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Salary Arrears Estimator  Purely Based on Projections and For Test Purpose



Ashwani Suri

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We give below a link to an Excel sheet which has been sent by Mr Ashwani Suri, a senior banker, who had earlier also contributed arrears calculators in the 9th BPS as well as calculators for income tax purposes.

This worksheet is pure estimate based on MoU signed by Unions wih IBA till 23rd February, 2015, as per interpretation by Mr Ashwani Suri himself.

The purpose of uploading this arrear calculator is not to give you what will be get as the final arrears, but to test the same and give some broad estimates.  The readers are requested to try various combinations and test the same and send suggestions to the author of this calculator directly (i.e. at so that he can go through these and fine tune the same so that once 10th BPS is finally concluded within so called 90 days, you get an arrear sheet which is more or less fully compatible with the final agreement. 

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Download the Excel Sheet of Projected Arrears Calculator (Ver 1.0) by Ashwani  Suri)




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