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Tentative Salary Pay Scales and Some Other Details are Now Available : Impact of New Scales on Aam Banker




Rajesh Goyal 

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Last two days  (19th and 20th May 2015) have been very hectic for bankers as we have found  one or the other Chart of the 10th BPS being uploaded on some website or on the FaceBook.   We have tried to restrict ourself from uploading any of those charts as NO one is sure which chart is accurate or will be part of the final BPS. 

After studying various circulars (authentic as well as unauthentic), we have tried to summarize the likely Pay Scales, DA and some other allowances.  Frankly speaking these can not be termed as final and may undergo minor changes.   However, broadly these represent what you are likely to get in the final BPS which is likely to be signed only on 25th May, 2015.

Based on the analysis of the scales accessed by us from various sources, the following are the  salient features :-

(a)            As decided at very early stage there is no full merger of DA and bankers are losing the merger of DA for almost one year.  Thus starting DA in November 2012 is not zero but 10.90% as on 1st November 2012 (in CPC, the full DA is merged and DA on the date of settlement becomes zero).  It will adversely impact the bankers in the long run as they will lose the additional DA, HRA and CCA on this reduced


(b)            As we have predicated much earlier, the new DA factor will be 0.10 per slab and it is so now.   This is a set back for those who were claiming that UFBU will be able to extract this upto 0.12 and some were foolishly hoping this to be as high as 0.15  per slab.


(c)             One Additional stagnation increment has been proposed for each of the Scale II, III and IV.   This is good for those who have not taken promotions for years and are stagnating at the top of these scales.


(d)            Grade Pay / Spl Pay along with DA is likely to be part of the new scales.   But it is not yet clear whether these will form part of the superannuation benefits.


(e)             The demands of retired bankers seems to have been totally ignored by UFBU and IBA and these are NOT  likely to be part of the settlement.  Thus, senior citizens may have to take shelter of Courts, if no concrete steps are taken to settle these issues;


The Grade Pay with DA seems to be only done under pressure as ABS exposed UFBU and IBA sell out as early as 25th February 2015, as agreement provided for mere 2% increase in Basic Pay.   Number of lower rank union leaders wrote against us and claimed that we are misleading.   In view of hue and cry at social media sites, unions were forced to beg for grade pay.  However, IBA has still been able to make fool of the UFBU as it has saved HRA and CCA  on the Grade Pay (which would have been payable to Basic Pay).  Thus Grade Pay is not the same thing as increase in Basic Pay (in Central Govt. grade pay is eligible for HRA as well as transport allowance !!).   Moreover, it is likely to  adversely affect the bankers who are going to retire from 1st November 2012 to 31st October 2017 as their pensions may be fixed only at lower ends.  Thus, bankers will be adversely affected inspite of the fact that grade pay / special pay with DA is being announced; 

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(a)             The introduction of grade pay  is beneficial to Scale IV, V, VI and VII of officers as they will get higher %age of grade pay, whereas workmen and officers upto Scale III have been offered lower grade pay.   Reasons are not clear.  Thus, ultimately Scale IV to Scale VII may be able to get an increase of more than 15% on the Pay Slip, whereas at some stages workmen and officers may suffer.


We will update our readers as and when some more authentic information is received by us.


We give below two links wherein you can download pdf  files giving the details of the Pay-Scales and other details about 10th BPS as released in tit and bits by various leaders.

(a)         Tentative Pay Scales, DA and Other Allowances for Workmen


(b)        Tentative Pay Scales, DA and Other Allowances for Officers



PS :

Note : WE BANKERS at Kanpur have been on dharna as Dy CLC there has not adhered to their demand.   They have called all the members near Kanpur to join them so that this Agreement can be deferred.  They have also requested to send an email to CLC Delhi.    The following is the text posted at one of our articles in comments column (Posted around 12.00 Noon on 21st May 2015):-


At the request of Shri P P Mitra, Chief Labour Commissioner, the Satyagraha by the aam bankers was ended late in the night. Today the aam bankers of Kanpur and nearby places in U.P. will be again visiting the offices of the Dy CLC to follow up our case. In the meantime, those residing in far away places are requested to send a mail in the following format, directly to the CLC, Delhi:

(mail id with a copy marked to we.bankers.association 

Employee ID / Staff Number:
Bank & Branch:
Shri P P Mitra
Chief Labour Commissioner ©
New Delhi


Sub: Industrial Dispute Raised by Bankers Association, Kanpur,

I invite your immediate attention to the Industrial Dispute moved at your office on 23.01.2015 by Bankers Association, Kanpur and subsequently transferred to the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner by your office on 09.02.2015. I am also an interested person in the said Industrial Dispute.

While the Dy CLC should have proceeded in the matter as per law, it has now come to light that he has been sitting over the matter for more than three months without initiating any action.

It has also been reported that yesterday, even when a certified copy of the order of the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court was sought to be served on him along with a request to initiate immediate conciliation proceedings as per law, the Dy CLC has not allotted even an ID No. to proceed with the dispute, but has dealt with our request like a routine administrative issue.

His said action/inaction has led to a serious situation which is detrimental to the interests of the bank employees and is likely to result in irreparable damage to our service conditions. Besides it also suggests a larger conspiracy and collusion with the parties against whom the said dispute has been initiated.

Therefore I humbly seek your immediate intervention in this dispute which alone will ensure faith among the bank employees on the system of conciliation machinery and also assure them that the highest office of the CLC © is not part of any conspiracy in the matter.




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