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Rajesh Goyal 

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 I have written number of articles on the pathetic attitude of UFBU and its individual union leaders since 1st November, 2012 i.e. the date from which 10th BPS has become due.  Some of our enlightened contributors too have been in the forefront to send us full fledged articles with excellent analysis / suggestions for the union leaders.  Other less active readers, who in thousands in number,  have given their suggestions through comments columns used at the end of each article.   But these have no impact on the UFBU leaders except that they have forced to counter some of such arguments.

At our website we have requested  UFBU to send the Charter of Demands at least six months in advance.   However, they miserably failed and the Charter of Demand was submitted only and only on the day prior to the date when the new Wage Revision was due (31/10/2012).   Thus, there was no doubt that it never be implemented from the due date even if IBA and GoI desired so (and bankers were bound to lose interest on delayed payments).    However, we were criticized by leaders of UFBU and their die hard supporters for questioning the delay in submission of Charter of Demand.

After this there was no unanimity among the UFBU and nobody made any serious attempt for about 10 months to demand fortnightly meeting with IBA, and thus BPS started getting delayed.    Every Indian citizen was aware that General Elections to Lok Sabha will be held in May 2014 and after that future of Congress is uncertain.   ABS  through its articles took the initiative of reminding UFBU (right from November 2013 onwards) about the forthcoming Lok Sabha and need for early settlement of the BPS.    We also wrote that the best time is to get a settlement finalised before elections as at that time politicians do not want to antagonize any group and ready to dole out even higher increases.    However, ABS was again snubbed by the union leaders and their supporters and some of them openly wrote in social media that elections will have no impact on the progress of the 10th BPS negotiations and talks will continue during the elections and we will get better wage settlement after the elections.  


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Ignoring all the above suggestions given in my articles and various suggestions given by our readers through other articles and comments, is something all criminal negligence on the part of UFBU.  Now Aam Banker has landed in a situation where IBA is offering merely 11% and UFBU leaders do not have enough courage to take on the stable BJP Government as wrong tough stand can finish their careers.   Communist parties and other opposition parties, to which almost all the UFBU member unions are affiliated have no say in government policies.   Even Congress is fighting for its survival and have fought tooth and nail to get the post of Leader of Opposition.   They have failed as Mr.  Modi is too strong for them too. 

In the given circumstances, there is a stalemate.   Thus, in this scenario when I listened to the speech of Mr Modi at Mumbai (already uploaded by us  as
 "Now Modi Himself Praises Bankers and Acknowledge Their Untiring Efforts In Meeting His Dream of Jan Dhan Yojana Ė UFBU leaders Must Go and Meet PM and Gear Up to Highlight This and Ask IBA and Ministry of Finance to Give Honourable Settlement"  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 05/10/2014)  there was a ray of hope.   Later on a press release  came to our knowledge and we wrote another article.  (News Update at PMO website - PM Office Praises Excellent Work by Bankers - Bank Unions On Backfoot.  Will Modi Make Bank Unions (UFBU) Irrelevant in Few Months ?  by Rajesh Goyal  (uploaded on 08/10/2014) ).     I wrote the above referred two articles  as there was a ray of hope.    These articles were read and appreciated by lakhs of bankers across all the banks and across the country (of course, certain people continue to doubt the credentials of new PM) .    Instead of grabbing the God sent opportunity and opening channels with new Government (wth Mr Narendra Modi as PM who wishes to implement his Jan Dhan Yojana through banks), Union leaders started talking about untouchable BJP and Narendra Modi.   There was also a campaign to malign and dub us as following the agenda of BJP.   Some of the union leaders (on social media ) even challenged us to approach Prime Minister and arrange a meeting.  

I was wondering that union leaders who claim following of lakhs of bankers and who receive crores of rupees on monthly basis as subscription, are asking a retired banker like me to arrange for meeting with Prime Minister.   Although at present my financial position is not precarious yet I have only limited resources and can not launch all India level agitation from my own retirement funds.   Let me remind our readers that  being retired I feel I do not have the mandate and energy to lead such a massive movement where more and more youngsters are joining.   After lot of tussle in my mind, I decided to write to PMO on this issue and request them to break this deadlock

I visited  and then registered myself under the heading "Interact with Hon'ble PM"  ( on 8th October, 2014.  .  This is the website where anybody can register.   I am not sure whether all the UFBU leaders have their accounts under this website (or they consider this website also untouchable as it has our PM Narendra Modi's photo).     Even after registering, it took me a day to decide whether it will be good idea to write to PMO in my individual capacity, when I am not the stakeholder directly.  (I am retired and not holding any post of union / organization, and my salary is not going to be revised under this BPS).  Whether such a move will be appreciated by UFBU or it will be termed as something like my hidden agenda. 

Anyway, finally I decided to write a letter and post the same. at the website of PMO. I decided to be frank and write the truth to PMO and not seek anything for me but for the general bankers and UFBU.  The following is the broad write up sent to PMO :-




I am a retired banker and now work as a free lancer and regularly write my views on financial matters at our website, which has a huge following on internet and on an average these days over 1,00,000 (one lakh) pages are viewed on DAILY basis.   Visitors are bankers as well as non bankers.

