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Promotion  Policy in Banks Should Also be in Line With the Promotion Policies Followed in Governments Departments


Danendra Jain


Government has recently issued  guidelines for promotion of officers in banks from one scale to other.   I also realise it very well that my mails are neither read not given any weightage because I am not a key figure, I am not leader in officer's association and I am not top ranked officers and neither I can deliver a good lecture like politician such as Rabri Devi or Lalu Yadav or Manmohan Singh.

Still I submit my apprehension about flattery based promotion policies prevalent in public sector banks and suggest to avoid process of interview , group discussion etc which gives an opportunity to top ranked officers to reject or select as per their whims and fancies. My language may not be attractive but there you may find some good ideas.  In banking industry union leaders and top ranked officers together are looting bank fund in the name of credit growth , social justice and loan waivers and in the name of recruitment , promotions and transfers. It is necessary to get the process investigated by CBI , CVC and other suitable anti corruption bodies.

I am unable to understand when IAS and IPS officers can be promoted on seniority basis and when there is no question of stagnation in central services why bank officers are subjected to flattery culture

In our country where 50 lac crores of rupees of public deposit are handled by bank employees and if they are not loyal and devoted , if they are not provided police protection and if they are not due justice in their career , no one can prevent banks suffering huge loss and ultimately either collapse or need ventilator of the government in form of capital infusion. After all it is public money which is to be protected and it is possible only when bankers are truely devoted and honest.

Police officers provide 24 hours securities to key politicians, governors and VIPs but bank officers who are to manage and safeguard 50 lac crores of rupees are left unbridled, unprotected and unrewarded and thrown open to torture in the hands of a few corrupt top ranked officers.

Bank officers whose service is tested and attested in 5 to 30 years cannot be reassessed or better assessed in
two or three minutes of Interview or group discussion.  I therefore reiterate that power of choosing through interview or group discussion or written test is nothing but to rape the merit of officers and to promote the culture of flattery and bribery.

When a simple educated person can run a state in the capacity of Chief Minister and a country why not well experienced officer can shoulder the responsibility of higher scale. It is worthwhile to mention here that if an officer in bank is flatterer, he or she can be promoted without any hurdle even if he or she is corrupt and caused huge loss to the bank.

This culture should be stopped forthwith to stop health of bank going from bad to worse. During last twenty years of so called reformation and so called merit based promotion policy , top management of public sector banks have spoilt the health of banks to such a large extent that government has to provide capital to banks for their survival.

At least now when health of bank is getting exposed and visible like crystal clear in increasing volume of bad assets, government should realise that there was certainly faults and defects in the existing promotion policies and it is now substantiated that top ranked officers for their vested interest spoilt the future of banks in the name of so called merit.  As a matter of fact they use the word 'Merit' and 'Social Justice' to earn money and grow wealthier year after year at the cost of health of bank.   And the height of the matter is that they do not leave any evidence or witness which can prove their corrupt activities in court of law. .This is why their reign of injustice is perpetuated without any check and balance.