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Is It Complete Breakdown of Co-ordination between IBA and UFBU or Match Fixing Between Two ?


Rajesh Goyal 

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The new year 2014 has dawned and now it is over 14 months that 10th BPS has become overdue and still we do not appear to have even broken the ice.   IBA while offering 5% increase (after 5 years i.e. @ 1% are annum ) did not feel apologetic and UFBU meekly listened to it and announced the agitational  programme, including strike, on the expected lines.  There was no strong reactions for such a low offer and out of box thinking for drastic move to corner IBA.   Both moved on the expected lines.

The recent circulars issued by UFBU and various unions shows that either there is complete breakdown of co-ordination / talks between IBA and UFBU or they are working in close tandum and it is a match fixing between two to create confusion and delay the process of next meeting so that Elections are announced and IBA takes an alibi to postpone the talks for few months.  The recent circulars indicate the following :-

(a) UFBU has announced that there will be strike on 20th and 21st January, 2014'

(b) IBA has called UFBU for negotiations on 29th January, 2014;

(c) UFBU's strike is for early wage negotiations and against bank reforms

(d) Chief Labour Commission has called the representatives of UFBU and IBA conciliation meeting on 13th January, 2014 at New Delhi

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Let us now analyze what does these mean.   UFBU has announced strikes for early wage revision and stoppage of bank reforms.  Although IBA is negotiating for wage revision, but no one from GoI has given any answer to the demands of UFBU for stoppage of bank reforms.  Thus, in these conditions, the reconciliation meeting has no meaning.   IBA will not have a mandate to give any commitment that GoI will not go for bank reforms.   Therefore, if UFBU continues its demand for stoppage of bank reforms, then strike is imminent i.e. it has to go on strike under all circumstances.     Inspite of knowing very well that UFBU has given a call for strike on 20th and 21st January, 2014, IBA has offered next date of negoatiions as on 29th January, 2014.


This means (a) IBA does not care for the strike by UFBU as it knows it does not have any affect and with repeated threats of strikes, UFBU will lose its public face;  (b) IBA is in hand glove with UFBU so that the negotiation talks can be delayed as much as possible to save the banks hundreds of crores of in the shape of interest.

Thus, we can conclude that there is complete breakdown of co-ordination between IBA and UFBU and the strike, which is likely to be held on 20th and 21st January, will not have any impact on IBA and bankers are likely to merely lose their wages for two days as UFBU's main agenda is to meet the demands of Left Parties i.e. oppose the bank reforms.   As in the past, Unions will continue to make fool of their cadre and without much results to their credit and keep IBA land GoI is good humour.




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