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This website is basically catering to the needs of the public who are interested in bank products and the taking up the issues relating to the bankers who are not at par with the central government employees in many respects.


There are number of issues for which bankers are fighting so that they can be at par or nearly at par with central government employees.   Most of the these issues relate to wage revisions, pension benefits, medical benefits etc.  Therefore, we have started this page, where we will uploading some of the articles, rules and regulations which are applicable to central government employees. 


Bankers, specially union leaders,  can read these and then fight for improvement in the service conditions of the bankers.  Sometimes there are no clear cut guidelines for bankers on some of the issues, bankers can check the rules applicable to central government employee and they can request  the management for adoption of similar rules.


Let bankers know where they actually stand vis-a-vis central government employees.

(Caution : These rules might not have the latest changes as is not closely following the day to day happenings for the central government employees, but it gives the broad guidelines for reference and comparison with facilities available to bankers)


















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