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Where do we stand? It is time to move forward in right direction. Are you ready?



Kamlesh Chaturvedi

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Amidst delay and confusion with regard to wage revision talks, young brigade of bankers who had demonstrated at Jantar Mantar on 13th met at Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi under the canopy of Indian Tri Colour to discuss and decide the future course of action. After threadbare discussions they have decided:

(1) They will continue to be the members of the respective unions they are presently associated with and would take part in its activities.

(2)They will establish NGO and would carry out their activities under the name and style as-“We Bankers”

(3)Head Quarter for activities of “We Bankers” would be national Capital Delhi

(4)Funds would be raised by way of monthly subscription for intensifying the activities.

(5)Entire working of the we bankers would be transparent and for this purpose a separate online page would be launched for letting members and bankers know everything including amount raised and spent.

(6)All out efforts would be made to establish State and City Level Units of Bankers.

(7) It has been decided that as part of their efforts to know what is going on behind the scene at apex level during the course of negotiations, Chief Labour Commissioner would be approached as members of different unions to call negotiating leaders and ask them submit their written reply on the queries of members.

(8)                        It has also been decided that based on response and support from employees, separate actions on agitation would be carried out

It has been decided that in 3rd week there will be centralized agitation plan to test the efforts made and if response and support is encouraging, Same will be extended to different parts.





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A data base of supporting bankers is build on the basis of online form. Till now about 30,000 bankers have enrolled themselves as supporters. It has been decided that with a view to increase the numbers ink signed forms will be collected from all over the country.

So it’s a new beginning. It requires support of all whether old or new, whether working or retired. As bankers of all class are placed in same disadvantageous position as compared to Central and State Government Employees, there must be unity amongst bankers of all class to support young brigade. Young Bank Employees need your experience and knowledge for guidance while you need enthusiasm and added vigor of young bank employees. Trade Union movement of Banking Industry needs revolutionary changes to correct the mistake committed in 1993 by agreeing to link the Pension to Profits. Unions can’t correct these mistakes.

Questioning the leaders by approaching Chief Labour Commissioner, I think is the first step in realization of member’s right to know from those who are claiming to be their representative as to what is going on at the apex level, why and how demands agreed to and approved by National Executive have been amended in the name of common charter of demands, why  demand of wage increase has been reduced from 30  to 25 percent without getting sanction of  members, why decision to go on strike is being taken without following procedure laid down in constitution of unions.

We appeal to top leaders of all the constituent unions of UFBU to rise to the occasion before it is too late. Entire discussion must be focused on causes which have downgraded the position of Bank Employees from pre 1979 position when they were getting wages more than the wages of Central Government Employees to present situation when their Clerks is getting more than our Officers and their Sub-staff is getting more than that of our clerks. There must be a debate on present system of bilateral negotiations of all the major unions with Indian Banks Association for entering into settlement to find out if it would be possible to attain at least equality with Central Government and Employees of other Organizations. Can present system correct the mistake and reverse the trend of Pension Cost sharing which has started in settlements subsequent to 1993 Settlements? What will be the position in next Bipartite Settlement when Pension Cost would be more? Can present system bring back the unity amongst bank employees which have been broken in the name of Pensioners of 1993 Settlement, Pensioners of 2010 Settlements and young employees who are kept outside the existing fund to be governed by NPS? If your answer is NO then you have no choice but to demand abolition of this system as this system has been increasing responsibilities and workload without matching increase in salary.

It is in the interest of all whether old or new, whether working or retired-to demand equality and for that purpose demand inclusion in Pay Commission.

Young Bankers have taken right step in the right direction. They want to remain in the same union and want to strengthen it.  Others must encourage these young employees to prepare them as trade union workers for the future. For this purpose they need your guidance, support and encouragement.

Trade Union movement of Banking Industry needs a revolution. We want strong unions with complete inner democracy and transparency. This revolution can be brought and made successful only through the involvement, devotion and dedication of all bankers whether old or new, whether working or retired. Future belongs to young bankers as in next 2-3 years they would be about 80% of the workforce, so let them lead from the front.





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