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Union Leaders Seems To Have Ignored Sacrifice of Ajay Sehgal - Forgotten Birthday ?



Rajesh Goyal 

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It is now  three weeks that Mr Ajay Sehgal committed suicide.   We raised the issue in big way and a lot of hue and cry was raised in the social media.  All this forced the union leaders to take up the issue aggressively and the impact of this was that FGM and CH were suspended by the bank.  Different unions were extremely active on the FaceBook and other blogs etc. claiming their victory and efforts they have put to get both the seniors suspended.  Some of them have been sent congratulatory messages to their cadre.    

Later on we heard that there were talks of raising a fund for the family by certain sections of the unions.   One other union leader has taken a vow to change the system and had even hurriedly gone for a meeting with CMD.  Even the talks held in the meeting were put as show piece to give a feeling that they are extremely sincere and sensitive to such issues. 

All the above have given me some hope that something may change for the better and efforts will be made to de-stress the officer class in the banking.  

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Now it is evening beyond 8.00 PM (22nd July, 2014).  Since morning  I have gone through FaceBook and other social media groups (the same groups where the union leaders have been so active during the first week of July),  in the hope that some updates will be given by union leaders.    However, I did not find even a single word of remembrance to Ajay Sehgal who died due to pathetic attitude of top management and no timely action to de-stress the officer community in last decade since when the things have gone from bad to worse.  I do not know whether I have missed such posts on FB ?  Our readers will be able to confirm what was the intensity of such discussions by leaders on 22nd July i.e. Birthday of Mr Ajay Sehgal ?

Now questions arises, why I was waiting for such an update.   If I remember correctly, 22nd July is the BIRTHDAY of Ajay Sehgal.   I am sure most of the union leaders have forgotten this or else they could have arranged certain meetings / updates to remember his sacrifice and the future course of action could have been announced so that such things do not happen.   How many of them visited the family today?

I am sure soon Mr Ajay Sehgal too will be forgotten  and  his efforts to bring the issue of humiliation of bankers to the forefront by giving his own life will be buried.   I feel it is already buried.

I am sure after reading this article, once again few union leaders will jump into the fray and claim how they celebrated his BIRTHDAY !

We have been receiving contradictory reports and thus I would like both the Unions to share the point-wise information on the following points so that officers know the truth.   The answers to these should not be evasive.   This will show that they are actually tracking the case and have concern for the officer community.   If they have no answers for these, it means the case is being buried fast.

(a) What is the status of the case with Chandigarh Police / Railway Police;

(b) Whether FGM / CH have joined their duties or are on leave?   If on leave, on what grounds they are on leave and who has sanctioned their leave?;

(c) If  FGM / CH are not traceable, then what action has been taken by PNB?

(d) Whether the dues of Mr Ajay Sehgal have been settled?   If not, the reasons for the same and by what time they are likely to be settled;

(e) Whether any fund has been raised by unions and if so, how much was collected and whether the same stands paid to the family;

(f) What type of additional concessions have been given by PNB to the family after the death of Mr Sehgal ?

(g) What written assurances / specific guidelines  have been given by PNB Management to ensure that such things will not happen in future? What has been done for banks other than PNB?

(h) In the meeting with CMD,  unions have asked for video-audio recording of proceedings, whether any agitational programme has been chalked out to achieve this?

(i) What are actions points that have been zeroed on by unions to de-stress the bank officers across the banking industry?  What are the agitational  programme finalised to achieve these?


The above are some of the questions which must be on priority at all times so that the sacrifice of Mr Sehgal does not go waste for the banking industry, and no family in future has to face similar situation.


You can give your feedback / comments about this Article.   Please give only relevant comments as irrelevant comments are waste of time for yourself and our other readers.



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