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What Unions Need to Do Now That Strike Will Take Place on 10th & 11th February, 2014



Rajesh Goyal 

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We all now know that 2 days strike on10th & 11th February, 2014 is likely to be a reality as the meeting with CLC have remained inconclusive / failed, and IBA is not agreeable to further enhance the offer of 10%.  I have been writing on the issue of wage revision and has received the tremendous response endorsing my views and analysis.   So many well wishers have asked me to form a new union and I should lead the same,  or guide them in the matter.   Some of  them even have questioned our silence on such proposals.   However, there is a small group, having close relationship with unions, who feel that I am too harsh on the union leaders.   Before, I give my suggestions for immediate implementation, let me clarify that  they is no time to think of forming a union as talks are in mid-way, and I have no intentions of forming a new union as having retired from service, I fell it will be inappropriate for me to have direct involvement in the leadership of any union.   However, all of you should be ready to float a new union if UFBU fails  to meet your expectations this time,  Thus, this is only a long term plan, but at present we have to look out for short term strategy which can bring results in the present BPS.   Therefore, today I will like to suggest few things in the current scenario.

Coming to the current scenario, I feel UFBU has failed to show the initiative to take head on with IBA or Govt of India.   The last few meetings indicate that they are mere spectators and it is IBA which rules the meeting, and UFBU leaders are rather snubbed.   The combined leadership of UFBU seems to be too meek and is not in a position to bring  any out of the box ideas and confront IBA.   Thus, bankers have been losing hope but have been able to build at least a reasonable pressure on some of the leaders who feel that if they fail this time, they are likely to lose their territory.   This is a good sign.   In last few days, we have uploaded two articles - one from Mr Dilip Saha and another from Mr Harvinder Singh.   I have supported the contents of both the letters.   I feel happy to put on record that these two articles received the maximum viewership and likes and comments indicate that Aam Banker is in support of such moves.   However, it is a matter of concern that the letter of Mr Dilip Saha still remains unanswered and the letter of Mr Harvinder Singh I could not trace on the AIBOC website.   I am not sure what are the reasons.   Are they afraid to take or talk head on these issues with UFBU or other union leaders?  (I hope both of them still stand by their respective letters).   Anyone who has any information is requested to share the same through comments on this page or soon cadre of AIBOC will feel cheated.


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Let me now talk about some suggestions assuming that Mr Dilip Saha, Mr Harvinder Singh and at least some more union leader are sincere and they really meant what they have written in their recent two circulars.  In the letter Mr Harvinder Singh have rightly given the details of the pathetic condition of bankers.   I suggest the following :-

(a) UFBU should hold an emergency meeting immediately, if it is not possible to bring all the members at one place, let the meeting be through net conference and pass  a resolution that all of them endorse the views / sentiments expressed in the letter of Mr Harvinder Singh.  (if some other unions suggest some minor changes, the same may be included, , but essence of the contents can continue);

(b) They should hold a Press Conference jointly on 9th February, 2014 (Sunday) at a 5 Star hotel  and invite all big media personnels.  (I am suggesting 5 star hotel, as my experience is that attendance of media personnels increase manifold if it is held at such venues).  At this meeting the comparative salary figures of bankers and government servants should be circulared as in 1980 and as on today.

(c) A Press Advt. be prepared immediately giving a summary of the contents of Mr Harvinder Singh's letter and all leading newspapers should carry this 1/4 page advertisement on 10th February, 2014.   I know it will cost above Rs 50 lakhs, but Unions are cash rich and if we divide Rs 50 lakh with the strength of about 10 lakh bankers, the cost is merely Rs 5 per head.   The bigger Unions / Officers union should bear the cost of advertisements in newspapers like Economic Times / Hindustan Times / Times of India, whereas small unions can bear the cost of smaller local newspapers.   Or the money can be pooled.   I am sure, even if total expenditure is Rs 1 crore on this public image building, bankers will happily contribute Rs 10/- to Rs 15/- additionally as they are ready to deduct two day salaries which is anything between Rs 1000/- to Rs 6000/-. [Frankly speaking, I was thinking of giving advertisement in one or two newspapers at my expense for the benefit of bankers, but shelved the idea, when I checked the rates of these newspapers,  as the cost was too high to be borne by me from my savings or current income.]

(d) Unions should make use of social media and websites like by sending the detailed Press Releases giving authentic comparative figures between bankers and central government staff.  They should issue a general request to all bankers that each and everyone of them should send this to every friend / contact through internet so that maximum public awareness is created to confirm that bankers are getting far less than their counterparts in the government.

(e) All the above steps have to be taken up unitedly by all Unions  and with full vigor and all cylinders must be fired to create a public opinion in favour of the banker

(f) In today's newspapers Delhi Police have given an advertisement for allowing Dharnas at Ramlila Grounds with prior permission.   They allow upto 50,000 people to be gathered at that venue.  In case there is no progress till 11th February, 2014, they should announce immediately a date for a massive dharna at Ramlila Ground at Delhi and targeting to bring around 50,000 people.  This Dharna should be non political i.e. not under the banner of communist parties.

(g) At the above Dharna, the top leaders of all political parties like Congress (Rahul Gandhi)  BJP (Narinder Modi / Sushma Swaraj etc.) , AAP (Arvind Kejriwal) , CPM etc should be invited and told that bankers will support only that party which will give its clear support for salary at par with central government employees.

(f) The Parliament session is under progress and Congress government is under pressure to get passed certain bills.  The parent  political parties / organisations of the unions under UFBU should be asked to raise the issue of Bank Strike and Delay in Wage Revision on the floor of the Parliament on 10th and 11th February, 2014.    They can also raise pointed questions and force FM to give commitments on the floor of the house or else the members of such political parties boycott Parliament and announce that they will not support the pending bills.  Bank unions have been fighting for the cause of communist parties for decades, and now it is moral duty of such parties to openly support and protest for the rights of the bankers.


I hope most of our readers will agree that if UFBU takes above steps in the right earnest,  at least there will be some shock at the Government level and it may come into action.  However, if UFBU continues with the present policies and is not ready to adopt new approach, bankers have to be satisfied for a raise of something between 12% to 14% at the most.   Now it is the choice of Bank union leaders - whether they want to give their cadre peanuts or an honourable settlement. 


I apologize from all those bankers who may feel that I am unnecessary poking my nose in the peaceful negotiations for 10th BPS.  However, I am not able to resist myself when I see that my colleagues, a large number of whom are now young bankers, continuously suffer in silence as the union leaders are betraying them.


You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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