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Time Taken for Revision of Salaries of Bankers vs Parliamentarians



Rajesh Goyal 

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The 10th BPS was due wef 01/11/2012 i.e. now it is over 17 months and our retired and tired UFBU leaders are still struggling to even sort out the basic framework of the revision.  A few days back I came across a graphical representation of the time taken by  Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on various bills.   I am pasting the same below for benefit of our readers :-



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The above graphical representation clearly shows that Lok Sabha took less than a minute to pass the Bill on salaries and allowances of ministers and Rajya Sabha passed the same in 2 minutes.   However, when it comes to bankers, even after 17 months of overdue period, no body seems to have any worries except bankers.

The whole country is now under the grip of Lok Sabha elections.   I am sure the bankers must have made up their mind to whom they are going to support.  Certainly it is a personal decision and I am sure a difficult one from the banker's point of view.   No party has come forward to offer any freebies to bankers in any shape.  Why ?  The main reason is that bank unions have a strong leaning towards left who have hardly any chance of winning in this election.  Thus, other parties  do not think bankers to be their vote bank and they feel all bankers are leftist leaning.    Left parties have always taken the banker for granted and in the name of workers unity, have cheated bankers time and again as they have never raised the issues of bankers strongly, except to raise the voice against bank reforms.   Even that they have failed to stop.   

UFBU has miserably failed to take the advantage of the pre-election period to extract an honourable settlement for the bankers.    After the new government is installed, bankers will be more at the mercy of the new government, who will be in no way in hurry to settle the issues. 

As agreed in the last meeting, the next meeting of negotiations is due to be held soon.   I am sure once again bankers will get circulars from UFBU explaining IBA's adamant stand and sugar coating of the words to make fool of the bankers.   There is a need for bankers to take a pledge that they will not support unions which have failed to protect the interests of the bankers.


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