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Finally, Vijaya Bank Credits Pension To Petitioner Resignee Accounts





R K Pathank

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On the eve of Republic Day i.e. 25/01/2014, Vijaya Bank credited Pension to 21 petitioner resignees.  However, one of the petitioner is yet to get his account credited as he expired in accident in August 2013 & HRD of the Vijaya Bank is in dilemma to settle his claim.

It is expected NOW at least, management will take good decision to grant pension with commutation as on 27/11/2009 & arrears till August 2013 & there after family Pension. Let us wait & hope Bank will resolve the issue in couple of days.

To discuss the issue of pension to Resignee Petitioners, Board of Directors had its meeting on 28/12/2013, both the Directors (Workman as well as Officer) insisted for extending the pension option to all employees whose option was declined by referring clause No.7 of the circular No 10191 dated 07/09/2010. But the so called Guardian Directors of AUTONOMUS BODY refused to extend pension option to other than petitioner resignees by pointing figures towards IBA.

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It is also understood that in Vijaya Bank still 90 employees having qualifying service of more than 20 years were denied pension option by referring clause No.7 of the circular No 10191 dated 07/09/2010.

In order help the resignees to get pension option, a meeting of Bank Resignees is scheduled at Banglore on 03/02/2014 to chalk out action plan & fortunately Bank Retirees Organisation too are extending their support for this meeting.

In the past too, Retirees organization, Retirees Forum of Bank of Maharsahtra & All India Bank Pensioners & Retirees Confederation had extended the financial support to Petitioner Resignees.

The Resigned Employees of Public Sector Bank with qualifying service, for more details, may please contact R K Pathak on his cell no.09373053695 or at his email id

The Resignees resident of Karnataka state for their own interest are invited for meeting.


Comments by : There is a need to take lesson from all this episode that Bank Management and IBA needs to the responsive to the interpretations by bankers and all such intepretations should be taken liberally in favour of employees.  There should be wider interpretations.   Under this episode the Vijaya Bank management has suffered a severe beating from the Court.

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