judgement pronounced  in a case related to Central Bank of India . The Bombay high court has  held that its ( bank’s ) recruitment policy, which allows campus recruitment/interview method for appointment of officers against permanent vacancies on regular basis, was illegal and unconstitutional. 


Bank management of almost all public sector banks has resorted to campus hiring, not only in scale I but in scale II and scale III too. During last ten years top ranked officers of almost all banks have functioned in an arbitrary manner, recruited persons of their choice, giving favours to kith and kins of high profile persons and denying the talented unemployed youth. Recruitment of persons for some personal gain or to give favour to sons and daughters of known dignitaries has damaged work culture in banks and adversely affected the asset quality of almost all banks.



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Top management in public sector banks picked up persons from campus of their choice and in the name of merit they raped those who have been working in the bank for years and decades. Not only in recruitment have they harmed the future of those existing employees who were waiting for promotion to higher cadre and higher scale. There are instances where bank management recruited officer directly in scale III whereas hundreds and thousands of officers eligible for promotion to scale III are denied their rights.


Further due to their arbitrary and unjustified recruitment of officers from campus in scale III or scale II management of bank had to pay double salary or more for the same work which could be and which hitherto has been performed by junior officers and clerks.


Is there anyone who can punish such top ranked officers whose faulty action caused huge loss to the bank??


Why these responsible and top ranked officers should not be personally punished and taken to task so that in near future no one dares violating the rights of existing employees and denying the opportunity to really talented youths.


I am unable to understand why the courts have simply warned the bank to desist from campus hiring in future and why not court thought it necessary to impose penalty of erring top officials.


In response to court verdict against Central bank and its clear warning to bank not to repeat such campus hiring, Government of India should order CBI inquiry into all recruitment which took place during last ten years in public sector banks through campus hiring and whether those officers are really better than already working officers in banks and whether there was any corrupt dealing in such type of recruitment.



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