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  1. Hike in Pay Slip Components

9th BPS - Rs.2,798 Crores

10th BPS - Rs.4,725 Crores

  1. Hike in Total Staff Costs (including Pension and Gratuity)

9th BPS Rs.4,816 Crores

10th BPS Rs.8,000 Crores

  1. Hike in Pay Slip Components as % of Hike in Total Staff Costs

9th BPS 58.10%

10th BPS 59.06%

  1. AICPI

9th BPS (as on 01-11-2007)    3035 Points (Base: 1960=100)

10th BPS (as on 01-11-2012) 4907 Points (Base: 1960=100)



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  1. Present Value of money

Rs.2,798.00 Crores as on 01-11-2007 is equal to Rs.4,523.82 Crores as on 01-11-2012

Rs.4,816.00 Crores as on 01-11-2007 is equal to Rs.7,786.53 Crores as on 01-11-2012

  1. Break up particulars of Award Staff and Officers

9th BPS (as on 31-03-2007)   (a) Award Staff - 469,985  (b) Officers - 305,117

10th BPS (as on 31-03-2012) (a) Award Staff - 451,634  (b) Officers - 385,284

  1. Apportionment of the Wage Hike in 10th BPS

(a)  Award Staff Rs.2,270 Crores (48.04%)

(b)  Officer Staff Rs.2,455 Crores (51.96%)

  1. Average Benefit per head in 10th BPS

(a)  Award Staff Rs.50,262

(b)  Officers Rs.63,719

Considering the award staff include Sub-staff, average hike per head is much better.

In contrast, officers include all officers from JMGS I to TEGS VII.  Therefore, average hike per officer is not attractive, comparatively.

  1. Other Points

Reimbursements related to hospitalisation and leave travel allowance will be calculated separately..



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