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Kamlesh Chaturvedi 

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The next round of negotiations is now to take place on 22nd April, 2015.  Before we know the outcome of this meeting,  let us summaries the achievements / failures till 20th April 2015 (i.e. exactly 900 days from the date when 10th BPS had become due).   Herein we have merely regrouped the post of Mr Kamlesh Chaturvedi, a well know leader who had been taking up the cause of the bankers.   He had posted  this on his Facebook page about two days back.


Mr Chaturvedi says in its post as follows:

“It has been informed that next round of discussions with Officers Associations will be held on 22nd April. We understand that soon IBA will hold negotiations with workmen unions too. Though it would not be prudent to analyse and comment on outcome of negotiations held so far, still I have made an attempt to look at what has been demanded and what has been achieved so far on the basis of information received from Unions.    if I have committed any mistake, such mistake must be pointed out”.

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Issue / Topic


Achievement Till Date (20/4/2015)

Construction of Basic Pay :

Revision of Basic Pay w.e.f. 1-11-2012 by merger of D.A. payable at the average index for the quarter July-September 2012.

Revision of Basic Pay w.e.f. 1-11-2012 by merger of D.A. as on 01.11.2011 i.e 4440 points. By Agreeing to merger of DA one year prior to date of effect of the settlement i,r. 01.11.2012 will substantially reduce the revised Basic Pay as compared to justified and reasonable demand.

Construction of Basic Pay :

Construction of revised pay scales by loading thereafter at 30% to clerical staff and 35% to subordinate staff.

Construction of revised pay scales by loading 2% of the Basic plus DA as on 31.03.2012. Since DA as on 01.11.2012 would already be merged, very little DA would be left on 31.03.2012. Against demand of 30% loading by merger of DA Payable for the quarter July-September 2012 will further result in reduction of revised basic pay.

Improvements in Leave Rules



Casual Leave


Casual leave to be increased to 18 days.

Demand is NOT fulfilled

Availment of maximum CL at a stretch

The ceiling of maximum 4 days for availment of CL subject to a maximum of 6 days including prefixing / intervening / suffixing holidays to be removed.

Exact out come still unknown.

Unavailed CL

Unavailed Casual Leave to be sanctioned without medical certificate.


Privilege Leave Accumulation

Accumulation of Privilege Leave should be increased to 300 days


Demand is FULFILLED.


Encashment of PL

Encashment of Privilege Leave should be increased to 300 days. Where there is any shortfall under PL, Sick Leave to be allowed for encashment, if available.


Demand is NOT fulfilled. Neither Encashment of PL to 300 has been achieved nor sick leave Encashment to fill the shortfall has been achieved.

No of Occasions when PL should be permitted

Employees should be permitted to avail Privilege Leave on 5 occasions in a calendar year.


Demand is partially fulfilled, perhaps 4 occasions will be permitted.

Notice Period for PL

Notice period for availing privilege leave should be reduced from 30 days to 7 days


Demand is partially fulfilled as notice period has been reduced from 30 days to 15 days against justified demand of 7 days.


PL Availed on grounds of sickness

Privilege leave availed, irrespective of number of days, on grounds of sickness on production of medical certificate be allowed without being counted as a chance.


Outcome still not known

PL for Sickness of family members

Employees should be permitted to avail their privilege leave on production of sickness certificate even in cases of illness of their family members residing with them.


Outcome still not known

Encashment of PL for cases where job is lost

Privilege Leave encashment to be permitted in case of loss of job due to punishments/resignations.


Outcome still not known

Intervening Holidays for PL

Intervening holidays falling in between the leave period should not be counted as Privilege Leave.


Outcome still not known


CL for Physically Challenged Employees

25 days CL for physically challenged employees.


Outcome still not known.


COMMENTS BY ABS :   The above shows UFBU still has lot to discuss and finalise and the remaining days are only 35 (They have already wasted 900 days to finalise only three / four small issues as given above).  



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