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Wage Revision updates / articles / discussions held during 2012

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 Madras High Court Judgement - 100% D.A. Neutralization for Bank Pensioners Retired Prior to 01/11/2002 (uploaded on 16/12/2012)

2nd Pension Option for VRS Optees - Circular issued by :  Canara Bank,  Annexure to Main circular of Canara Bank {uploaded on 15/12/2012)

Important Lessons for Union Leaders by V Subramanian  (uploaded on 15/12/2012)



NUBE Demands - Increase in Retirement Age for All {uploaded on 10/12/2012)

NUBE Demands 5 Days Week in Banks - Comprehensive 134 Page Article.  [ABS has already taken up this issue few months back and wanted that it must be settled before negotiations for 10th BPS start and should be delinked from wage revision or else bankers have to contend with lower wage hike in lieu of 5 days weeks] - {uploaded on 10/12/2012)

2nd Pension Option - BOB becomes first bank to Releases Circular  for 2nd pension option to left over VRS optees.  Click here to download the circular  (uploaded on 9/12/2012)  - Note:  We will try to provide links for all the circulars, as and when issued, on the left hand side box under the heading Denial of 2nd Pension option, where they will be available at least till the last date of submission of applications.



10th BPS - Will It Be Collective Begging or Collective Bargaining? Should Union Leaders Follow This New Agenda ?  by Sudhakar Rao, (uploaded on 28/11/2012)

Now FM Is Bent Upon To Destroy  Indian Banking Sector - Regulators Are Our Only Hope  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 25/11/2012)

10th BPS - Approach Paper - Strategies and Implications; Different Scenarios of Likely Pay Scales at different Level of Mergers and Different %age of Hikes by Pannvalan (uploaded on 22/11/2012)


Hot Talks (updated on 21/11/2012)

Critical Observations on 1st to 9th BPS by Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)

Comparison of past Bipartite Settlements - 1st BPS to 9th BPS by Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)




Karnataka HC Writ Petition Nos 35355 - 35361/2010(S-R) between G Channaramakrishan & Others vs. Union of India, IBA, Canara Bank & others relating to quashing of Joint Note dated 27/4/2010 and MoS in so far as it relates to condition requiring Bank employees to contribute 2.8 times of revised pay scale to become pension optees and contribution of fund additional of 56% of the management contribution to PF, has been dismissed (uploaded on 20/11/2012)

Types of Performance Appraisals - An Overview by V.Subramanian (uploaded on 20/11/2012)

IBA again goofs up and issues small corrigendum to its circular dated 9th November circular for release of 2nd Pension option to left over VRS optees but Resignees Still Denied the same by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 12/11/2012)


IBA issues circular for release of 2nd Pension option to left over VRS optees but Resignees Still Denied the same by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/11/2012)

Manipulative IBA Does It Again  - 2nd Pension Option to be Extended to VRS optees  BUT not  to Resignee Bankers  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 09/11/2012)

What Constitutes A Reasonable and Justifiable Hike in Basic Pay in the 10th BPS by S.Srinivsan, President, NUBE (uploaded on 10/11/2012)


Diwali Greetings from ABS and Links for Diwali Pooja

Our DA Projection Comes True :  Increase of 6.30% in DA for the months of November, December 2012 and January 2013  (increase of 42 slabs)   (uploaded on 31/10/2012 - 5.20 PM)

What is FDI ? What is FDI in Retail Controversy ? Know Everything about FDI in India  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/10/2012)


Practical Tips  - How to Chart a Successful Career ?  by Pannvalan (uploaded on 29/10/2012)

In India - Companies Become Sick But Not Their Promotors by Pannvalan (uploaded on 25/10/2012)

Denial of 2nd Pension Option -  Retired Banking "Generals" Are Fighting Even At the Age of 74   (uploaded on  24/10/2012)


"Titanic Defaults"  Are Likely to Do Irreparable Damages  To Indian Banking Industry - Forget About Decent Wage Hikes   by Rajesh Goyal   (uploaded on  23/10/2012)

Tips for Improving Your Will Power  by  Dr. Prafulla Ranjan  (uploaded on 21/10/2012)

