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No Conclusions in Negotiation Talks Held Between Officers Unions and IBA on 14th May 2015 : One Union Leader Says Now All Pay Scales are Being Reworked as Earlier Had been Leaked by him



Rajesh Goyal 

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As reported earlier, the next round of negotiations between officers unions and IBA were to be held today.   These indeed happened.   What happened?  Only officer union leaders and IBA knows about.   The deep silence still continues.   Now it is late night of 14th May 2015 but only report which can be said to be confirmed is that talks remained inconclusive and next meeting has been shifted to 16th May 2015 (Saturday).

In the meantime, there have been number of rumors about the new scales which are in circulation.   There is one big difference about the circulars being issued now and circulars issued in February 2015.   In February 2015 unauthenticated circulars the Basic Pay was shown highly exaggerated but now these seems to have toned down and are in line with the agreement of 23rd February, 2015.

A reading between the lines on Facebook and other social  websites shows how divided the bank union leaders  are even now and have to rise above the petty issues.


As there is nothing concrete to share today, let me discuss some interesting posts that I have come across.   Let me first  quote here some extracts from one of the officers union leader’s Facebook posts.

Initial basic pay of scale one 23700 ;    Scale 2. 31700 ; scale 3 42800;  scale 4 will be 50000 that of scale 5 will be 59200 scale 6 will be 68700 and scale 7 will be 76500
New increments likely to be 1000 .1150.1300.1500.1650.1800.2000 and 2200
In another post some of the above figures were supplemented with  HRA and other allowances to show what will be the gross salary of newly recruited Scale I officer.
When I read this, I was not surprised at all as the Basic Pays given above  exactly match (except rounding off) with the figures we have posted alongwith our article under the heading UFBU Seems To Have Made A Complete Sell Out to IBA Specially For Officers ?   The fate of Bankers Retired / Retiring Between 1st November 2012 and 31st October 2017 Seems To Have Been Completely Sealed ?  dated 25th February 2015 i.e. merely 48 hours after the conclusion of the MoD on 23rd February 2015.    It was not a rocket science to project the new Basic Pay as we framed the scales merely interpreting what was the language agreement between UFBU and IBA.   At that time we were ridiculed by number of union leaders, on the plea that we do not understand the language of the agreement and are misguiding the bankers.   Even today lot of union sympathizers treat ABS as anti-banker as we keep on exposing number of misdeeds.    A lot of nasty campaign was followed in February 2015 against

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Anyway that is not the main or interesting part of the issue.   Today I came across another Facebook post from the same leader, which reads as under:-

“Today three was meeting between leaders of ufbu and IBA. There will be another meeting on Saturday. Since i have shared with you likely pay structure so in order to prove me wrong whole structure is being reworked out on insistence of some mahan officers association leaders. 

In today's meeting most of the time was spent by IBA in finding who is ?????? and like dehati aurat some mahan armchair leaders were fighting with my GS on my post on likely salary structure. 

So for some time i am not going to write anything on wage revision this may help some great armchair leaders of majority association in securing 30 pc wage hike for us. Aise bhi es wage settlement me officers ke liye Saturday off ke alawa aur kuchh to hai nahi. 

Best of luck to these armchair leaders in their endeavor to befool us. 


Thus, taking the above post on the Face value, it seems in today’s meeting most of the time was wonderfully utilized  in discussing  / cursing the leader of one of the unions,  who has posted the likely Basic Pays of Scale I to VII and allowances they are likely to get, instead of discussing the actual Pay Scales of officers.   The best part of the above post is that it says “to prove me wrong whole structure is being reworked out on insistence of some mahan officers association leaders”.

To workout these scales they have already taken almost 80 days since 23rd February, and if they have to rework these scales to prove this leader wrong, they may take another 50 days.   I am not sure whether they will rework the scales in such a way that bankers are able to get higher Basic Pay and DA factor  OR they will ensure to reduce the same to punish the bankers in knowing in advance about the scales.  I hope they will push the scales by another 5% so that all bankers can enjoy the benefits of leaked pay scales.


It will be interesting to wait and watch how much time these wounded leaders will  take to rework these Basic Pay and scales.   They must be now burning their midnight oil to rework the scales and allowances.


I am very happy to read the above as it has proved one thing that what  projected on 25th February 2015 did not offend any of the leaders and they happily copied our Pay Scales, but leakage by one of their own opposition leaders has forced them to rework the whole pay scales.   I am happy that these UFBU leaders have developed certain  regards for our interpretations and were ready to use our charts by rounding off the Basic Pays.     Thanks a lot UFBU leaders.  I will be able to have a sound sleep tonight as I am not blamed for re-working of the Pay Scales, and it is one of your own union leaders who have sent you in rework mode.

Good Night all bankers (11.45 PM on 14th May 2015).



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