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Why Young Generation Bankers Are Agitating on 13th September?




 Kamlesh Chaturvedi

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Comments by ABS : We have received the following write up about the forthcoming agitation programme mainly steered by young bankers from Kamlesh Caturvedi.  This views us an overview about the reasons as to why young generation of bankers are agitated with existing UFBU leadership.  Mr Chaturvedi is one of the most recognisable faces on social media that is taking up the cause of bankers.  The best part about him is that he is equally good in his write ups - both in Hindi and English.   Although, on few occasions his views appear to be radical but enjoy them and his jokes and antidotes in Hindi brings frequently smiles on my face.   Now we give below his views on the latest agitation and request the bankers to enjoy the movement and DELHI CHALO.


Young generation of bankers irrespective of Bank, Cadre and Union affiliation have decided to lead from the front and have decided to demonstrate and show their strength on 13th September 2014 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to protest against the number of Percentage game played by UFBU during the course of Negotiations for wage revision. These youngsters are agitating for equality which has been upheld by Sastry Tribunal long back and have demanded:

(1) Equality in wages at Par with Central Government Employees

(2)Equality in the matter of Pension and at Par with Central Government Employees

(3)Equality in number of working days in a week i.e. 5 Day working


A mass level propaganda has been launched across internet on facebook, whatsapp and other social media sites. There is overwhelming response from all over the country.


These youngsters have shown their resentment and dissatisfaction against retired leaders participating in negotiation process. Thus, 13th September 2014 march to Jantar Mantar can be seen as beginning of new era in the trade union movement of Banking Industry. Till now top leaders have been complaining that new entrants are career minded and they seldom participate in trade union activities. Now if these youngsters assemble in thousands at Jantar Mantar on 13th, it would mean that constituent unions of UFBU are facing a situation of revolt by youngsters who have been deprived to raise their voice and participate in trade union activities. Majority of these youngsters are even demanding end of  present era of Bipartite Settlement and demanding inclusion of Bank Employees in Pay Commission.

At a time when further round of talks are scheduled to be held on 17th September after meeting of IBA officials with Secretary of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, resentment and dissatisfaction of youngsters irrespective of bank, cadre and union affiliation has put a question on basic objective of bringing industrial peace and harmony in banking industry. These youngsters are planning to raise the matter before Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Government of India, Ministry of Labour handing over him resolution passed by them and demanding his intervention treating the dispute as dispute between workmen and workmen as defined under Section 2(k) of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.



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Top Leaders of the constituent Unions owe a duty towards these young bankers who are their members to come forward for either justifying and convincing them for what they are doing or else guiding and inspiring these youngsters by coming out of the negotiations process and demanding equality in the matter of pay, pension and number of days working and becoming instrumental in bringing about the revolutionary changes in the present day trade unions by introducing inner democracy of electing leaders through secret ballot irrespective of size of the Union, bringing transparency in the union and fixing accountability of elected leaders of the Union.

 These youngsters have appealed each and every bank employees across the country to join them on 13th at Jantar Mantar New Delhi and have requested those who are not able to come because of distance to wear black belt around their hand as mark of their support.


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