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Projected DA Increase for Bankers from May 2015 - Likely to be No Increase



Rajesh Goyal 


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Now CPI for Two months have been announced for relevant months and the same are as follows:-



Month CPI
January 2015 5797.78
February 2015 5774.95
March 2015 (Projected) 5752.13



At present the DA (as per 9th BPS) is @ 110.10%, for the months of  February,  2015 to April  2015.    The CPI has moved up only marginally much during January 2015, and it actually fell for the month of February 2015.   In March it again is expected to marginally go down  Thus, in the given scenario, there is not much scope for DA increase from May, 2015, and in all probabilities will remain at the same level i.e. 110.10% or at maximum it may move margianlly up but less than 0.50%.      Thus, we projected that DA for May 2015 will be at same levels i.e. 110.10% :-





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Readers are cautioned that these are only projected figures based on the trends we have observed in recent period.



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