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            Media Bashing of Bankers Must Stop :  Every Year Media Makes a Hue and Cry for Bank Holidays  - It is a Shame on Media that They Misrepresent Facts



Rajesh Goyal 

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The recent trends indicate that media is always trying to pick up one or the other issue and tries to paint the banks and bankers as the villain.   The feelings of the general public [who is already biased against bankers. on account of wrong perceptions like high salaries, frequent strikes calls, most of which are called off, poor services], are aroused by media by placing distorted facts about Indian banking.

I have recently come across a series of articles in reputed media circles, which have tried to paint as if the whole banking industry will be shut down for most of the days in next 10 days (i.e. from 28th March to 5th April).   I am giving below some of the links which have appeared recently in the media:-

(a)  Long holiday ahead; banks to remain closed for 6 days

(b)     String of bank holidays from March 28 to affect consumers: Assocham

(c)  Just too many bank holidays in India


Though I am no more in active service of the bank and I am not  much affected by the public perception, yet when I read such distorted articles, my blood boils.    Thus, today I could not resist myself to write an article about how media is creating negative sentiments about bankers.   I know bankers in the active service find it difficult to make a detailed analysis and are left by everybody to fend for themselves.

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A cursory reading of these articles gives an impression that bankers will be enjoying long weekends and taking rest at homes or going on holidays for tourist purposes.   Whereas, every banker knows it well that this is the most critical part of the whole year, when they are going to be under extraordinary stress for meeting the targets, closing the bank account (some banks find it difficult to complete closing on account of problems with the software, connectivity problems etc.).   I am sure some of the poor bankers will be spending their nights at the branches so that the branch work is not affected on the next working day.


However, these media personnel, who have hardly the taste of banking and problems relating to closing, have tried their best to paint bankers as the villain and easy going breed.   It is a shame on our media that they publish such articles without actually verifying the facts with the concerned bankers.  These articles are cheap gimmick to gain extra reading by arousing the sentiments of general public who is least aware of the actual facts.


I have tried to compile the list of bank holidays in different States/UTs  during last week of March and first week of April 2015, which are given below:-


Date When it is a Holiday in some States / UTs

Out of 36 States+ UTs,  only following States /UTs will observe bank holidays

28th March, 2015

Bihar,  Daman & Diu, HP,  Jharkhand,  Maharashtra, MP, Orissa, Punjab, Sikkim, UP, Uttarakhand   

29th March, 2015

SUNDAY  -  It is holiday as per law and available across all sectors

30th March, 2015

Banks to Remain Open Across India

31st March , 2015

Banks to Remain Open Across India

1st April, 2015

Bank Closing (It is mandatory for banks to close their accounts).  Unlike other Govt offices, where they keep on issuing cheques in back dates and close their accounts at their will, banks are compulsorily required to close their books as on 31st March every year by next day i.e. 1st April. 

2nd April, 2015 & 3rd April 20145

Jharkhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and UP, Chandigarh,  Daman & Diu


(i)                 Thus, we find that majority of Indian States will not face any long holidays.  Out of 36 States / UT, only 11 will remain closed on 28th and 29th March (including Sunday).    Remaining 25 States / UT will close only and only for Sunday.  


(ii)               As far as 1st, 2nd and 3rd April is concerned only 7 states will have bank holidays for continuous three days (out of which one is on account of compulsory bank closing).  Remaining 29 States/UT will remain closed  for maximum for two days out of these three days.   On the other hand few States will remain closed only and only on 1st April, and they will be working for full days on 2nd and 3rd April (e.g. Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, J&K)


All the news links given above are from reputed and well established media houses.   It is not expected that they will give such a distorted picture about the banks and bankers through their media channels.     I have never seen that these media houses have taken up seriously the problems being faced by bankers, such as low salaries of young bankers and denial of proper  pension to retired bankers.


I also feel disgusted to note that bank unions who were known for their militancy have become so much coward that they fail to issue rejoinders and force these media house to publish the true facts as we have tried to collect and point out above.


This type of media bashing of bankers has resulted into bankers facing the wrath of the public for issues where bankers are absolutely correct.


I hope bankers will share this view with not only with their friends and relatives, but also with media houses, union leaders so that public is not befooled by such distorted facts placed by media.  


I Wish all my serving banker colleagues a smooth annual closing.




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