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Danendra Jain <>


[We have been receiving a number of articles from Danendra Jain on this and other related issues.  We have not been publishing all such articles as these are not core banking issues.  However, certainly these affect all bankers and many honest bankers suffer on account of this issue - which has become integral part of any organisation.  We give below some of the articles received by us from above author]



How to end corruption

Prompt justice, prompt punishment to guilty, prompt registration of FIR in Thana and prompt action by police personnel, prompt movement of files in all offices, election and recall of public representatives and so on…. All these are possible only when the culture of flattery and yesmanism is stopped completely.

Honest workers have always fear of wrong posting and rejection in promotion processes if they do not flatter their bosses or bribe them.. Honest person fear in knocking the door of police station or court because everyone knows that police and court people torture all who do not pay them their fees called as bribe. People fear in raising voice against injustice because they know there is none to support him in the system. As long as honest, loyal and devoted workers have fear of repercussion or rejection in promotion or posting at critical places in their mind, as long as rules are not made completely transparent, non discriminatory and linked with seniority and as long as justice is delayed in judiciary we cannot imagine of end of corruption from India, we cannot dream of reducing the proportion of corrupt practitioner among government officers.

Rules and laws should be made so much stringent and effective that it leaves no scope for whimsical decisions, arbitrary promotions and arbitrary posting in any offices. New rules should be framed to ensure punishment to top officers who take arbitrary and discriminatory decisions .Everyone should have in mind that punitive action will invariably be taken against guilty person quickly without any bias. Only then culture of flattery will end and a reign of justice will prevail and the proposal of Right to Recall will be successful.

Producing fear of quick and severe punishment in the mind of evil doers is the only key to reduce rate of bribe or corruption in government department Workers in general of all officers, departments, Thanas, courts PSUs, PSBs will perform honestly, sincerely and in the best possible manner only when there is a fear of action for poor or non performance.



Why top ranker officers not suspended

Why not General Manager, Executive Directors and CMD of banks and financial institutes are suspended till date even though they were found to be involved in Bribe based lending scam exposed by CBI. Why assets of such corrupt officer has not been seized till date. Why has CBI not raided their house and seized their properties.

On 24th November CBI charged several high rank officers of bank and LIC housing Finance Company of lending huge money to real estate builders after taking bribe. Several banks have been charged of wrong lending in case of 2G spectrum related case .Even Supreme Court has passed adverse remarks against bankers. When top bankers are corrupt there is no doubt that a culture of corruption is wide spread in that bank in particular and in PSU banks in general. Still RBI, Ministry of Finance and government of India as a whole is silent on taking punitive action. Had it a been a clerk or a simple officer, top management could have suspended him immediately.

Is Finance Minister not responsible and accountable for selection of wrong and corrupt ED and CMD for a bank? Why General Manager rank officers alleged to be involved in corruption and charged by CBI are allowed to continue in their post or even promoted is a million dollar question. It speaks how much deep rooted is the cancer of corruption in the banking system in particular and in government departments in general.

Banks ask for equivalent or even more amount of collateral security and guarantors even for financing a few lac or a few crores of rupees to common business men. But they thought it safe to finance thousands of crores of rupees to telecom companies. Why?



If there is a will there is a way


If CVC really desires that corruption should end I suggest that CVC should immediately carry out raids on the premises of all vigilance officials, all CBI officials and all senior IT officials and try to assess and ascertain their assets and liabilities in comparison to their actual earnings.

In the second phase they should assess the wealth of ministers (state as also central) and arrange immediate punishment to guilty ministers and all guilty officers without much delay and latest by one year.

Success is inevitable if honest search is initiated from top level. CVC may declare their email address in all offices and act upon genuine emails quickly and arrange quickest punishment to actual guilty.

All offices should exhibit their email address for lodgment of complains online and they should ensure that all mails received via email are attended promptly and guilty are punished after ascertaining the truth of complains.

This is a simple message on the occasion of Anti Corruption Day. I hope cancer of corruption will end if honest action is taken in right direction.

Address diary containing Email addresses of all prominent officers and important offices for all districts and for entire state and the country should be published by government and distributed free of cost or sold at a reasonable price so that every person can at least lodge his grievance to appropriate authority. Then there should be monitoring cell that will ensure timely action without any bias to anyone. Every guilty must be punished in a period of maximum three months.

If there is a will there is a way.

If CVC wants results he can get grant success if he moves in right direction..


Email addresses may be effective tool for common men


Government of India has provided laptop and computer facility to all Members of Parliament. All MPs and Ministers have been allotted separate Email addresses. All Secretary, joint secretary and departmental heads have also been provided with laptops and desktops in offices and also in their personal residences .Most of high rank and important officials have their own email addresses for communicating with their higher or lower level offices.

