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Dangers of Being Covered under Mediclaim Instead of Bank's own Reimbursement Scheme




Danendra Jain

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Bank Unions from the forum of United Forum Of Bank Unions (UFBU) has asked for 100 per cent reimbursement of Hospitalisation expenses during their talk with Indian Bank's Association (IBA) on 26th September 2014. On this issue IBA has suggested for introduction of Medicliam policy plan . Bank staff will be great looser if they accept the IBA's suggestion of mediclaim replacing Hospitalisation Reimbursement Scheme of the bank.


It is well known that majority of Hospitals who have got tie up with Medicliam are indulged in dangerous fraudulent activities. These hospitals have settings with Doctors specially Surgeons who inflate charges of all fees , operation charges, nurses fees, medicine charges and other services . Not only cost of all pathological tests   goes up if the patient is covered under mediclaim policy but all fees and charges also move up drastically . Not only this even unwarranted tests are prescribed and even unwarranted operations are carried out. There may not be serious problems in Heart , but doctors prescribe Angioplasty of introduction of Stubs in Heart and charge lacs of rupees for such dare devil operation.


It is proper to mention here that Doctors are not allowed to sit or work for hospitals in such hospitals if they do not help in artificially and fraudulently raising business of hospitals. There is dangerous nexus among pathological test laboratories, doctors , tie up agencies like Mediclaim and owners of Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Sales persons from manufacturers of various medicines, drugs and other medical equipment play a vital role in promoting this loot culture in medical care centres. There is no doubt in it. Everyone who has got opportunity to use the services of hospitals and specially tie-up hospitals has tested the brutal behaviour of hospital staffs , doctors and managers. All costly medicine are prescribed by Doctors to loot the patients from all sides.


As soon as receptionists comes to know that the patient is tie up with some government departments or mediclaim and that the patient will get reimbursement of all expenses, they will start looting  the patient and exploit the caretakers of patients as much as possible to fill the pocket of Doctors, test lab owners, managers and staff of hospital promoters. 'Marta Kya Nahi Karta'. Patients and poor caretakers who have got no alternative and no other options  usually and normally  surrender before doctors and pray Almighty God to save him from clutches of these monstrous Doctors.  


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I request officers who do not believe in above mentioned bitter truth ,should match Satyamev Jayate Episode produced by famous Actor Amir Khan or personally visit big hospitals and meet patients and caretakers of patients to know the truth from own eyes and ears.  Media men from time to time have also enlightened on this issue how patients are cheated in big hospitals. These may be some exceptional good doctors and good hospitals, but the trend and general culture and practices in hospitals is very much disheartening and alarming for patients.


I therefore of the view that UFBU must refrain from Medicliam policy if it is suggested by IBA. Even I would like to request Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to look into this matter and try to save Indians from the clutches of Doctors, Hospitals, Medicine manufacturers, Test Lab owners who are exploiting and cheating poor patients . Many patients die without treatment only because they cannot afford costly treatment at these famous hospitals. They may go to Government Hospitals also. But the position at Government hospitals is much more pathetic and alarming. Majority of government hospitals are used only for Post Mortem , accidental cases and when the poor patients decide to accept God Gifted Death. You will not find good doctors, good labs, good testing facilities, adequate and hygienic atmosphere ,cleanliness and adequate staff in such hospitals, Corruption in these hospital is much more deep rooted, devilous and disastrous .Only God Save patients .


Lastly I should mention here that hundreds of agents are working in the market who offer costly gifts to Heads of Banks and other PSUs and who use to motivate senior officials of banks and hospitals by gifting them to accept tie up with hospitals and to sell the Mediclaim policies. Huge commissions are offered to agents who sell Mediclaim policies. UFBU should keep this dirty game in mind and save themselves from the temptations given to them by such dirty players working on behalf of Insurance agencies , hospitals and pathological labs.




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