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2nd  Round of Sub Committee Meetings Are Damp Squab


Rajesh Goyal 

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The much awaited Sub Committee Meetings on Issues Relating to Officers and Workmen held separately on 16th and 17th March, 2015, appears to be damp squab.   It appears UFBU  leaders have nothing much to say about the progress in wage revision and IBA is only passing time and once again tiring these leaders to sign on the dotted lines sometime in May / June 2015, even on non-monetary issues.   A good number of rumors start making round right from the morning when the date for negotiation / sub committee meetings comes.

After the meeting is concluded, UFBU Leaders just keep silent or issue brief SMS and wait for 24 hours to issue a very well guarded statements which try to hide more than reveal the real progress in talks.

Let us see what does ALL INDIA BANK OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION’s circular No.7/VI/2015 dated March 16, 2015  (II ROUND SUB COMMITTEE MEETING ON OFFICERS ISSUE) says :

Circualr Reads As follows

What We Make out of this

In continuation of the earlier meeting held on January 14, 2015  one more round of discussion on Officers  issues, was held at IBA office today, at 3.00 pm.


IBA was represented by Sh. Ashwini Kumar, CMD, Dena Bank, Sh. Shailesh Verma, CGM, SBI, Sh.M.V.Tanksale, CEO, IBA, Sh. K. Unnikrishnan, Dy.CEO, IBA, besides officials of HRD Department of IBA. AIBOA and INBOC were representated by its General Secretaries.  Other organizational representatives were also present.


The CEO, IBA while initiating the discussion complemented for arriving at the M.O.U on 23rd February, 2015, emphasized the need to conclude the finalization of the matters at the earliest.  Shri Ashwini Kumar  also congratulated the leadership for clinching the wage component together with 2 days holidays on Saturdays.


It is attendance sheet and self praise for MoU dated 23rd February (which bankers are feeling like a sell out)




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It was mutually accepted that the salary and allowances, as well as the perquisites and medical facilities listed in the charter of demand will be taken up for discussions once the draft scales are drawn up by the IBA for discussion. 













In the matter of discipline and Appeal regulations, it was agreed to submit once again a comprehensive chart to IBA which will be taken up for discussion by a small committee of IBA for further discussion in the HR committee of the IBA.   In the matter of regulated working hours, it was agreed by IBA to issue a communication to the member banks, not to call officers on Sundays and Holidays, except on some specified emergent circumstances.

No talks / progress on issues relating to perks and medical facilities as it was agreed that these will be discussed only after scales are drawn by IBA (Fail to understand why scales needs to be drawn by IBA?  Why UFBU could not draw scales on its own based on MoU?  Rather than leaving it to IBA to tinker with the issues already agreed, UFBU should have been pro-active and drawn the best possible scales and then sought approval of IBA and reasons for not accepting the same.   It would have been given better leverage to the bankers.




Discipline and Appeal regulations : Deferred to be first discussed in HR committee of IBA.  


Regulated working hours no definite action, only IBA to send an advisory to banks not to call officers on Sundays and Holidays

In the matter of leave rules, it has been broadly agreed to follow the provisions of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations. 






A clear submission was made to monetize the LTC scheme on the lines of RBI. 


The income stipulation for categorizing the “dependent” has been agreed to be enhanced substantially with the stipulation that the dependent is not an Income Tax payee. 


It has been agreed to recommend to the government to consider Banking Administrative Tribunal on the lines of CAT. 


It was also informed that the protection of emoluments on transfer will also be positively considered, as the same was drawing the attention of the top management team of the various banks. 


As the issues discussed are to be given an appropriate shape, we may term this round of discussion as inconclusive. 


Only broadly agreed.  Leave rules based on 6th Pay Commission.  Will there been child care leave for bankers too  or only CLs will be reduce to 8 from 12 as was done in sixth PC?   Why CPC only for leaves and not for Pay Scales, Pension benefits?


It is only a submission and yet to be discussed.



If it is agreed that non IT Payees (such as parents) will be included for LTC, it will certainly help a good number of bankers.




Recommendations to Govt to consider BAT on the lines of CAT is a good move provided government agrees to the same.



Protection of emoluments on transfer will be considered positively but no agreement as yet.




Unions agree that these are yet to be given an appropriate shape, and thus nothing is yet finalized and these are merely under discussion.




In our considered assessment there is certainly a forward movement in this round of discussion.  It was expressed by the representatives of IBA to arrive at a positive conclusion by the end of this month through mutually convenient date of negotiations. It was further informed that IBA is actively engaged in drawing up the draft  scales of pay and expected to discuss  the same at an earliest possible time with us.



Next date of meeting is yet to be decided.




Thus, we can say that after 23 days from date of MoU no proposal has yet been finally accepted by IBA and these are only under discussion.

Till mid night on 17th March, 2015, there is no authentic information from workmen unions.    The past trend shows that detailed circular from Workmen union is expected to be released by evening of 18th March 2015, with backdated 17th March date.


Comments by ABS :

There is nothing to really to comment upon as nothing has been finalized as yet.  Leaders are keeping complete silence on two major issues, which will  have major impact for the bankers  :-

(a)  The clarification on increase of mere 2% in Basic Pay;

(b)The issues relating to retired bankers – 2nd pension option to left overs, updation of pension etc.


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