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2nd Pension Option to Resignee and Compulsory Retired Bank Officers - Put All Your Might on All Fronts To Succeed


Rajesh Goyal 


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We have been receiving a number of emails that we should take up the issue of resignees too for 2nd pension option as most of the readers agree that played a crucial role in bringing together the bankers who were denied 2nd Pension option illegally.   We kept the pressure by bring to light the new contents and law points and bankers followed up the same in Courts.   We kept on highlighting the letters sent by some of the crusaders to MoF and Bank Management etc.    All this resulted in partial victory.   Now some of the banks have already issued the circulars for obtaining the consent letters of 2nd pension option from VRS optees.   However, the resignees have still been left in lurch.    About two months back we have written that we will take up the issue of resignees once circulars for VRS optees has been issued.   Now the  same have been issued or are in the pipeline.  


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Let all bankers resolve in this New Year 2013, that we will put all our best efforts to ensure that resignees too get 2nd pension option. will once again try to bring together all the left over resignee bankers on a single platform and request them to fight the same at various levels - social media, personal representations at MoF, with Bank Boards and also in Courts.   As a part of the strategy, I suggest the following :-  (For sending details you can use email :



(1) Send us the Status and details of the all the pending cases relating to 2nd Pension option to resignees about which you have any knowledge.  (If possible, the email or address of the petitioners / respondents / bankers who have filed the cases and the papers filed in the Court be sent to us) ;  We will try to consolidate the same and put up the latest position.    We will publish the same on this website for the benefit of all the affected bankers;


(2) Send your articles which are supported by legal arguments or based on the decided  Court cases which you feel can be relevant in this case;


(3) Update your profile through the link given below so that we have a maximum and latest database of the affected persons.  CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR DETAILS  IF  YOU  ARE RESIGNEE AND HAVE NOT BEEN OFFERED 2ND PENSION OPTION   [We have earlier collected database of all the retired bankers including VRS optees and Resigneess.  Although, we have that database with us, it is advisable that you spare 2 minutes and resubmit the same if you are resignee so that we have the latest data in a separate file]



You must resolve that you will always participate in all the delegations or protests on this issue which may be held in your city.  




You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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