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  PM Office Praises Excellent Work by Bankers - Bank Unions On Backfoot.  Will Modi Make Bank Unions (UFBU) Irrelevant in Few Months ?



Rajesh Goyal 

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On 5th October, 2014, we have uploaded a video showing how Mr Narendra Modi praised Aam Banker for his efforts to make the Jan Dhan Yojana successful, and ABS advised UFBU leaders to come forward and open the channels for talks with Modi Government’s  Officials. 

Although the response of Aam Banker on that  article was very positive, yet bank union leaders scoffed on our advise as almost all of them are from opposition parties.  They could not digest the fact that Modi has praised Aam Banker.  First these leaders suppressed the speech from bankers as none of them highlighted it in social media.   Once we have uploaded the same on our website, they jumped on social media to criticize ABS in general and Rajesh Goyal in particular for highlighting  the  Mr Modi’s speech.   They dubbed it to be my hidden agenda for BJP.    I have time and again written on this website that when I write anything for bankers it is above any personal gains or any political leanings.   Here I write only what I feel to be good for the Aam Banker (whether unions or management agrees with that or not).

One of the union leaders (I have decided not to disclose his name or the name of his union), who is known to be drumming up his daily movements and each SMS sent to authorities (without follow up or showing what has actually been achieved), and frequently blaming the majority union for all the ills and showing them in poor light,  has written on social media against above article.   

We welcome such criticism as it gives us insight as to what is going into the minds of such leaders vis-à-vis Aam Banker.   I am not interested here to tell our readers as to how he tried to malign ABS, but would will like to quote here only one very interesting sentence which amused me and brought a smile on my face.  I hope some of you will relish this too. 

He wrote “ Mr Goyal must have voted for this PM, let him arrange a meeting with PM”.   I do not know who told him that I have voted for whom (I am not sure whether I told this even to my wife !).  Even if I have voted for Mr Modi, have I committed a crime ?  Mr Modi has become PM because crores and crores of people have voted for him.  Should we ask each and every such voter to arrange a meeting with PM.  What is the purpose of electing Union leaders who collect hefty subscription every month and levy every five years. Are bankers paying subscription so that these leaders can roam around the country with inflated egos? Do they feel that bank work does not suffer when are absent from work – either on paid leave or leave they have earned?  Therefore, I would like to again remind that PLEASE do not read our articles from any party affiliation or particular person centric. 

When I started this website I have a clear vision that I will not be influenced by personal grudges and political leanings.  We try to bring TRUTH to the light.  This is the reason that we are the most popular website and have seen over 1,00,000 (One lakh) pages being viewed by bankers and non-bankers on a daily basis.  Bankers read the articles because we write truth and what is logical.  Even if I have not voted for Mr Modi, I would support him (or any other PM)  for all the right things as I am only a voter and not a politician.  I will be happy if he does something which I feel to be good for the country and mitigate our problems.  I have no baggage on my back so as to report to my political bosses like some union leaders who can not cross the red line drawn by their political bosses, and they never allow to praise their opponents [Like Congress these days is criticizing Modi on the ground that he is hijacking their Programmes and Leaders ! ]

Anyway, coming back to today’s topic.   It seems that the contents of our article and the likes and comments on that article of 5th October has reached PMO (which is considered to be very active on social media).  It appears the net savvy PMO must have weighed the pros and cons and then decided to make a press release so that bankers are motivated for the success of the Yojana.   Excellent political strategy.  I  am giving below along the said press release along with the link so that our readers and union leaders can check that this is available on PMO website (we are thankful to Ms Pallavi who brought it our notice through her comments on our website).


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 Press Release / News Update at PMO Website

PM commends bank officers and staff for successful roll-out of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana


Oct 07, 2014


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has commended bank officers and staff, on the excellent work put in by them in rolling out the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana successfully.

In an email, the Prime Minister said he is delighted by the unprecedented response it has received so far. Over 5 crore bank accounts have been opened within 5 weeks of launch against a target of 7.5 crore accounts in the first year.

“This is primarily due to your diligence and commitment. I had urged you to ensure that no one is left behind without a bank account. I always had faith in the ability of our system to rise to any challenge and with your unflinching dedication, sense of purpose and hard work, your results have far exceeded expectations,” the Prime Minister said.

“However, as we move ahead from here, the journey is bound to become more difficult and achievements harder to come by. Reaching the last few who do not have bank accounts is going to be progressively more difficult. We must not slacken our efforts in ensuring full coverage,” the Prime Minister added.

