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Problems Relating to Fake Bank Loan Documents



Rajesh Goyal 


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Today in DNA Newspaper, a reputed newspaper published from Mumbai, an article under the heading "Fake Bank Loan Documents Result in Rs 8,734 crore fraud" has appeared.  I am giving below a link for the same and would like our readers to go through the same.:


Fake Bank Loan Documents Resuts in Rs 8734 crore Fraud


During my service, I too encountered many such incidents and our bank servicing colleagues must be facing similar problems on regular basis.  Certainly, there are some dishonest elements in banking fraternity who connive and help in such frauds.  This leads to a public perception as if bank employees are main culprits.   However, my personal experience indicates that bankers who indulge in such frauds is bare minimum and most of the frauds are done by professional con men who deceive honest bank employees which leads to charge sheeting and sometimes suspension / dismissal of honest bankers.   Thus, it is necessary that an awareness is created among bankers so that they can protect their interests.



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In the newspaper article, the views of bankers have been truly reflected and this needs to be appreciated.  I would like our readers who have good experience of dealing with fraud cases to give their views and / or experience (in brief) in the disque column below so that others can learn from such experience.   Some readers can give specific tips as to how to save themselves from forged documents.   This will go a long way to help our readers in saving themselves form con men who create forged documents and dupe banks of crores of rupees.



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