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AIBOC and NOBW Who Were In Favour of Strike Also Needs to Answer Few Questions




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We have earlier uploaded that only two units of UFBU supported that 4 day strike should not be put on hold.  This has led to lot of discussions on FB and other social media groups.  We here place some parts of the circular issued by respective unions so that readers know exactly what these unions have informed to their cadre.

These circulars and other discussions on the social media have brought into focus few pertinent questions, which have been summed up by Mr Kamlesh Chaturvedi on FB.   We are placing these questions also at the end.   Our readers can themselves decide about what their leaders and questions they need to answer

 Additional Information given by AIBOC in its circular dated 20th January, 2015

 You must have come to know by now that our Confederation (AIBOC)  strongly took up the position of adhering to the strike call through the views expressed by your Representatives in the meeting. However, other organizations were not in agreement with our views. After making all efforts to convince other constituents of UFBU to implement the strike call and considering all the pros and cons of our organization going on strike along with only one Award Staff Union (NOBW) will not serve the purpose and will also send signals against the Unity of UFBU. We with very heavy heart agreed to withhold the four days strike with certain conditions. The Convenor of the UFBU has incorporated our feelings and conditions viz. resolving Five days banking and regulated working hours for the officers along with reasonable Salary Revision in the first week of February, 2015, failing which minimum four days strike (with 15 days requisite notice period) would be revived, in the Letter addressed to the Chairman of the IBA.

Comrades, in democratic Organisations like UFBU which consists of Officers’ Organisations and Award Staff Unions with different backgrounds and political Affiliations, differences in opinions are bound to be there. However, we assure you that we are committed to the cause of Workmen class in general and our members in particular to achieve a better service conditions.






 NOBW Circular On Strike Matter


CIRCULAR NO. 003/2015

DTD. 20.01.2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


 In fact, it has been our practice to report very correctly about the developments and discussions having effect on banking fraternity along with putting forward our view and opinion. Bi-partite discussions are no exception to this. However, this time, to avoid complexity, we are attaching UFBU circular as it is.

 As the circular contains the overall details about the meeting, we refrain from reiterating it. Please refer to our earlier communications, where in we had informed you about the sub-committees formed to discuss other issues covered in the charter of demands. Accordingly, they were held on 19th January 2015 at Mumbai to decide the modalities and further action envisaged for the proposed 4 days strike from 21st January 2015. For details please refer annexed UFBU Circular No UFBU/2015/44 dated 19.01.2015.


While in the meeting dated 19.01.2015, the issue of Strike for 4 days was oscillating , we proud to say that we were the only workmen organisation who steadfastly demanded to go with the strike as per the original plan of UFBU until last. Unfortunately, apart from AIBOC no other constituent member was willing to go on 4 days strike. What a paradox? When a majority Officer Organisation, who always has been seen as a pro-management union, is insisting for a strike, and the so called majority Workmen Union, which always claimed to be pro-employees, backed out!

 Friends, just to remind you, UFBU took a decision during its December 10th 2014 meeting, to go on one day strike on 7th January 2015 and 4 days strike from 21st to 24th January 2015 and Indefinite Strike from 16th March, despite most members were not keen on one day strike. For, they opined it neither brings any good to the employees nor affect the concerned authorities any which way. Consequent upon IBA’s gesture to improve their offer, UFBU deferred the one day strike and retained the status quo on other agitational programs. But, when the question of participating in 4 days strike arose, all constituent members buckled under pressure and toed the line of the elder brother and backed out on their earlier commitment, well with the exception of AIBOC.

 Please think what a great opportunity we lost in this cat and mouse game played by those who claim to be the only saviors’ of workmen? When the world’s focus is on our country due to high profile visits during Republic Day function, the IBA would have been suitably instructed to deal favorably with the agitating bank employees. Instead, we lost a golden opportunity to get what is just and right. Because it would have created a very precarious situation for Government in front of the visiting dignitaries, had the entire banking industry been shut down for 4 days! The very first word in the ‘United Forum of Bank Unions’ is being used to blackmail and one-upmanship by the major stake holders.

However, we are always committed to the cause of workmen and we shall resolve our differences and wait for the outcome from next round of talks with IBA. If it happens to be just another round of talks for the sake of talks, then we may have to go on strike for 4 to 5 days in the month of February 2015.

