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10th Bipartite Settlement -  An Approach Paper 

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In the series of discussions, we have already uploaded two articles by Pannvalan yesterday which are like background papers and giving details and critical observations on 1st to 9th Bipartite Settlements in the banking industry.   In the same series, we are today uploading two more files  -  One pdf file giving the views of authors on the implications of each approach and what strategy should be adopted by unions on each of such approaches.      The last file in this series is an EXCEL sheet with four worksheets giving details and the likely scenarios if IBA agrees to hike the wages by 13.5%, 15% 17.5% and 20% at different levels of merger of the DA.


Needless to say the author has put lot of efforts in doing the ground work and given some very valuable suggestions in this regard.   Bankers needs to study the same and discuss pros and cons of such strategies with  their colleagues / union representatives and then arrive at their own strategies so that IBA does not corner the unions at the time of negotiations.   The readers may not agree with some of these suggestions, as we too have different views on some of the issues,  but the author has done good starting basic work for the union leaders.    The link for the EXCEL file is given at the end.  




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Below we are giving a link of EXCEL file which you can download.  This file has different scenarios of the likely revised pay scales at different levels of merger of DA for Officers :


Click Here to Download the EXCEL File giving different scenarios of pay scales at different levels for officers




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