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Stories Holding Family and Human Values  

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R Ramakrishna


Mr Ramakrishana is a retired banker and has sent us two stories from his book which are interesting and can be inspiring to the young generation.   He has taken pains to get the same published in the form of a book.    We give below both the short stories and his contact details and brief about the book is given at the end of this article.  In this fast new generation, there are only few people who think of compiling such stories.   We feel it is a great effort by one of our banker colleagues.





All believers believe in doing virtuous things for attaining salvation. When such actions are done for publicity, they will not yield expected results. When our thoughts are pious, the resultant acts will also be pious.


Once upon a time Kumara Varma was the ruler of Gopalapuram.His ancestors built a temple of Lord Visweswara.It has been customary for all his descendents to celebrate annual festivals. Special rituals used to be performed on auspicious days and feast was used to be arranged for upper caste people. Guests used to partake of the food in sufficient quantities and throw away the left overs.A little boy by name Padmanabha used to collect the left overs, segregate them and used to feed the orphans and poor. If any thing remained he used to feed the animals and birds and derive pleasure in doing so.Padmanabha was none other than the son of Kumara Varma’s cowherd.


One day a saint named Parabrhama Yogi happened to visit the village. By the time he arrived the feast was over. As usual the boy collected all the left overs and started feeding the hungry and poor orphans. This sight was witnessed by Parabrahma Yogi. Tears of joy rolled out of his eyes while witnessing the scene. He saw divine light in the boy Padmanabha and he folded his hands. Kumara Varma came out of the temple after hearing about the arrival of Parabrahma Yogi. Kumara Varma observed the yogi in embracing the boy as well as saluting him with folded hands. When Kumara Varma wished the yogi, the yogi casually glanced at him. He disclosed that the boy was none other than the son of his cowherd. 


The yogi remarked that the boy is the Lord himself. When Kumara Varma was boasting about the rituals and other offerings, the yogi interrupted him and said that you are committing a grave mistake. Lord Shiva is the embodiment of the entire universe. That is why we call him Vishwanath, the lord of the world. The God inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple stands in front of you in the form of the boy himself. Poor feeding by the boy is hundred times better than the feast you held. He is making the best use of left over food which is nothing but the Lord’s form itself(Annam parabrahma swaroopam).

Kumara Varma confessed the greatness of the boy’s act in feeding the poor and orphans.

The message is that the hand that serves is better than the lips that pray.

Service is next to God.



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A doubt arose in King Ravana’s mind as to whether self sacrifice is great or valour is greater. He consulted all his ministers and advisors but nobody could spell out the distinction between the two for fear of incurring the wrath of the King.


The King had no option but to consult his wife Mandodari.Queen Mandodari sought an assurance from her husband that he should not lose his temper if she tells him a truth. The King readily agreed and asked her to clarify.Oh King! However great you may be, you cannot stand in comparison with King “Chakvavenu” who is the very embodiment of sacrifice. You can observe with your own eyes the greatness of Chakvavenu if you accompany me to our garden in the evening.


In the evening both of them went to the garden.Mandodari started offering pomegranate seeds to the pigeons. The pigeons began eating them with great éclat.Mandodari told the pigeons that these seeds are obtained from the treasury of King Ravana.They ate them fast.Ravana was rather surprised.


Later Mandodari offered some more seeds to the pigeons and announced to them that these were obtained from the treasury of King Chakvavenu.The pigeons did not touch them at all.Ravana got confused.


Ravana questioned Mandodari as to why the pigeons did not go near the seeds of Chakvavenu.Mandodari answered as follows.


“Oh King! Your pomegranate seeds are the result of your ill gotten wealth acquired by looting public property. King Chakvavenu never touched public money. He led a simple life by earning his livelihood.Chakvavenu utilised public money for public purpose only. This truth is known not only to all the people but also the birds and animals. The scriptures ordain the rulers that public money should not be misused. All the rulers should learn a lesson from King Chakvavenu.In fact when King Chavavenu passed away evens the fire wood used for the funeral fire was brought by his son from the forest.”


Ravana was lost in thought. He was crest fallen.






PS :   Mr Ramakrishna has informed that the above stories are part of the book called STEPPING STONES, which is a collection of Short Stories that will serve to uphold family and human values. A “Must Read” book for everyone. It can be given away as gift on any coveted occasion such as Birthdays/Weddings.      Cover Price Rs50/- per copy.Posatge/Courier charges extra. For copies Call the Author at 94400 43530 or mail to or write to R Ramakrishna,B-4 Srikara Apartments, Narasimhanagar, Near Rythu Bazaar,Akkayyapalem,Vizag-530024.





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