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Face Regular Transfers and Rejection in Promotions  IF YOU  TRY  TO  PUT  HURDLES  IN  LOOT  OF YOUR  BOSSES 

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Danendra Jain



This refers to sudden transfer of Mr. Ashok Khemka who tried to investigate the illegal land deal which took place in case of Robert Vadra.  Haryana Government and clever Chief Minister transferred Mr. Ashok Khemka only because he tried to know the truth of land scam alleged to have been carried out by Robert Vadra and DLF in nexus with government employees and politicians.


Action of Haryana government is not unusual and abnormal. It is not at all astonishing because it is the culture prevalent in all offices directly or indirectly associated with government.   Officers Acting Against Will Of the Bosses Are usually Transferred to Most Critical Place. Officers who raise voice against rampant corruption is rejected in Promotion Processes. Officers who make all efforts to ensure rule of law in their command area are to face frequent transfers and that to an area which is considered most critical and most dangerous.




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In banks too , officers who show reluctance in sanction of loans to kith and kin of bosses or who fail to follow like domestic slave during visit of his boss in his area, or officer who do not act as per whims of bosses are to face this  music .   Hundreds of senior officers , not to speak of junior or mid-level officers are humiliated in open meetings, are rejected in promotion process and  are posted in critical areas only because they fail in extending personal service to their bosses, not because they fail to perform as per need and as per bank's expectation. Work culture is missing in all government offices. But flattery culture is found in all such offices.


Officer who is master in corruption and Star Actor in flattery is given the best posting and quickest promotion even violating all moral values. This is why flattery culture is prevalent in all offices and all departments. Field level officials and workers are busy  in extending red carpet welcome to their bosses,  in offering attractive flower bouquets, in managing their passage through various roads, in decorating roads and streets through which bosses are planned to pass, in offering costly gifts and attractive thick garlands, in making point to point care takers in hotels and offices and so on .


Crores of rupees are wasted in making the trip of the bosses pleasant but none is found to be serious on the office work, duty towards the country and what is good for the common men. 


This flattery culture is the root cause of all bribery and all corrupt practices. In other words we can say that to perpetuate the reign of bribery and to continue the practice of earning money through illegal sources, one has to indulge in flattery. Culture of flattery and bribery is so much deep rooted and so much deeply imbibed in the blood of most of officials that an officer who tries to work honestly and for the benefit of common men in tune of laid down policies are treated as mad, insane, unsocial and impractical in the system.


Transfer policies are frequently violated in all offices just to please senior officers and powerful politicians. There is no value to goodness of any official. There is no respect to so called whistle blower policy framed by many offices.   Officers are suspended only because they fail to abide by illegal orders of the bosses. This is Indian culture.



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