 In addition to this, we write to inform you that a meeting of NOBW & NOBO was held today with Shri Jayant Sinha, Hon. Minister of State (Finance) wherein we have raised the issues of Ongoing Wage Revision, Compassionate Appointments prior to 5.8.2014, Industrial Relations Meetings, Recruitment, 5 day's banking, Regulated Banking Hours, etc. the Secretary, Joint Secretary and Deputy Finance Secretary were also in the meeting. The issues had a patient hearing from all the concerned and have been assured to looked into. A memorandum is tendered to them by our Organisation.

 Friends, we request all our functionaries to take note of the above and explain our Organisational position to the members and act accordingly.

 With Nationalistic Greetings,

 Fraternally yours


General Secretary


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Views of Mr Kamlesh Chaturvedi :


These days, I am reading different types of rumours with regard to decision on 4 days Strike from 21st January to 24th January was put on hold through meeting of UFBU held on 19th January. These rumours are naming few unions as supporting Strike action while others opposing it. While there is no official confirmation about the rift in UFBU over Strike, these rumours are solely based on unofficial communication coming from leaders who had once tried to befool bank employees by getting published fake news that Government of India is considering to cover bank employees under CPC.


As per these rumours AIBOC which is largest Constituent of UFBU in terms of membership and alone represents 75% of Officers in banks, NOBO and NOBW were in favour of Strikes. Those who are spreading such rumours must seek confirmation from General Secretaries of these unions. Such rumours are nothing but valiant attempt of those who want to see BJP supported unions flourish in Banks. NOBW and NOBO both are affiliated to BMS which is flouted by RSS. Leaders of NOBW and NOBO have met FM and PM in the past and they again met with FM on 20th January.


Being part of the ruling party, these unions are capable of securing equality in wages, salaries, pension, number of days per week working at par with Central Government Employees or getting bank employees covered under CPC. Leaders of NOBO and NOBW are playing clever game, they want to keep Laddu in both hands. On the one hand, they show their closeness with the Government and on the other hand they are spreading rumours that they were in favour of Strike against their own government. Just look at their dubious game of the recent past. One of their office bearer got published a news that Government that Government is seriously considering to cover bank employees under CPC. Just couple of days later, there General Secretary confirmed in UFBU meeting that its a fake news. Government also clarified in Parliament that there is no proposal to consider covering of bank employees under CPC. Again their meeting was held on 10th October in which they passed resolution that they are in favour of Strike of more days instead of One Day Strike. 3 days later on 14th October, UFBU met at Bangalore and gave call for Strike on 12th November and their General Secretary who was present meeting did not object.


UFBU as we all know is combination of unions of different ideologies. Obviously there would be difference of opinions. It is the self interest of the leaders which is keeping them united under UFBU. AIBOC alone is capable to ensure success of Strike. In past AIBOC alone has gone on Strikes and these Strikes were successful. Why AIBOC did not remain firm on its stand and opted for Strike specially when support for Strike was such that members of other unions would have supported? If answer is that to maintain unity then next question is unity for what? If you are maintaining unity in the larger interest of bank employees and if you find that those forces who are exerting pressure to settle for nominal increase are opposing Strike, should not you leave such forces? If you are submitting to the dictates of those who are having lesser strength, does not it mean you are compromising against interest of bank employees? If you have participated in meeting of UFBU and if you have accepted decision to put on hold the decision to go on strike, you have no moral right to say that you were in favour of strike. Stop doing drama. Either come out of the UFBU to lead Bank Employees in securing equality and parity or else stop doing drama.



Lastly  we  give a comment (by Parvinder Kumar Sharma ) on FB About the Status of Wage Revision , which spells the truth in humorous way :


We went and asked for aeroplane, they did not answer for 27 months.

We threatened that we will remove a wheel, stood around the plane. They were not even bothered.

After 27 months they offered a tricycle. We rejected.

They offered a tricycle with a bell. We said at least a limousine.

They said okay tricycle with bell and carrier. We scaled down to car. 

Suddenly they started discussing weather, new year greetings etc. We also foolishly joined. 

They then said take a bicycle without a carrier. We have now scaled down to a scooter.

Ultimately we have also forgotten the aircraft and our power to ground it.

May be again May be we will settle for a second hand MOPED FOR FLYING.

Negotiations over.





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