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Pension Option for Resignees - A Chance To Fight the Banks Legally





RK Pathak

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At ABS we have been receiving a large number of requests to inform the resignees about the status of various cases and when resignees are likely to get the chance to opt for pension.  All resignees are well aware that it the adamant attitude of IBA and some bank managements that resignees are being denied the second pension option.  Moreover, various unions have failed to live upto the expectations of resignees who have faithfully  subscribed to the unions during their service.    We have now received the following email, which gives the latest status of one of  the important cases relating to second pension option to resignees.   As some of the resignees have been able to get the pension option through court orders, we requested Mr R K Pathak to send us the details of certain people who are trying to bring together certain groups of bankers who are interested to file a legal case.  Such legal fight will certainly cost some money, but it can increase your chance to get a option for pension, if cases are decided in your favour.   Therefore, all resignees may read the following details carefully and contact the persons listed therein for further action in the matter:-

After the dismissal of SLP of Vijaya Bank on 06/12/2013, it was expected the pension option will be released to all the resignees but VIJAYA BANK restricted the benefit to 22 petitioner employees only & released the same on 25/01/2014.

Vijaya Bank is also contesting the contempt petition (CCA/392 of 2014) filed by B S Manjunath ( another VIJAYA BANK Resignee).  Luckily, as per proceedings of 18/02/2014, the Court has give judgement in favour of resignee and bank had been  given time of 2 weeks for compliance of order for pension.   However, as per past experience, the bank is expected to take up issue in Supreme Court & drag thereafter.

It ssems BANK / IBA wants every case / issue to be settled in SC & restrict benefits to petitioner only.

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In view of the negative attitude of the Bank, it has been decided to file individual Writ Petition in the High Court of Karnataka shortly & eligibility criteria is as under:-

1) Employees of PUBLIC Sector Banks ( ALL PUBLIC SECTOR BANK) having Residence in Karnataka state and completed 20 years of service and resigned.

2) Employees of CANARA BANK, CORPORATION BANK,SYNDICATE BANK, VIJAYA BANK & STATE BANK OF MYSORE having head office in state of Karnataka, ( irrespective of their residence) and completed 20 years of service and resigned.

Thus, the employees fulfilling above criteria are requested to contact Mr. N P Ramesh or Mr. G B Srinivasa with following information & documents at the contact address given here below :-

Information Required:

1. Name in Full
2. Father's/Husband's name
3. Age
4. Residence (Correspondence Address) in Full
5. Contact Number (Mobile / Landline)
6. Email id
7. Employee No / P.F. Number
8. Date of Birth
9. Date of Joining the Bank
10.Designation at the time of joining the Bank
11.Date of Exit ( Resignation)
12.Reason of Resignation
13.Designation at the time of Exit from the Bank
14.Whether 3 months notice was given. If no, whether the full /partial notice period has been waived by recovery of amount. Please give details
15.Promotion Details (from beginning till resignation)

Documents Required:
1. Vakalat form will be mailed to individuals .
2. Resignation Letter/Application/Form submitted to Bank
3. Resignation Acceptance Letter given by Bank
4. Relieving Letter given by Bank
5. Copy of the Option Letter given to Bank seeking pension
6. Copy of Rejection letter received from the Bank
7. Correspondence(s) made with Bank after 27-4-2010 asking for 2nd pension option
8. Reply Letter(s) received from the Bank
9. Any other letter/correspondence in support of your claiming the pension and management replies for the same.

NOTE:- Documents from Sl NO.2 to 9 may be sent by way of scanned copies by email. However, Document No.1, i.e. Vakalat form has to be printed, signed and sent by speed post after your consent for joining the mission of Justice to Resignees.

The speed post may be sent to following address:-

G B Srinivasa,
NO.982, 1st Floor, 4th D Main, 2nd Stage,
Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010
Phone; 90083 11559


N P Ramesh
H.V.S. Home No.4,
Apartment NO. 1B & C
Between 4th and 6th Main
15th Cross, Malleswaram
Bangalore - 560 055

For any clarification , please contact Mr.R K Pathak ( who is resignee ) at cell No.09373053695 or at email


Comments by ABS :   We would like to put in record that no details or money should be sent to ABS as the resignees are fighting their cases on individual basis, but we feel if large number of resignees file such petitions, there will be additional pressure and Courts may dispose off these at a much faster speed and favourably.   Therefore, you must avail this chance of fighting collectively.   Resignees outside Karnataka may also discuss the issue among themselves and with above referred to finalise the strategy to fight legal battles within their own states.


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