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This Janmashatmi  Day – Krishna Was  Missing  To Save Disrobing of Indian Rupee



Rajesh Goyal 


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It was 28th August 2013 a holy day (but not a holiday for most of the bankers across India) i.e. Janamsthatmi Day.  I took my own time to get up on that day as it was a holiday for my wife.  Although, I am a great admirer of Lord Krishna, yet I do not undertake fast on this day – frankly speaking  I do not do so even on any other occasion.  As day progressed, news of rupee drubbing started pouring in and there was mayhem all-round.    There was a bloodbath even on stock exchanges, at least for first few hours.


With the passage of every minute, Indian Rupee was being robbed layer by layer, and was wondering whether somebody or some news will appear suddenly,  as in Mahabharata, and save our beloved Indian Rupee.    However,  as day progressed I realilsed Krishna was missing  - or we may say he was yet to be born to give support to free falling of  Indian Rupee.   It touched life time low of Rs68.80 per dollar at the end of the day.



I must admit that I have only limited knowledge of Mahabharta, but I will try to reveal whatever I know (and am subject to correction by everybody who have more knowledge on this great epic) and the present context as to how it is applicable even today.


In Mahabharta, Bhishma  Pitamah  took a vow of lifelong celibacy and of service to whoever sat on the throne of his father i.e. Hastinapur.     This single vow changed the course of history and brought unparalleled misery to the characters of Mahabharat.   In today’s India we have Bhisham Pitamah  as Sardar Manmohan Singh who appears to have taken a vow to be of service to whoever may be from Gandhi family (I hope you understand I mean Sonia Gandhi family and not Mahatama Gandhi family).   This single vow has brought untold miseries to poor and middle classes of this country.   Inspite of he being still held as clean leader, he is among the most disliked Prime Ministers of India. 






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Bhishma Pitamah, knowing well that Pandavas were right, yet fought on the sides of Kauravas.  On 27th August, 2013, PM and FM knowing very well that Food Security Bill is being passed at the wrong time and with ill motives, supported it.    The worst part is that all other opposition parties too were put on silent mode because of the vote bank politics.   The Parliament was in a mode which was quite similar to the time when Dropadi’s cheer-haran too place.   By passing the Food Security Bill, we saw a cheer-haran of Current Account Deficit.   Knowing well, something seriously wrong is being done, yet the greatest people (in Parliament we call them our beloved elected politicians) kept silent and watched helplessly.   Whosoever, would have raised a sane voice against the bill would have been dubbed as Anti-Poor.  Thus, finally, there was a smooth passage of the Food Security Bill in Lok Sabha.   No Krishna appeared on the scene.


In Mahabhartha it is said that Bhishma, while lying on arrows,  asked Krishna why he was suffering so much. Krishna told him it was a result of his reticence and silence towards Draupadi's cheer-haran which was a maha-papam (great Sin). Bhishma failed to act to protect Draupadi at a time of dire need. Krishna further told him that the immediate time was not an auspicious time to leave the world. Thus, Bhisma, who delayed his death by his own will, now waited for the auspicious time, when the sun turns northward, to depart from the world.


The modern day Bhishma too is  now suffering a lot   (in the shape of daily drubbing in newspapers, Parliament etc.) and is seeing with his own eyes as to how the economy built earlier by his policies, is now crumbling and rupee is being robbed of its shine and glitter.   He is suffering because when under the garb of 2G scam  and  Colagate scams, mother India was being looted and robed, this man kept silent under the guise of coalition dharma.    Like Bhishma  of Mahabharata,  he is now waiting for an auspicious day to quit  this Government.  


 I hope that auspicious day will soon come which will end the sufferings of modern day Bhishma Pitamah, and poor of this country will see end of the loot of poor through corruption etc.  The only character missing is Lord Krishna.   Dear Krishna, we all are missing you please.






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