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V Subramanian

Managing your Immediate Boss

1        Always keep listening to him

2        Always remain in the area of his visibility

3        Readily carry out all his instructions and commands, unless they are unlawful and immoral

4        Never enter into any arguments with him

5        Never try to reason out with him, even if he says something stupid

6        Never forget to greet him every morning, if he is at the office

7        Forget not to tell him, before leaving the office every day

8        Keep giving him some inexpensive gifts at regular intervals; but ensure that they are not construed as bribes or inducements

9        Greet him in person on important occasions like his Birthday, New Year, Wedding Anniversary

10    Once in a few months, meet him at his house to have brief, informal interaction

11    Try to earn the goodwill and trust of all whom he cares, loves and respects

12    Last but not the least, don’t move too close to him


Managing your Peers

1        Try to be as informal as possible with them

2        Praise their good work in the presence of others; but take care that no one shall view it as plain flattery

3        Give them company during late sittings

4        Join them at the time of visiting some common places and attending some common events

5        Share voluntarily some of their burden

6        Offer your help, when they need it the most

7        Involve yourself too, in their problem solving activities, without being mistaken as intrusion

8        Try to be honest while criticizing them on their face, when they are alone

9        Never indulge in back biting

10    Share the moments of your joy with all and sorrow with a few of them

11    Keep your decisions and actions open and transparent to the extent possible


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Managing your Sub-ordinates

1.      Never make them feel that you are bossing over them

2.      Behave like a friend and well-wisher; but, don’t stoop down to their level

3.      Never give them work continuously; let them enjoy some brief rest now and then

4.      Never interfere in their private affairs, unless they approach you on their own

5.      Do not have any monetary transactions or personal dealings with them

6.      Keep them in good humour by giving them some eatables like fruits, snacks or soft drinks occasionally

7.      Forget them not even after leaving them on your promotion, transfer or retirement


Managing your Clientele

1.      Keep in touch with regular and important clientele

2.      Remember their names and nature of dealings or business relationship with you

3.      Do not ask for any personal favours from them

4.      Do not accept any gifts or parties from them

5.      There is no harm in attending important, once in a life time events like marriage, house warming ceremony (Gruhapravesam) etc. at their residence

6.      Never allow them to develop personal intimacy with you

7.      Learn to say a firm ‘No’ to all their unreasonable demands and expectations


Managing the officials at your Controlling Office

1.      You must remember that someone is regularly feeding those at your controlling office  with information – good or bad – about you

2.      It is necessary that you remain in the good books of those who can influence your zonal head in crucial matters

3.      Beware that a strained relationship or absence of a healthy personal relationship with a lower level official at the controlling office may jeopardise your career

4.      Ensure that all your special achievements and contributions are promptly taken to the notice of the decision makers at the controlling office

5.      Visit the controlling office, at least yearly once or twice so that people there remember your name and face

6.      If you are capable of opening parallel communication channels – albeit informal – with some of the personnel at the controlling office, you will feel safe, secure and comfortable

7.      If someone from the controlling office asks for any personal help, don’t hesitate to extend your helping hand

8.      Do not carry any misinformation about your office or your colleagues to your controlling office, as it may boomerang on you

9.      When someone from your controlling office visits your office, extend quick and courteous service to him/her.  It will create a good impression about your efficiency and positive attitude.


Managing your Vendors

1.      It is very essential to keep in regular touch with your vendors, to face any crisis or situation of emergency, with courage and confidence

2.      It is always safe to avoid total dependence on one single vendor for anything

3.      Beware of their limitations and do not call them, always at the last moment

4.      Appreciate the good work done by them, while pull them up gently for any delay or unsatisfactory response

5.      Treat them with dignity, even if you pay them well for their goods and services

6.      It is not a crime if you buy some materials or spares slightly in excess of your office requirement so as to keep some buffer always


Managing the General Public

1.      Welcome all the visitors with a smile and polite words

2.      Try to satisfy their needs as quickly as possible

3.      Never ask anyone to visit your office for the second time

4.      Even if you cannot oblige them, guide them properly

5.      Do not talk anything bad or adverse about your institution; it may spread a bad image about your bank and its staff


Managing the Regulator and the Statutory Agencies

1.      Submit all the records and periodical returns in time to RBI

2.      Comply with all statutory requirements faithfully

3.      Furnish any additional information and statistical data as and when called for

4.      Co-operate with the tax authorities and legal enforcement agencies like courts, police, CBI, Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate

5.      Be brief in your communication and restrict your reply to the queries raised

6.      Do not provide any information that is not called for


Managing the Auditors

1.      Managing different types of auditors – internal auditors, concurrent auditors, statutory auditors, stocks & receivables auditors and others – calls for a special skill and public relation exercise

2.      While it is necessary to take care of their basic comforts, you need not go out of the way to please them

3.      Never create an impression that you are trying hide or conceal any information to them

4.      If any sensitive data is sought, consult your controlling office for suitable instructions

5.      Similarly, for correcting any mistakes or irregularities pointed out by them, you may consult some experienced managers

6.      Utilise the presence of auditors, to make the otherwise non co-operative and rigid customers to fall in line

7.      Never furnish your personal opinions/interpretation on any matter

8.      Never discuss your personal life with them

9.      Do not ask for any personal favours from them


Managing your family

1.      You must learn and develop the art of dividing your time between your profession and your family judiciously, so that others around you do not get dissatisfied with you at any moment

2.      Remember to provide the basic necessities of life to all the members of your family

3.      Identify the special needs of everyone in your family and fulfill them without fail

4.      Sometimes, your physical presence is more important than your money and moral support

5.      Remembering the birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other memorable occasions of all is very important

6.      Buy them small gifts now and then

7.      When they fall sick or when they face distress, rush to their help

8.      Extend your whole-hearted support to accomplish their personal goals and realize their dreams and ambition

9.      They should develop deep trust and confidence in you and they must sincerely believe that they can always count upon you for solidarity, support and true protection


Managing your friends

1.      True friends are the vents for all your feelings and emotions; hence, stay in constant touch with them

2.      Apart from telephone conversations and emails, meet them personally at regular intervals

3.      You may choose to go out to some place on picnic with them, as and when possible

4.      Extend necessary material help to your friends; mere words of comfort and consolation will not suffice

5.      Do not yield to the undue pressure from them on any issue

6.      You need not and shall not treat all friends alike

7.      Take care to ensure that no conflict arises between your family responsibilities and friendships, for whatever reasons


Managing yourself

1.      Always remember that you are the most important person in your life

2.      Never overlook your personal needs and wants

3.      Do not neglect your personal health – physical and mental

4.      Pursue your hobbies and interests, by allocating some time for them, every day

5.      You must strive to leave your personal mark/impression in any task taken up by you

6.      Aim for achieving something big in life and make all out efforts to accomplish it at any cost

7.      Surrender at the holy feet of the Almighty

8.      Do not claim personal credit for any of your achievements; dedicate them to the love, grace and blessings of the supreme force

9.      Never fear death



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