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New Team Elected by AIPNBOA  

-  Retired Banker Mr Khera ousted.  Will It Bring A Change in Union Structures in Other Banks Too?

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Rajesh Goyal 




The reports indicate that In a fiercely contested elections,  a new central team has been elected by AIPNBOA at Kochi on 15th September 2012.   The new team is said to be headed by :-


  (a) Mr N Jogania - Chairman

  (b) Mr. PradeepKumar - President

  (b) Mr Ajay Jaitley - Working President

  (d) Dilip Saha - General Secretary



The team of Mr K D Khera (Retired) has lost after almost 3 decades of rule (some will love to read this as misrule).   One of the major issues in this hotly contested election was Serving vs Retired union leaders.    We have earlier been receiving numerous letters in our email that it is high time that retired union leaders must be ousted from all unions across the industry as they have no interest to protect the serving bankers.   It appears that this dream of some of the bankers in PNB must have been fulfilled.    



While going through some of the posts circulated during the AIPNBOA election period, the following words will echo in my mind and many more bankers for long time  "SBI Officers Association does not allow a Retired Person to continue as leader for a single day. Hence they are more powerful than us having so many facilities. Our Team Retired claims Association to be orphan without Mr. Khera but always demands AT PAR facilities with SBI. To protect members, we require a vibrant working leader. REJECT THE TEAM RETIRED. VOTE & SUPPORT TEAM CHANGER.



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I welcome this move wherein a trend has started that unions should be headed and officer bearers should be elected only from serving bankers.   In case this move gathers momentum, we will soon see a change in some other banks also where retired bankers are ruling the unions.  When I was in service, like my many other colleagues was against the trend of unions being headed by retired officers.  Now even after my VRS, I hold the same view.


The above is a new team and while scanning the above list, I could recollect having met Mr Ajay Jaitley only.   I wish the whole new team good luck.  I hope people like Mr Ajay Jaitley with his pleasing personality, will not only work towards the welfare of the serving bankers but also ensure that interests of the retired bankers are not  ignored.  There is a long road ahead with first major bottleneck being Xth BPS which is becoming due from 1st November, 2012.   Bankers have expectations, a honourable increase for the serving bankers, and updation of pension for retired bankers.   Both are certainly tough to be achieved in view of the financial position of the government and banks.  However, if issues are taken up at the right time and right plateform, a balance can be worked out.


I hope unions will now learn the new art of transparency in this age of internet.  Like all bankers, we at will also  wait for some good news for change in the union leadership at the industry level so that the burning issues are taken up with IBA in the right spirit.





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