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Fraudulent Treatment by Top Bankers in Recruitment, Promotion and Transfers



Danendra Jain



The following email has been sent to some of the top dignitaries of India, including President of India and top newspapers also

" I would like to request you to direct all public sector banks to provide information under RTI act in attached format which after proper analysis will reveal the fraudulent behaviour and cheating treatment of top bankers to junior officers in promotion processes, transfers and in recruitment. Due to their ill motivated behaviour they are cheating officers in Public sector banks in the name of merit and promoting flattery and bribery only. I cannot say all are corrupt but the majority o f them are corrupt . Due to their bad actions in nexus with bad politicians , volume of Non Performing assets in government banks is going up and up. More than two lacs crores of bank loan is stressed and more than five lac crores of rupees are on the verge of going bad.All this has happened when top bankers are said to have merit oriented promotion policy in vague in their banks.

I therefore pray you to waive mandatory requirement of Rs.10/ PO/DD for seeking information under RTI act. After all banks are handling Eighty lac crores of rupees of public deposit and it is they who take decision on lending and fail to monitor it properly which result in bank assets becoming bad an causing loss . Due to their wrong actions government has to infuse capital year after year.

I have today sent seven important mails to you and all important dignitaries. However I am confident banks will not give value to my emails. Though they talk of advanced information technology they still prefer written hard copy letters. Your intervention will help me to expose the decade long injustice with bank officers and stop reign of injustice


Consolidated Theromometer Bank Health.xls

Status of Officers Promoted.xlsx "



Mr Jain has also sent email wherein he has clarified : "I would like to seek information in attached  format from each bank to assess and ascertain the extent upto which a bank has violated the existing policies and resorted to whimsical transfers and arbitrary promotion or recruited officers in higher scales at the cost of existing senior and experienced officers only to earn bribe or to give favour officers of their choice or on recommendation from internal or external VIPs.

Such information will help to judge whether the existing policy of interview or group discussion or even written test based promotion policy has helped in growth of bank , in stopping rise in growth of bad assets and to provide safety to banks. Absolute and serious analysis of consequences of existing policy of flattery and bribery will be able to speak whether promotions of officers taking place in public sector banks for last one or two decades based on policy of so called merit channel or super merit channel to promote an officer from one scale to to other is used by top ranked officer for the growth of bank or for growth of individual wealth or to serve the vested interest of members of such interview panels and assessing committee of a few officers.

It is now necessary to know the real reason for spurt in Volume of Non Performing Assets in government banks.  It is now necessary to assess the utility of so called merit and fast track promotion process prevalent in various banks in various shapes which enable top ranked officers to inculcate and perpetuate policy of flattery and bribery at the cost of health of banks and future of officers devotedly serving the bank for a decade or two or three.


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PS : We appreciate the efforts put up by Mr Jain in preparation of above two excel files.   If the information is sought by readers in the above formats from different banks under RTI, we are sure lot of skeletons will tumble.   Our readers who have been affected by the decisions of the management can change the contents and seek information under RTI as per their own requirements also.




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