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2nd Pension Option to Resignees  -  Organisations Which Have Filed Legal Cases  - Consolidation

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Rajesh Goyal 



A few days back we have announced that we will continue to  support  the right to get the 2nd Pension option to resignees.  At the same time we have requested that we would like our readers to update us about the various cases or organisations which are fighting for this cause across India.   We are now trying to bring all these at a single point so that they are inter-act each other to get better results.   t


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We give below the details of two organisations which have sent certain details to us.   In case any our readers are in knowledge of any other organisation or case decided or pending in any Court, please give details in the comments column of this page itself so that we have a consolidated list.   



(A)    R.K. Pathak <> has informed that they have formed a registered organisation called "Resigned Bank Employees Welfare Association" and have about 300 members approximately.


They have filed Writ Petition in Delhi High Court and the same is admitted on 17/11/2011.   Respondents are Ministry of Finance, IBA and 23 PS Banks and 8 Private sector banks.  WP is in process of serving summons to respondents still 12 respondents are yet to be served the summons.


(B) mayank verma <> has informed that they are running an association styled as Bank of India Retired Emp Association UP and Uttarakhand Unit.   They have filed a WP in Allahabad High Court during last year.   Affadavit by respondents and counter affidavit by them have been filed in the Court.   However, the writ is yet to be listed and to be taken up for hearing.  



A review indicates that the above are only at a Preliminary stage and the process is likely to take long time for them.    Moreover, these are old cases, and there is a need to file cases in the light of the recent High Court judgement, and affected persons have to fight IBA which is likely to move to Supreme Court.


Any organisation or group of persons who intend to file such a case or fight against IBA in Supreme Court can contact us and we will try to help them with the required inputs.    We would like some volunteers to come forward who can draft Letters / Memos to be sent at various levels to create pressure for release of 2nd pension option to resignees and other left over bankers.






You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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