Face Regular Transfers and Rejection in Promotions  IF YOU  TRY  TO  PUT  HURDLES  IN  LOOT  OF YOUR  BOSSES  by Danendra Jain    (uploaded on  16/10/2012)


 2nd Pension Option to Left Over Bankers Should Now Be Only A Matter of Few Days  - Karnataka HC Delivers Clear Cut Judgment    by Rajesh Goyal    (uploaded on  12/10/2012)


 Banks  Must  STOP  Selling Gold Coins, Mutual Funds, Mediclaim Insurance etc.   by Rajesh Goyal    (uploaded on  12/10/2012)


 Award Staff :  Anticipated Pay  Scales  After  XTH BPS  based on past trends of settlements and meek attitude of union leaders (uploaded on 04/10/2012)

 Award Staff : Expected Demands for Other Allowances in Xth BPS - (uploaded on 04/10/2012)

NOBW  CHARTER OF DEMANDS - Xth BPS - LACKS  INNOVATION  (updated  on  02/10/2012)


Second Pension Option - Left Over Bankers Still Waiting for Final Outcome    (uploaded on 02/10/2012)

DA Projection : Inflation shows it impact.  DA likely to increase by 6.30% from November, 2012 (on existing/old scales) - (uploaded on 29/9/2012)

Selection of CMDs and EDs in Public Sectors Banks  Are Nothing More Than Farce   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21/9/2012)


New Team Elected by AIPNBOA   -  Retired banker, Mr Khera ousted.  Will It Bring A Change in Union Structures in Other Banks Too?  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/9/2012)

Are Bankers Getting Correct DA Increases ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 11/9/2012)

A Success Story by our Reader (uploaded on 11/9/2012)


Expected Demands for Other Allowances in Xth BPS - (uploaded on 10/9/2012)

Anticipated Pay  Scales  After  XTH BPS  based on past trends of settlements and meek attitude of union leaders (uploaded on 07/09/2012)

Bank Employees  Pay Income Tax on Loans Taken at Concessional Rate but Has Vadra Done the Same ?  by Rajesh Goyal    (uploaded on  08/10/2012)


Will New IBA Chairman Be Able to Check the Group of Cunning & Manipulator Officials at IBA - Wake up call for banking industry  (uploaded on  05/10/2012)

Big Hearted SBI Chairman Agrees to Pay for Salaries to KF Employees-  Will He Repeat This For All Small and Medium Scale Industries Who Fail to Pay Salaries Due to Losses ? (uploaded on  05/10/2012)

DLF Gives Interest Free Rs 65 crores Loan to Robert Vadra's company -  Did Lender Banks Permitted This ?- Caution for Bank officers   (uploaded on  05/10/2012)


Do You Support SBI Chairman's Move to Keep Branches Opened on Sundays - Views and Counter Views - Express Yourself  (uploaded on 27th August, 2012)

Are 25%  of Profits of PS Banks Are Through Exploitation of Staff ? - Who is Responsible for Keeping 41000 Posts Vacant   -  by Danendar Jain  (uploaded on 25th August, 2012)

Strikes of 22nd & 23rd August 2012 - Grand Success - For whom?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 24/08/2012)


Dangers of Allowing Indian Banks to open branches in Pakistan by Danendar Jain (uploaded on 24/07/2012)

DA of Central Government Employees vs Bank Employees -  See How Much You Lose    (uploaded on 24th August, 2012)



Do SBI's QE June 2012   Results Expose Past Misdeeds ?  What is In Store of Other PS Banks  by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 11th August, 2012)

My Encounter in a Rural Branch  - Who are Misfit for Senior Management Post in PS Banks?  by   Rajesh  Goyal (uploaded on 6th August, 2012)

Latest DA details and DA Calculator for Retired Bankers for August 2012 onwards  Pension. (uploaded on 3rd August, 2012)


Increase of 6% in DA for  August, 2012 to October 2012 (uploaded on 31st July, 2012 at 6.30 PM)

