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When Merit Has Become Demerit in India  -  Can India  Dream of Number One in World ?

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Danendra Jain



High Command of a ruling party can select or pick any person as per his or her whims and fancies from  Road for any of the posts such as Member of Legislative Assemblies, Member of Parliament, Director of any bank, CEO or Director in the board of any Public sector undertaking , Governor or for even President of India .  But the person working in state government administrative posts cannot dream of promotion to IAS or IPS cadre until he or she has God father at Delhi and similarly a senior bank officer with  experience of  decades cannot dream of promotion to executive cadre until he or she has God father in Head Office of the bank or closeness with top ranked officer.



Transfer of IAS and IPS officer depends on whims of political masters but promotion as also transfer of bank officers depends whims of members of Interview panel.



Three decades officers are unfit for the post of scale IV but a person may be directly recruited from campus to please ministers and big bosses. It is beyond anyone’s comprehension why banks pretend to face crisis of officers in junior cadre for promotion to higher cadre and why do they prefer selecting fresher for higher scale ignoring experienced officers available within the bank.

Officers with decades of experience are found unfit but person without any banking idea is found suitable for higher scales. Some of CMDs of bank plead that since sufficient numbers of officers are not available in junior management for promotion they opt for recruitment from campus.



May I ask them why officers in junior scale are not available? Is it the result of mismanagement of man power by his predecessors?

Million dollar question is why after all officers do not apply for promotion? Is it not a fact that they know the ground reality that one cannot get promotion without the help of God father and hence officers who do not have support of God father they prefer not appearing in promotion process because it is the best available recourse to get rid of unwarranted humiliation one faces when he is rejected and on the other hand inefficient, corrupt and charge sheet served officers are selected.


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If meritorious officers do not apply for promotion, is it desirable to select inefficient officers and allow them to spoil the future of bank?

If officers do not opt for promotion and next they do not opt for work , will bank appoint new officers and allot their work to new officers?

Is bank ready to pay salary to officers who do not appear in promotion or who do not even work?



Why banks do not come forward with voluntary Retirement plan for such officers who are burden in their view? It is worthwhile to say here that Pillai Committe had in 1978 recommended for retirement of officers after 55 years of age or 30 years of service. Unfortunately even after serving a bank for more than three decades one officer is not treated fit to become executive. Such senior officers are neither given increment not promotion but given responsible post.



Illiterate or even unskilled person working as Director of a Public sector bank can play role in sanction of loan of hundred crores rupees and more to any corporate house but officers with decades of experience are not fit for even promotion to higher scale because he does not have Godfather.

 Rabri Devi can become Chief Minister of a state and is allowed to control hundreds of IAS and IPS officers, take decisions on transfer and promotion of lacs of working staff through their secretaries and what not. This is Indian style of administration and Indian type of politics and Indian brand of democracy.


It is undeniably bitter truth that person like Rabri Devi are sitting at majority of powerful and effective posts and it they who control all including highly talented IAS , IPS and  talented , hardworking and meritorious officers.

In the name of democracy, secularism, caste and community , region and religion all evil works are permitted , humiliation to meritorious and genius officers are allowed and everyday person like Duryodhan humiliates person like Draupdi.



All these unholy acts perpetuates in the society only because judiciary and police are totally failure and ineffective .

Can anyone dream of India becoming Number One in the world?.