But the fact is that almost none of MP is using his laptop, looking into his mails or using internet to communicate with his friends or voters .They never want that their peace be disturbed by common men’s mails. None of government officers reveal their mail address to common men because they fear that common men can expose their corrupt system of working and directly attack on the culture of bribe going on in all offices.

If government of India instructs every MP to use internet facility and respond to email received from voters and common men of his constituency I think many problems of voters will be solved in the shortest span of time.

Similarly email addresses of all important departments including police departments and judiciary must be made active so that common men without any fear of repercussion lodge their grievance with appropriate authority.

Email addresses of all important dignitaries of the district, of the states and of the central government should be displayed at all prominent places. Common men should be provided a common cyber café for lodging their complains as also their valued suggestions for the development of the area.

It is possible that many mail received through internet are not genuine. There will be some useless mails too. One has to sort them on daily basis and to avoid misuse of mails one has to make provision for punishment to person who misuse mail addresses.

Email based communications between citizen and administrative officials through such advanced technology helps in knowing the pulse and problems of the voters, helps in quick redressal of public grievances and also helps in extending quickest remedy to their own problem.

Hitherto all departments use to display address for communication but unfortunately the concerned officials never bother to spare time to go through the contents of complains and act upon them. All are busy in earning bribe and making wealth through ill earned mean. This is why government of India does not want to increase headache by inviting more and more complains through emails.

But if government really wants to increase use of advanced technology and increase density of internet users in the country they have to make it the most helpful tool in the hands of real consumers. Government can even cure the cancer of corruption and minimize the pain of common men who are victim of corrupt system.

It is however necessary that all concerned official and Ministers seriously act upon mails received by them. Otherwise the entire exercise will prove futile.

If they simply read and delete the mail or forward the mails to some other officers without knowing the fate thereof, outcome will be zero. Our Prime Minister forwarded the complains of Mr. Subramaniam Swami to Ministry of Telecommunication in connection with corruption involved in allocation of 2G spectrums and never tried to know the fate of his valued advice. In this way he caused huge loss amounting to lacs of crores of rupees to Indian exchequer. As such it is needed to frame stringent laws to regulate Email and to make it effective and useful. In fact, it is the need of the hour to frame hardest laws immediately to stop recurrence of incidents like hacking of CBI website by Pakistani hackers which happened last week.

Every mail should be properly acted upon and if possible there should be one monitoring agency to monitor and watch whether all officers are actually



Who will stop bad bankers

In banks and other government offices, only those officers who has some Godfather at higher level controlling offices can only prosper quickly and reach up to top post. This is why I use to say top bankers are almost bad bankers. It is only bad bankers who know how to speak, how to attract bosses, how to please top bankers, how to please ministers, how to keep happy banking division and how to show attractive balance sheet. Only manipulation masters and hard core liars can survive with dignity in banks.

Officers who can lend to big but bad businessmen and earn a lot of gifts in cash and kind can only please his bosses and can go up and up in his career and get cream posting .Now slowly bad effects of lobby banking is getting exposed and one after other scam is coming in news. But who will cure the real disease, only God knows. Because all are birds of the same feather.

Here it is necessary to make t clear what is lobby banking. All corrupt officers use to have some connections in all controlling offices who take care of all his evil works and save him in time of crisis. Such corrupt officers have strong lobby at top level offices that can manage even RBI, Banking Division, CBI, vigilance officials and as a result they can get rid of punishment when their evil works are exposed by inspecting team or by aggrieved public. Even courts are in modern days used to get safety from immediate punishment. Rather I will say court cases are used not to award justice but to perpetrate reign of injustice. Such officers contact their own lobby members to manage promotion in promotion processes and also manage posting of his own choice.

Loans given by banks (particularly by PSU banks and star performer banks) to every sector become bad in a year of two or maximum five years. It is not that the policy of lending is bad but it is due to the fact that men chosen for lending are bad,.

In banking prior to reformation i.e. prior to 1991 loan accounts used to become bad at least after a gap of 15 to 20 years and that too in unison with growth cycle of uptrend, stagnation and downtrend in business. In modern days banking, Managers are chosen not to make good lending but to earn money through lending and please higher bosses.

As a matter of fact Non performing officers have become top executive by virtue of their master in art of building lobby and their master degree in manipulation of facts and figures and hence Non Performing Assets in banks are growing fastly and coming out of hibernation.

In government offices at least promotions take place as per seniority, but in banks promotions are based on the whims of top bankers. This is why culture of flattery is more prominent in banking than in other government


***December,  2010***

Important Notice :  [The articles written by authors contains only the academic view of the writer and purely for discussions and updation of the knowledge of the bankers.   The views expressed in the articles may not at all be subscribed by the organisation where the author is working and / or]