Enhanced Gratuity Ceiling from Rs 3.50 las to Rs 10 lacs with Retrospective Date  - by Pradeep Kumar, Advocate, Supreme Court (uploaded on 31st July, 2012)

Unions Were Ready to Use Their Last Weapon.  IBA coolly says, It Does Not Have Mandate to Negotiate.  Are IBA and Union Leaders Not Making Fool of Bankers? by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 27/07/2012)


Why Indian Bankers  Will Never Be Alzhimer's Patient ? - Banking Encounters of Foreign Tourist - [ Factual Humour ]  (uploaded on 26/07/2012)

Interview is a Great Tool in the Hands of Top Executives to Pick Officers At Their Whims and Fancies  (uploaded on 23/07/2012)

A Young Banker Pleads  "Please Save  the Young Talent of Banking Industry by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 22/07/2012)


Ha Ha Ha - Union leaders called off Strike when IBA agreed to call them for a meeting - Great Achievement of UFBU ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 19/07/2012)

Why there is a need to revisit promotion process  by Danendar Jain (uploaded on 15/07/2012)

One of our readers has commented "Thank God, G D Nadaf, has ceased to be Director on State Bank of India's Central Board following his retirement". But two day strike on 25th & 26th July has been announced by UFBUs on trivial issues (not wage revision) - NO pay deductions for Mr  Nadaf !!  NO Link given (uploaded on 08/06/2012)

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Sharp Rise in CPI numbers for April 2012.  DA from August 2012 likely to rise sharply by over 5% ? (uploaded on 04/06/2012)

Time to Ponder Whether Bankers Should Blindly Follow Union Leaders for Strikes  or  Revolt  Against  Non-Issue Protests and Strikes   by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 28/05/2012)

Pension scam in banks by S. Ramachandran, Former Chairman & CEO of Sangli Bank Ltd. (uploaded on 23/05/2012)


Public has a right to know About the Frauds Committed in a bank by its staff or outsiders - RTI Judgment (uploaded on 23/05/2012)

Urgent Need for Implementation of National Litigation Policy by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 22/05/2012)

Pre 2002 Retirees Meet - Issue of updation of DA (uploaded on 21/05/2012)


Do You Know  Why Union Leaders Have Resorted to Protests Day on 21st May and Planning Two Days Strike in July, 2012 ? by  Danendra Jain (uploaded on 21/05/2012)

Finance Ministry -  Why PS Banks are not adhering to National Litigation Policy - (uploaded on 19/05/2012)

Whimsical Marking by A Corrupt Boss either in Interview or in Annual Appraisal can  completely spoil the career of a devoted hard working  banker  by  Danendra Jain (uploaded on 19/05/2012)


Bankers Are Already Squeezed  -  5  Days  Week  Needs  To Be Introduced Without Extending Working Hours on other Week Days (uploaded on 13/04/2012)

Pathetic Conditions of Cashiers in Banks  (uploaded on 30/04/2012)

Increase of   8 slabs in DA from May, 2012 -   1.20% increase, Click Here for Details (uploaded on 30/04/2012)


Will Unions allow IBA to divide and rule in Xth Bipartite Settlement - Impact of Pension Liability on next Settlement - Are unions ready ? (uploaded on 09/04/2012)

IBA, Union Leaders Fully Exposed - Both Are Hand-in-Glove and Working Against Interests of Bankers (uploaded on 09/04/2012)

Major Irregularities in 2nd Pension Option - by S. Ramachandran, Ex-GM, BOB (uploaded on 08/04/2012)


CIC directs SBI to disclose Aggregate Settled Amount of the Defaulting Cases which were compromised.  (uploaded on 08/04/2012)

Status of 5 day Week in Banks vs State Governments and Central Government employees (uploaded on 08/04/2012)

DA from May 2012 onwards - Only Marginal Increase Expected (uploaded on 04/04/2012)


"Enhanced Gratuity : Can Central Government Pick Out A Date From Hat" - Part 1 :  N Pradeep Kumar, Advocate, Supreme Court tears into government's arbitrariness  (uploaded on 28/03/2012)

