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12 Tips for Credit Desk Officers

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 As an officer with good amount of experience, I wish to caution my junior colleagues.

1. Whenever you process any credit proposal, first list out both positive and negative points. (The trick is list out the positive ones first)

2. Then prepare a brief compendium on where the proposal meets the eligibility criteria and where it doesn't (give point-wise, page-wise references to latest H O

 Circulars and Manuals brought out by the bank).

3. When you list out the shortfalls or deficiencies, forget not to suggest the remedial action needed.

4. Do not use strong words or harsh language, because they are understood as expressions in your own voice.

5. Never share important and sensitive information on any high profile cases with your colleagues - peers or sub-ordinates.

6. Even if you are ridiculed or insulted by your immediate boss on your assessment, don't lose heart.

7. If the boss is adamant that you change your rating score or some observations in the proposals, do not enter into any argument with him.



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8. Readily oblige him. But, you must learn the art and knack of recording some hard truths, indisputable truths, as just passing remarks. Use your intelligence cleverly here.

9. Do not highlight any disqualification or deficiency at the beginning and at the space meant for final 'Recommendations'.

10.When you reproduce some facts and statistics, quote their sources without fail.

11.When you incorporate some uncomfortable matter in the process note,  do not add your interpretation or opinion. Let the facts speak for themselves.

12.Do not add something that is blatantly false, only to please your boss and escape from his anger.






PS : We have received the above comments on one of the articles relating to DLF-Vadra loans.  This loan appears to have suffered from large number of infirmities at the processing stage.   The above tips are practical tips for the bankers as to how to walk tight roped where you find difficult to refuse a proposal which is full of lacunae. 




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