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UFBU and IBA Now Merely Adopting Delaying Tactics To Tire the Bankers So That They Give Up Their Demand For  Honourable  Wage Revision



Rajesh Goyal 


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I am writing on wage revision issue almost after a month as during this period I was waiting for some concrete developments from either UFBU or IBA.   However, this wait has gone in  vain.    Let us start now with a round up of developments that have taken place in last 12 months i.e. date from which 10th BPS is due:-



Critical Dates



1st November, 2012

10th BPS became due for implementation

UFBU miserably failed to submit Charter of Demands at least six months before due date, as is allowed under BPS.  UFBU submitted Charter of Demands only on 30th October, 2013, and this too carried lot of discrepancies and inconsistencies which we have pointed out in our articles at that time.

22nd February,  2013

IBA agreed to hold the first regular meeting for negotiations on 4th March, 2013


4th  March 2013

Official 1st Meeting Scheduled between UFBU and IBA is postponed without announcing any further dates.

Later on this meeting was fixed for 22nd April, 2013

22nd April, 2013 (1st Meeting Held )


Even in this meeting, IBA merely tabled the statistics of current staff expenditure.  Next meeting announced for middle of May 2013.

1st Official meeting for wage revision negotiations held after about 6 months from the due date.  

[The details of this meeting and our views were uploaded and the link is :


 (a)  UFBU  MISERABLY  FAILS IN THE FIRST ROUND ITSELF - Part I  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 30/05/2013)

  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 03/06/2013)




15th May, 2013

As originally planned, no meeting held

Finally, the news came that next meeting is scheduled for 7th June, 2013 (i.e. after over 7 months from the due date)

7th June, 2013 (2nd Meeting held)

UFBU suggested wage revision talks to be completed in time.

This meeting took place after over 7 months from the due date.   IBA put up demands for CTC, Wage talks only upto Scale 3 etc.  However, IBA said it will inform the % of offer in the next meeting.  The details of this meeting can be downloaded form :  Meeting Dated 7th June is Again Listless  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/06/2013)

7th August, 2013

UFBU met Finance Minister for speedy conciliation of wage talks


12th August, 2013 (3rd Meeting)

IBA agreed that effective date will remain the date when wage revision had become due i.e. 01.11.2012;  IBA wanted mediclaim policy instead of hospitalization expenses.  IBA failed to keep its promise of announcing % of offer .

Even after passage of 9 Ĺ months from due due and three meetings, no progress except that due date will not change.  On the other hand IBA derailed the negotiation process by demanding new issues and talking of only miscellaneous issues rather than the main issue of hike in wages.  Click here to see details of the negotiations held in this meeting :


(a)Click Here to View the Full contents of the UFBU circular


 (b) Likely Scenario of New Basic Pay and DA after IBA and UFBU Have Agreed to Merge 4440 Points or 60.15% of DA - Detailed Analysis and Charts for Officers and Workmen Staff for the Likely Increase in Salary    by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/08/2013)


11th October, 2013 (4th Meeting)

IBA said that they do not have the mandate to give the quantum of wage revision

UFBU had become laughing stock of talking to people who do not have even mandate to give any commitments.    Click here for full details of the negotiations and our views :

(a) UFBU  CIRCULAR   DATED  12th October, 2013  DIAGNOSED - Another Failure Stares Top Union Leaders
  (uploaded on 12/10/2013)

(b)  IBA and UFBU Again Ditch Bankers  -  October 2013 Round too Fails  - What Stand UFBU Now Needs to Take on Issues 
-  by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/10/2013)

22nd October, 2013

UFBU undertakes demonstrations across the country

IBA did not budge.

21st November, 2013

UFBU to meet to decide future course of action.





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A snap shot review indicates that now it is more than a year since the BPS had become overdue, but only 4 meetings have taken place.    In the name of progress, there  is BIG ZERO, as barring IBA agreeing that effective date will be from the due date and offering merger of DA only upto October, 2011 (Instead of October, 2012), there is no progress.   Frankly, speaking both these announcements are irrelevant / against bankerís interest.  The first one is no concession, and second one is like snatching something from bankers which was due to them.    


I would like to know by what standards, the one year period, during which bankers have lost 100s of crores of rupees merely on account of interest, this can be justified.    The question is what stopped UFBU leaders to step up action during these long 12 months?


I am sure the headlines of this article are likely to raise number of eyebrows of union leaders and IBA.   But, I feel, there is a need to expose the nexus between IBA and UFBU leaders for delaying the 10th BPS.  It appears that their intentions are to tire and worn out bankers so that at the end they will accept whatever is offered.   This is a time tested strategy and this time it is much easier to befool in view of the forthcoming elections.


Today, I am taking a plunge to predict what is likely to happen over a period of 3 to 6 months i.e. upto May, 2014.   Please note that I am writing this article on 19th November, 2013, whereas UFBU will be finalizing its next course of action in its meeting on 21st November, 2013 i.e. 2 days from the date when this article is being written.    Although I have no inside information about UFBU but based on past trends I predict the following scenario in next 3 to 6 months :-


(a)   UFBU is likely to  issue a hardline statement after the meeting on 21st November, 2013.

(b)   UFBU is likely to  announce various agitational programme spanning over  a  period of 3 to 4 weeks, and ultimately  culminating into a strike call some time somewhere around middle of January, 2014;

(c)    Just before the strike date, IBA will appeal for calling of strike and both parties may go for reconciliation proceedings, and thereby calling off the strike and the meeting for negotiations may be held sometime towards the end of January, 2014.

(d)   It will be around this time that Election Commission is likely to announce Election Schedule for next Lok Sabha elections, and IBA is likely to put the boggy of model code of conduct and will try to postpone any serious negotiations only after elections i.e. May, 2014.   UFBU and IBA may also rake up the issue that it is difficult to convince government as MoF wishes to give firm commitments only after the new government is installed.   However, I feel these will be all boggies for delaying the matter.


I know that I may  be proved wrong and something dramatic may happen.   I wish that happens and I am proved wrong by UFBU and IBA and they are able to conclude the deal before April, 2014   If it is beneficial to bankers, I will be happy to be proved wrong.   However, if  the position taken by UFBU is on above lines,  it will be a clear cut  proof that they are moving on the predicted lines.


Some readers will certainly ask, what else should be done.    I am sure, if UFBU is sincere towards the bankers it will come out with a different strategy,  which confronts IBA head on in next 4 weeks and forces IBA to come to negotiating table with some serious commitments in the next meeting itself,  and give a time schedule which ensures that the wage negotiations are completed before Elections.     In case UFBU feels that Election model code can interfere with its negotiations, it should seek legal opinion and write to Election Commission (before 30th November, 2013),  to know their views, and ensure that Election Commission exempts   the same, on the plea that it is a continuous process, which has started much earlier and should not stop when model code of conduct comes to vogue.    I think such statements have been issued by Election Commission on some occasions, but UFBU needs to plan it right now.   However,  I have my serious doubts about the good intentions and good planning from leaders of UFBU who till date have miserably failed their cadre.   Thus, I am giving hints to UFBU leaders as to how they need to plan the things so that there is no further delay. 


I will like to confess here that I do not consider myself to be the ultimate word on such issues, but giving some practical suggestions and clues.   There can be even some better suggestions to ensure that IBA falls in line and agrees to conclude the deal before Lok Sabha Elections.    However,  UFBU needs to take into consideration the above suggestions and brain storm in the session and put up full details of the strategy to ensure that conclusion of 10th BPS takes place before Lok Sabha elections.


Like all other bankers, I too will be waiting for the next strategy by UFBU after the meeting on 21st November, 2013.







You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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