Update for Transfer of Petitions from HCs to Supreme Court -  (uploaded on 28/03/2012)

Will  GoI give permission to prosecute Mr M V Nair, Mr M.D. Mallya, holding top posts at IBA ?  ‘Resigned Bank Employees Forum’  requests Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister to give permission for prosecution of above and others for committing criminal breach of trust.  (uploaded on 22/03/2012)




Promotion Policy of Andhra Bank (uploaded on 22/03/2012)

 Promotion Policy of Indian Overseas Bank (uploaded on 22/03/2012)

Karnataka High Court Judgment - SBM and Vijay Bank Loses Their Case Against VRS Retirees for denial of 5 year notional service    (uploaded on 22/03/2012)


Automated Tax Calculator and  Form 16 for Salary Earners for FY 2011-2012 ver 1.3   (uploaded on 21/02/2012)   (updated on 19/03/2012)

 "The Green Doors are Opened Part - I" First Hand Account of What Happened in Supreme Court on 11th and 12th October, 2011  by N Pradeep Kumar, Advocate SC.  - An Unprecedented Order(uploaded on 10/03/2012)


Bank of Baroda Looses Cases   -  Denial of medical scheme to VRS Optees  - Nagpur District Consumer Disputes Rederessal Forum

(uploaded on 03/03/2012)

Pathetic Conditions of Old Bank Retirees - Wives of Two General Managers Who Retired in 1980s Receive Rs1000/- as family pension.  - Let All Retirees Across Banking Industry Launch Countrywide Agitation for updation of pension and move to SC (uploaded on 03/03/2012)


Humour / Jokes / Moral of the Story etc : 

More Humour (Archive)

Interesting Videos:  Some Interesting Videos and pictures you should not miss (last updated 18/10/2011)


Why Unions are Silent and Not Providing Any  Updates on Resignees / VRS optees Who Were Denied 2nd Pension Option (uploaded on 25/02/2012)

UFOPFO, Karnataka Meet at Bangalore on 11th March 2012. (uploaded on 21/02/2012)

Comments by Our Readers on Articles / Discussions / Website  ( on 20/1/2012)


Confessions by Finance Ministry - Banks are over-stating profits- Fraud by CMDs, EDs of PS Banks for higher incentives and new elevations?  (uploaded on 18/02/2012)

 Should We Mourn Only Death of Chief Manager of PNB Who Died During Manager's Meeting or Should  We Also Mourn For Officer Community Who Is Physically Alive But Daily Die Mentally and Spiritually by D. Jain  (uploaded on 17/02/2012)

Chief Manager of PNB dies during Manager's Meeting (uploaded on 13/02/2012)


Why  5  Days  week is unlikely  in banking sector ?  (uploaded on 12/02/2012)

WHEN  WILL  5  DAY  WEEK  START   IN  INDIAN  BANKS ?  (uploaded on 03/02/2012)

Just For Fun :  Few  Valentine Day Thoughts  (uploaded on 14/02/2012)


Increase of   19 Slabs in DA from February, 2012 to April, 2012 (increase of 2.85%). Click for Details (uploaded on 31/01/2012)

CVC Penalises 81 Government Officials - Majority of Them Being from Nationalised Banks -  Maximum officials are from Syndicate Bank and Punjab National Bank (uploaded on 27/01/2012)

Contempt Petition filed by pensioners of LIC in Rajasthan High Court -   Failure of LIC to  Giving Pension Parity in LIC As per HC direction   (uploaded on 19/01/2012)


 Coming Soon :  A multi-part Serial Article by Mr N Pradeep Kumar, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, is likely to be received and published to discuss various issues relating to pensioners.  Click to read the mail we have received from Mr N Pradeep Kumar.  (uploaded on 19/01/2012)

Which Bank is giving what perks ? You also contribute to compare perks in different Banks  (uploaded on 02/01/2012).  - We have received feedback only for 6 banks and mainly for scale I.  Viewers are requested to contribute so that complete file can be uploaded (updated on 19/1/2012)

Likely DA Increase for Bank officers and workman Staff from February, 2012 (uploaded on 01/01/2012)