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Highlights of the Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions - 10th Bipartite Settlement Exercise 

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A combined Charter of Demands for Workmen staff  was submitted on behalf of AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF, NOBO  on 30th October 2012 to IBA. 


The charter of Demands is a  big document but most of the issues are scattered and thus to consolidate the same under Highlights is very difficult.   I have tried to include here only some important issues and for more clarity, bankers must read the original document which is also available on this website.



Highlights of the Charter of Demands



Basic Pay / Special Pay and  Allowances:



(a)   The first 15 pages, the document has devoted to headings, data relating to business of banks, the strength of the staff over a last few years, profitability of the banks etc.   Nodoubtedly, the unions have been able to show that neither the staff nor the salaries have been able to keep pace with the growing business. 

(b)   The demand includes Revision of Basic Pay wef 1/11/2012 by mergr of DA payable as on September 2012 and loading of 30% and 35% for clerical staff and subordinate staff respectively.

(c)    There is a demand for stagnation increment once in 2 years without any ceiling;

(d)   Special Pay too be revised by merger of DA and loading as in case of Basic Pay;

(e)   Further increase in Special Pay based on duties, responsibilities and risks

(f)     Revision of PQP / EQP equal to first stage increment;




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DA Payments


(a)   DA to be paid based on CPI (2001=100) instead of CPI (1961=100);

(b)   DA be revised on monthly basis

(c)    DA to be 110% and 120% for clerical and subordinate staff respectively;



HRA Payments


(d)   Demand for housing accommodation / quarters to all employees, and where not provided HRA to be paid at suitabily revised rates based on reclassified areas / population groups etc

(e)   Payment of HRA on capital cost / rent receipts upto 150% of normal entitlement;

(f)     Payment of HRA to employees even if they are residing in Bank’s quarters;



Transport Allowance :


(g)    Reimbursement of petrol cost / Transport Pay to all employees;

(h)   Transport Allowance to be substantially increased and Transport Pay to be paid with DA

(i)     Adequate increase in all other allowances including halting allowance / loading expenses;



Other Allowances


(j)     Introduction of education allowance, closing allowance, mid academic year allowance, discomfort allowance etc/

(k)   Payment of other allowances paid to central /state government employees in different areas;

(l)     Difficult area allowance for Uttaranchal and Hill allowance as per state governments;



Leave Rules


(m) Casual leave to be increased to 18 days and unavailed CL to be allowed without medical certificate;

(n)   25 days CL for physically challenged employees;

(o)   Accumulation of PL upto 300 days and if shortfall occurs even Sick Leave to be allowed for encashment;

(p)   Maternity leave norms to be liberalized

(q)   Paternity leave, Child care   be introduced as given to government employees;



Medical Facilities


(r)    Substantial  increase in annual medical aid and introduction of scheme on lines of CGHS

(s)    Increase in coverage of diseases and amount under various heads for medical charges;

(t)    Retired employees to be covered under hospitalization scheme



LFC, Pension Benefits and other Issues


(u)   Improvement in LFC scheme with more distance and higher class of travel etc

(v)   Overtime : Should be simplified and improved;

(w)  PF to be 12%;

(x)    Gratuity to be one month for every year of service without any ceilings;

(y)   NPS be withdrawn and earlier Pension scheme be made applicable

(z)    Same DA for all pensioners and slab system to be removed;

(aa)  Improvement in family pension;

(bb)  Encashment of leave to be 300 days on retirement and income tax limit for exemption to be increased;

(cc) Bonus Act be amended for increased bonus and till that time ex-gratia be paid;

(dd)  Five Days week be introduced;

(ee) All types of outsourcing of regular permanent jobs be withdrawn

(ff)  Settlement be concluded within six months





  Full Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions - AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF, NOBW   


  Full Charter of Demands by Officers' Unions - AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC, NOBO  





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