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Silence on Next Date of Wage Revision -  Will UFBU Perish Like MMS Government ?



Rajesh Goyal 

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I am sure our readers must be able to recollect that about six months back I have written that UFBU will continue the delaying tactics till the elections are announced.   At that time itself in one of my articles I have suggested that UFBU must in advance approach to Election Commission to allow negotiations to continue, if these were not concluded before the elections are announced.   However, UFBU continued its stoic silence on the issue and in the weeks before the elections were announced,   UFBU leaders vehemently denied that announcement of elections will have any impact on the negotiation talks.     Time and again leaders of UFBU assured the members that IBA and UFBU  will continue with the negotiation talks even during election period, and gave false assurances that negotiations may conclude around June 2014. 

The poor bankers had no option, but to believe these leaders.  Ultimately, as soon as elections were announced they have gone to hibernations knowing well that their kitty of levy is swelling  even during the election period.   They organized a dummy meeting on 14th March, 2014, where no serious talks were held regarding wage revision.   They made fool of the bankers by saying that issues like 5 day banking, regulated working hours were discussed with IBA.  At the end of the circular they coolly informed their comrades that the next meeting will be held after about one month i.e. in the middle of April, 2014, and date will be finalised later on.  Great strategy for silencing their comrades for five weeks !

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On each morning, bankers curse their stars and repent for the day when they decided to join bank and allowed these maroon leaders a chance to lead the unions for negotiation of wage revision.   Time does not wait for any one.   Now even the period of almost 5 weeks have passed  since the last meeting of March 2014m but bankers have yet to hear about when and how they impressed upon IBA to fix their next date of negotiations?   Do these leaders feel that IBA will come to their home and beg for the next date of negotiation talks?   Instead  of putting pressure from day one for the next date of negotiation talks, they have preferred to sleep over and common banker has yet to see any circular as to when is the next date of negotiation will take place and what issues UFBU  plans to discuss in the next meeting.  As expressed in my earlier articles, in my heart I was sure that during the period from 1st March to 1st week of June,  2014, there will be hardly any progress, yet I like other bankers, hoped against hope, that I may be proved wrong this time by these leaders.     

It seems now these leaders have become totally shameless and arrogant like the Congress Government, who for last two or three years have been ignoring the cries of general public and were busy in only watching their personal interests.  The Congress is likely to pay heavy price in 2014 elections  for their arrogance and ignoring the general masses and indulging in corruption.   Now bankers too need to take  a pledge that they will throw out these leaders at the first available opportunity or else a common banker has to continue suffer with low wages, unregulated working hours.   The next meeting should have happened by now  (middle of April 2014 has already passed) but there are not even any hints for the same.     However, bankers are as helpless under these leaders as common Indian was during last five years under Congress regime.   At last, general public in India has started hoping that their will be fresh set of government - may he Modi or somebody else.   They are sure that they will get freedom from the present  non performing Prime Minister as  he has announced that he will retire.   Will UFBU leaders take any cue or lessons from this or they will perish like MMS ?


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