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There Does Not Seem To Be Everything Normal at UFBU



Rajesh Goyal 

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We have received a circular wherein it has been informed that Mr Harvinder Singh, General Secretary, AIBOC has written a letter to IBA requesting them to reinitiate and expedite the process for wage revision, vide their  letter dated  30.05.2014.  We give below the details of the letter sent to IBA  :


“One year and seven months have passed since Officers and Workmen Organizations in the Banking Industry submitted their Charter of Demand for 10th Bipartite Settlement. The slow pace with which the negotiations are taking place cannot be appreciated by any one of us, whatever may be the reason. No meeting has taken place on the issue for the last three months. The situation is alarming and causing lot of anxiety and frustration amongst the officers and workmen in the Banking Industry which is bound to affect their productivity and efficiency. The growing disparity in the pay structure of the staff of Banking industry vis-a vis the Govt. employees and the apathy shown so far by the earlier Govt., to give a fair deal in the Xth Bipartite Settlement is really agonizing. With the new Government taking over, hopes have been raised as all sectors of the economy have already started looking up. In view of this scenario, the attrition rate in the Banking Industry, which is already starving with the competent and experienced staff, will go further high with opportunities opening out in other sectors.


 Hon’be Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi has set out a hundred day agenda for governance. One of the main action points desired in this agenda is improving the delivery by decision making. We request you to kindly take immediate steps and initiatives to initiate the discussions on the Salary Revision, so that we in the Banking

Industry also contribute towards the new goal set by our Prime Minister and set an example of good governance.

  We are confident that this agenda of ours will be written in the golden letters as contribution of the Banking Industry. We once again assure you to rededicate ourselves in extending our full cooperation in achievement of the agenda of social developments set forth by the Government / Bank Managements.

  Hoping for an early response”

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Comments by :

UFBU has been silent since mid March 2014 ( over  80 days now ) as far as negotiations for 10th BPS are concerned.   AIBOC has now written to IBA for initiating the process of talks.   It is a matter of great concern that UFBU is so shell shocked since March 2014 that it has neither taken to task IBA on going back to the agreement to hold talks in the middle of April 2014, nor informed its cadre about the reasons for not taking up the issue at appropriate levels.   The banking officers and workmen are bewildered by such an attitude.

It seems everything is not normal at UFBU as now AIBOC is writing separately to IBA and that too in the most subdued manner and without challenging the delay inspite of agreement to have talks in Mid April (as per UFBU circular).

There is an immediate need for UFBU to issue a circular indicating : (a) Why IBA and UFBU has not engaged for talks in April 2014 onwards as agreed in last meeting ; (b) Now AIBOC says the process was delayed on account of elections – Were UFBU leaders not aware of elections since 2013 – has been clearly requesting to take up the issue with Election Commission / Finance Ministry but was totally ignored;  (c) Is there any change in Charter of Demands after seeing the attitude of the IBA / GoI;  (d) What are the future plans to get bankers parity with central government employees and how much more time they expect to finalise the 10th BPS.

UFBU may deny it, but it appears that everything is not normal at UFBU.  There is a need to speak in one voice rather than keep silent and individual unions writing to IBA in the middle of the negotiations.


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