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HELPLINE -  Service Matters of Bankers -  Denial / Delay in Promotions, Disciplinary Actions, Release of Increments, Non Payment of HRA / other allowances etc.

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Discussion Forum for Bankers - Service Matters



We have been receiving number of queries from our readers who seek guidance in individual matters relating to service matters like denial of promotions / increments, taking disciplinary action on flimsy grounds, non payment of HRA / other allowances. Some bankers also seek clarification on issues relating to leave, LFC etc.    Such bankers have to run from pillar to post to get the relevant guidelines or specific circulars to clear their doubts.   Some issues are relating to banking industry but some are specific to a bank.    In view of the resource constraints at ours,  we are not able to reply to such queries.  Moreover, we do not have the latest internal guidelines of each bank.   However, our readers are from wide spectrum of banks and locations, and they have wide experience in the respective fields.   Therefore, we feel our readers can better resolve their issues if they share these among themselves


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Thus, on experimental basis we are starting this HELPLINE for discussing different issues like Service Matters.   Separate pages are being allotted for broad categories on which bankers usually raise questions.   As per needs, we will keep on adding new categories.   


Let the affected banker give a brief of his issue on the relevant page and then other readers can respond to the same.   We would like that bankers who have experience of working in Personnel Divisions of banks can be a great help.   Retired bankers can also contribute towards this as they have wide experience and it will strengthen the bonds with serving bankers.   Such bankers are requested to visit this page on regular basis and help their fellow bankers.     Sometimes even we at  will also post the reply / suggestion.    We hope this will help bankers.   


Terms and conditions for use of this Helpline :  We would like to make it clear that there should be no personal attack on any individual even if you feel he has not done justice to you (Give his Designation and true facts).    You  can certainly give the name of your organisation as replies will need such an information, but don't try to unnecessarily harm the reputation of your organisation which is your bread and butter.  Give correct facts and be transparent.   The posts which do not meet such criteria will be deleted.   Readers can also inform ( if any specific offensive material is noticed and they wish the same to be deleted.    We will review and consider the same for deletion and / or permanently blocking contents from such a person.  The forum is meant for healthy discussions and resolving the issues of fellow bankers and not to settle personal scores.  We hope bankers will make full use of this Helpline and it will not be used as a mere pass-time or wasting your and others time by giving irrelevant comments.   If the original postee feels that his / her issues has been resolved, he should post the same with the final outcome.  This will help other bankers to know the true position and people will not post further comments. 




You can post your queries and replies on Service Matters relating to bankers :


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