“This is also the time to reflect and make mid-course corrections as required. A lot of effort will be required in promoting financial literacy amongst the new account holders. New accounts also need to be kept alive and properly utilized. Aadhaar numbers will need to be seeded in bank accounts. Facilities like e-KYC must be gainfully utilized. Bank branches and Bank Mitras will have to play a more proactive role so that every account holder is reached by a banking agent regularly,” the Prime Minister said.

“I am confident that with the kind of enthusiasm and commitment that you have demonstrated, we will succeed in achieving Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana’s objectives as planned,” the Prime Minister said.




We would like to thank PMO if they have issued the above press release based on our inputs.  Even if PMO  has issued the above press release without noticing our article, we give kudos to PMO in understanding the already hurt sentiments of Aam Banker who were criticized time and again by former Finance Minister, former Prime Minister of Congress Government and even by former DG of RBI.  All these officials have dubbed  the bankers to be inefficient and getting salary beyond what they deserve.


Through this article I would like to make three  appeals :-


     (a) To Prime Minister Office :  In case ABS’s  voice has started reaching PMO, I would personally appeal to PM to intervene in the issue of early and honourable wage revision suo motto (as UFBU leaders feel Modi to be untouchable as USA used to feel a few months back).   Let PMO issue a letter to IBA giving what PM wants to do for the bankers who are doing their best to make the Jan Dhan Yojana successful;

 (b) To UFBU Leaders :  They should shun their egos and approach the new PM with open mind and get an early and honourable wage settlement for the Aam Banker.   All other issues must be kept aside to be discussed at a later stage.   They need not feel shy of Modi's statement.  Rather they should drum up this with every CMD and ED, and social media about the positive inclination shown by PMO.

       (c) To Top  Management of Banks :   The excerpts of the PMO's press release be put up on the Notice Board of the Branches and highlighted for at least one month, so that the poor image of bankers is salvaged to some extent.   The customers will slowly realise that even PM is  appreciating the hard work done by bankers by attending on Sundays and Holidays, including late sitting on daily basis


WARNING to UFBU :  Warning is a harsh word, but I am using this as UFBU leaders have become immune to usual advisories.  ABS is issuing a warning to  UFBU leaders that they should know that Mr Modi can make all of you totally irrelevant with a single stroke.  Mr Modi has the potential to think out of box, and his team is capable of bring out new tricks to counter the hidden agenda of leaders of organizations like UFBU.  I am giving here only one trick but Modi can have many of such tricks as he and his team is capable of thinking much beyond my or your imagination.

Who knows Modi may think of calling a public rally of bankers from all banks and across all States in India at Ramlila Maiden (for example  he may call it : "Bank Walo Ka Dhaniyawad Rally").  CMDs and EDs may also be called to remain on dais.   [No union leaders on that dais].   An advisory can be sent to all CMDs to ensure that it is a success (If they are on the dais, they have ensure that Ramlila Maidan is full of bankers). 

At that rally he may thank the bankers (including CMDs) in person and request the bankers to make the success of Jan Dhan Yojana for nation building.  In his typical Modi election mode, he may even ask the crowd to take a pledge that they will NOT  go on strike and simultaneously announce a good hike of salary (say between 15% - 20%) and asks CMDs present at the dais to ensure regulated hours or some other freebies. 

Based on such announcement, IBA will give one and only one offer to UFBU, who will have little choice.  Can UFBU leaders have the guts to counter such an offensive.   I can guarantee it, if Modi  decides to do something like that, all UFBU leaders will run for cover.   If such a thing happens, all UFBU leaders will loose their sheen in a single day and bankers will look towards Modi for resolution of their pending demands.  In such a scenario, these leaders will not be able to garner even 20% bankers  for strike on issues like bank reforms.   [I hope UFBU leaders will not blame ABS if  PMO takes a clue from this article and Modi decides to do something like this or goes beyond this with the inputs from his PMO team !]

I do not know what will be the final out come of the things in next few months as I am not an astrologer.   I can only analyse the things as they unfold and try to predict as to what is in store in near future based on the current environment and behaviour of bank union leaders and management.   However, I know it with certainty that it is a do or die situation for bankers, where UFBU leaders have been caught in a web of their own making i.e. trying to maximize their levy by delaying the wage revision.  It reminds me of the phrase "Survival of the fittest".   A strong Modi step can change the whole scenario.   Let us see how each one of them plays its cards – for UFBU it may turn out to be fight for its survival.   Will they be able to survive Modi onslaught - only time will tell.


You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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