Recently, we have written two articles appreciating the PM,  Shri Narendra Modiís speech at Mumbai election rally and the News Update by  PMO relating to the acknowledgement of the excellent role played by bankers in make successful the Jan Dhan Yojana, the links for which are as follows:-

Both these articles have been read by few lakh bankers across India.

These articles have evoked keen interest of the bankers towards Modi Government, but bank unions (almost all of them have affiliation to opposition parties) are not feeling comfortable with our views (as some of them feel BJP and Mr Modi to be untouchable as USA used to feel a few months back) and challenging  us to approach PM for a meeting.  Therefore, we have decided to make a request through your office not for us but for Aam Banker.

We  know it will be extremely difficult to spare time for PM, but we would like to put on record that there are about 10 lakh bankers and alongwith their families they have lot of influence in almost all spheres of life and creating goodwill for the Government.    Therefore, we request you to please  arrange a meeting of UFBU leaders with PM ( is  not part of that group).    

In the meantime, we would request you to update us about the steps being taken by union government to settle the issue of Wage Revision for bankers  which was due on 1/11/2012, and a stalemate is continuing as IBA is not budging to go beyond offer of 11%.    An email to us from PMO about the status can defuse lot of tension through which a banker is passing these days.

We will be pleased to offer any help needed by PMO to ensure that PMís views /message reaches the bankers across the country, and an awareness is created  among bankers about the vision of PM.  (we have visitors across all banks, across all States and across all union members).  We are not affiliated to any political party.

I hope you will consider our above requests,  as we are making these requests on behalf of  Aam banker who slogs daily in branch for hours beyond his normal working hours.

With highest regards,

Rajesh Goyal"


On submitting the above write up, the website showed the message that it has been successfully submitted.  However, we have yet to receive any email confirmation about its finally reaching PMO.

After submitting the above write up through online website, I was again in dilemma whether to share this email with our readers immediately or wait for few days and then share the reply or non receipt of the reply.   After three days of mental tussle, I decided to share the same with our readers on 13th October 2014.

Anyway now the above write up has been submitted by me on behalf of Aam Banker, but certain questions remain to be answered for which I would like to get suggestions from our readers :-

(a) Why UFBU is hesitant to take up the matter directly with PMO when this facility is available online?   Why some union leaders  are questioning my credentials and they want that I should write to PM and arrange a meeting.  Are they afraid of approaching PM? If yes, why?   How we can prompt these leaders so that they open the channels with new PM;


(b) In case the above referred letter / write  has been received and read by PMO officials,  there are following  possibilities :

                  (i) It may be considered as a complaint / suggestion from an entity which has no legal backing and thus may be considered as not worth replying and sent to dustbin ;

                  (ii) It may considered as a complaint on behalf of lakhs of bankers and PMO  might have already been initiated some action at some level and some suo motto announcements may be made, but no reply sent to us;

                  (iii) There may be reply to our  query in the routine matter and without any benefits to bankers.  We will have the satisfaction that we did our duty for the Aam Banker but our system does not allow us to go further.


In case a reply is received, it will be wonderful and we will be able to seek further suggestions from our readers.   However, in case no reply is received by us from PMO, then question will arise as to how it can be followed up with PMO ? Anybody who has knowledge about the system followed by PMO may inform us about the same so that we can start preparing for the same.

(c) Now ABS has taken this initiative, should UFBU not help us in follow up with PMO to get a reply? Is ABS too is untouchable as Mr Modi? 

(d) In case ABS does not get reply and UFBU too fails to take the initiative to approach PMO, what other options should ABS explore to end this stalemate?.   One option we are considering is giving a paid advertisement in one or two newspapers, as UFBU has never agreed to take this route even on earlier occasions.   What will be the cost of giving such an advertisements (making an appeal to PM) in some prominent newspapers by ABS ?.  (No collection to be made but to be contributed exclusively by ABS).   Readers who are associated with publicity departments  of respective banks can send me some of the quotes for our review whether we can really bear such a cost?   OR should it be done by UFBU as suggested by us and our readers in comments on many occasions ?  The suggestions for contents of appeal  to be given in newspapers (to be very brief) can be uploaded in comments column or sent to us through email.

Based on the suggestions of our readers and reply / no reply  from PMO, we will review whether ABS has to follow up the issue or UFBU will take up this responsibility  as they collect members subscription and thus are answerable to their cadre.

I know we have initiated a new Chapter at social media to counter the ineffective UFBU and there will be lot of hue and cry among the unions and their supporters.    Whether we will be successful to shake the UFBU or not - only future will tell and will depend on the interest shown by Aam Banker  in this moment to force UFBU to listen to their demands ?   In the process I may have to spend few thousands of rupees from my personal pocket but we are ready to do so for the benefit of the Aam Banker as we do  NOT wish to collect funds from any banker, as respective unions are already collecting crores of rupees and are not answerable to anybody.   Please be ready to counter union leaders who are likely to give this move a political colour /  motive or so.   Tell everybody about the truth that ABS is not collecting any money nor it wishes to join any political party.  Remember my age and health does not permit to do so and I do not want to be a parasite like some of retired leaders heading their unions.    Let God give us strength so that we can continue our efforts to bring TRUTH to the knowledge of each and every banker.  Make this known to as many bankers as possible.  We need your good wishes and not subscription fee.


You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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