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Increase in Pay Slip Component Settled At 15% and Two Saturdays in a Month to Remain Off



Rajesh Goyal 

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We place below the details of the agreement reached between UFBU and IBA on 23rd February, 2015, which can be considered as breakthrough in over 28 months old overdue wage revision for bankers:-



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Thus, now it is almost seized that increase will be around 15% (it can vary to small extent for different Scales and at different stages) .   Two Saturdays in a month will remain off whereas two (sometime three in a month) other Saturdays will be full working days.    Now for other issues further discussions will be held resulting in detailed scales for workmen, Scale I to Scale VII, and fixing of stage to stage fitment etc.

Soon we will find lot of tables coming up giving the increase for various scales.   These will not be accurate but at best may give some approximate values if the person who prepares the same knows the full details.  Therefore, you may have patience but can always check the approximations that will be soon uploaded at various places.




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