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Bank Wage Revision Arrear Calculators




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Finally, the 10th BPS has been signed and documents giving details of the Pay Scales and Allowances has been released.   Thus, as pointed out earlier, now we have uploaded the Arrears Calculators which have been fine tuned to meet the requirements as per final settlement.  

In the last wage revision also, have uploaded number of arrear calculators for the use of our visitors.  Two of the most popular calculators were sent by Mr Ashwani Suri (PSB) and Sudhir Mulherkar (BoI).  This time too, both of them have been generous to send us their initial versions for testing by our reader bankers.   Both the calculators have their own advantages.   Therefore, you can use which serves your purpose the best.  We are giving below the links for downloading the same and use the same.

You can always convey the suggestions and / or any errors noticed in these calculators to the authors of these calculators directly.


(a) Bank Arrear Calculator ((version 3.2 )  sent by Mr Ashwani Suri of PSB ZO Amritsar    Suggestions can be sent to his mail id :   (Revised version 3.2  was uploaded on 28/06/2015 )


(b) Bank Arrear Calculator - Final (version 2.1)  sent by Mr Sudhir Mulherkar of BoI, HO.   Suggestions can be sent to his mail id :   (Revised version Final 2.1 was uploaded on 28/06/2015 )   {A separate Pension calculator has also been uploaded}

(c) Bank Arrear Calculatar - sent by Lawrence K R Baskar (Suggestions can be sent to his mail id The author has informed that it covers even  PTS on 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, FULL SCALE,  ATTENDER, CLERK, OFFICERS FROM SCALE I TO GM LEVEL SCALE VII,  (Revised Version uploaded on 07/07/2015)


DISCLAIMER : These Arrears Calculators are free tools contributed by bankers who have excellent knowledge of EXCEL.   They have done their best to make these calculators as accurate as possible and these have been done only in their personal capacity.    However, if any error occurs, neither the creators of these calculators  nor will be responsible for such mistakes.  The readers will be using these at their own risk and responsibility.


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We have uploaded the Arrear Calculator of Ashwani Suri and Mr Sudhir Mulherkar  as sent after finalisation of the settlement.   However, in case any major change is required, we may upload the next version .   We will keep on updating as and when we receive the new versions of the calculators.

  We once again sincerely thank both of our above referred colleagues for sparing their valuable time and energy for contributing so as to make the life of their fellow bankers easy.





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